Tournament Tips for Jurassic Park Builder – Choosing Dinosaurs

Did you come looking for Jurassic Park Builder tournament tips? Well you came to the right place!

We all know there is no thrill like playing with another player in real time no matter how high end or well maintained game you are playing. An even greater update to Jurassic Park Builder was when live tournaments were introduced where players can unleash the aggressiveness of their hungry beasts against other players. Entering a tournament needs IGDs and reward of winning a tournament is also in IGDs.You can choose three of your finest dinosaurs for the tournament. The rules of tournament are the same as those of Battle Arena.

A good strategy of fighting a tournament involves knowing weaknesses of your opponent. As we know, every dinosaur is weak against certain type of attack and strong against others. You can get the list of weaknesses of every dinosaur from Jurassic Park Builder wiki. But if you are playing the game on mobile, it will be pretty hard to switch from the game to your browser. Fortunately, there is another method of finding a dinosaur’s weakness. For every dinosaur, the low, moderate and high damage attacks lie in the order from right to left. Make your first attack by guess. If it was a low damage attack, you know that immediate right to it is the moderate damage attack and after that, the high power attack. It must be noted that low, moderate and high power attack will be different for every dinosaur. What is high damage attack for one dinosaur may be a low damage attack for another dinosaur.

There is a limited number of blocks and special attacks allowed per tournament. It is highly advised that you don’t use a special attack unless the opponent has used all of his blocks or there is a good chance your special attack will be blocked. Also, use special only if you have to, not because you have extra special attacks lying around. As for using blocks, try to use them against specials only. This way, you will be able to block a lot more damage.

Switching dinosaurs is also allowed in tournaments but it comes at the cost of a turn. Unless you know what you are doing, switching dinosaurs just loses you are turn. Switching works best when you have to switch between high health and high damage dinosaurs. If used wisely, switching can turn the tables, otherwise you just lose a bunch of turns.

Team building is another art you need to know to win tournaments. Each dinosaur will need to get some rest after a fight so you cannot rely on three dinosaurs for your entire tournament career. You will need to make multiple teams and learn how to fit any dinosaur in its appropriate position. Every person has his own strategy while making a team. You will have to work out what works best for you. For me, the team should have a dinosaur with huge amount of health to keep me in the game for a long time, a dinosaur with moderate health and damage and a dinosaur with high damage. I don’t use the moderate damage dinosaur unless I have upgraded it fairly.

So the very first thing you need to do when you’re figuring out if you’re ready to fight or not is to have a look at your dinosaurs. Figure out which ones are the strongest, these are the ones that will do best in battles. Figuring this out will make your battle experience a whole lot easier.

Although really, you should just judge your dinosaurs based on their strength alone, even the weak little triceratops can have his shot in the tournaments. Sure, looking for the dinosaur with the highest health points and highest damage will make the battle really easy, but if you know you’re getting low on resources and you need to get some pretty quickly without worrying about the cool down timer, busting out a level 40 triceratops will get you through the lower level fights without any problems.


If you know you can do a little better than that, try a dinosaur a little stronger and try the tournaments levels between fifteen and twenty, these levels will end up giving you some pretty nice rewards like crops and meat, things that can really come in handy for your parks.

The majority of people use the tournaments to mine materials for their parks, which is in actual fact a great idea, I would however, advise against trying to farm for materials on boss fight levels as these fights can get pretty nasty, I would advise you to just take down the boss and move on to the next set of levels and farm on these instead.

Which leads me to the next tip; NEVER use your very best dinosaur against a boss dinosaur unless you have literally no other choice, instead, use a team of decent level dinosaurs, that way, if you do end up failing, it’s not a problem and you’ve not lost your best dinosaur.

Make sure to check the site again soon, where we go into more tips to make your tournaments go a lot easier!

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