Level 9 – Communications Center Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Sarah Harding, Ian Malcolm, and Kelly Malcolm.

The level starts off where we left off on Isla Sorna. We must progress down the path to the gate. We must switch to Kelly to break the glass because the gate is not functioning properly and must fix it.


After screaming at the glass, go into the room and use the lever to open up the gate. Continue through the gate to trigger a cut scene with Ian and company searching for Nick and his group. Ian and his group suddenly encounter a group of Raptors who are chasing them. They find safety in the compound.

We then take control of the group. We first must smash the generator to the right by the gate in order to open up the gate smashing the generator reveals blocks that can be built up.


Building up the blocks allows Sarah or Kelly to jump over the wall. Jump over the wall to progress to the next area. Continue along the path, on the right side of the path, smash the tree to build up a dinosaur crossing. This is the first of three signs that must be assembled. Be prepared as a Raptor will jump out of the bushes and attack you. You must smash the action button to fend off the Raptor.

Continue along the path and use Sarah to search the dinosaur droppings. There are a group of mini dinosaurs guarding the droppings so be prepared to fend them off before examining the droppings.


Examining the droppings allows us to find the wench that must be attached to the vehicle by the gate where we came from. Attach the wench to the truck and pull the wench and connect it to the gate.


Sarah will then kick the vehicle and cause the wench to retract and break open the gate for the rest of our group to join us.

Continue along the path and enter the dark room with Ian and use his torch. Inside of the dark room, there is a generator. Approach the generator with Ian and press the action button when it is in the light blue area to start it up.


After fixing the generator the lights will start and the power will be restored to the area. A garage door will open and a car will be lifted up which allows us to progress to the next area. Directly in front of the garage we can assemble our second dinosaur crossing sign. We need to assemble one more in order to progress through the area. Continue along the path until you reach the glass, then switch to Kelly and break the glass using her screaming ability.


After smashing the glass, the window flies open and leads us to a new room. There are a few mini dinosaurs that are in the area, so be prepared to fight them off. Inside of this new room there is a new generator that must be fixed. Use the blocks in the room to fix the generator inside of the room. Then walk up to the generator and turn it on the same way as before. This powers up the second generator and restores power to this new area.

Leave out the window that we came through and approach the gas pump. Be wary, as a Raptor will pounce on you and must be fended off by quickly pressing the action button. We can now approach the gas pump and lead it to the vehicle that is next to the window.


After connecting the gas pump to the vehicle, the vehicle is now ready to be driven. Unfortunately, a Raptor will jump onto the vehicle and cause the driver to panic and crash the car. But this gives us access to a new area. On the right side of this area we can see the third dinosaur crossing sign that we need to construct. Building the third crossing sign gives us a collectible.

Destroy the blocks next to the vehicle to reveal a door that we can enter.


Progress through the door to continue to a new area. We are surrounded by Raptors who are trying to enter this area. Heading to the left side of the room will reveal a Raptor trying to enter through a little doggy door. Switch to Sarah and take a picture of this Raptor to scare him off. We can then break up the skeleton next to the doggy door to reveal a key. Use the key on the locked door by the entrance in which we came. The locked door reveals an electrical panel which is unfortunately blocked by a sheet of glass, fortunately for us, we can switch to Kelly and use her ability of screaming to break the glass in the way.


Screaming at the glass reveals some blocks that can be built into a platform that we can use to jump up to the next area. After jumping up to the next area, head left and knock down the bridge. After knocking down the bridge, we can swing across to the other side and knock down a connecting bridge to allow our other member to cross and join us. On the other side of the bridge there is a Raptor who we must fend off of us and push him through where he came. There is a bunch of blocks that have been knocked over and can be assembled into a ladder for the rest of our crew to join us.

Bring another character up to this platform to join us and launch one up to the next area using our boost ability.


Unfortunately, what we grab onto breaks, but breaks into a bunch of pieces that can be assembled into a ladder that we can climb up. Climb up the pole that we assembled and jump onto the poll and shimmy across to the next area. There will be another Raptor who tries to break in through the window, quickly switch to Sarah and take a picture of him to scare him off and away from our group.

After we scare away the dinosaur, we can now progress by shimmying across the platform that the dinosaur was blocking.


Continue to the next area and smash the vines and the boiler to reveal some blocks that can be built. Build up the blocks to a trampoline and jump to the next area. Another Raptor will jump and fend him off as we did all those other times. After fending off the Raptor, head right and jump onto the poles and swing our way to the wall and jump up the platforms to the next area.

At the top, there will be a Raptor through the window and we must take a picture of him to scare him off. There is also a pane of glass that can be screamed at. Bring Kelly to the top and scream at the glass.


Screaming at the glass will reveal some blocks that can be built into an elevator that can boost the rest of our team up to us. Next to the window where we scared the Raptor from is a button that can be assembled, assemble the button and press it to trigger a cut scene where the rest of our team is battling off some Raptors and jumping onto the elevator.

After getting the team to the top of the elevator, we reach the roof. We see Nick signaling to us. We take control of the group at the roof and must get to where Nick is. On the right side of the roof we see a zip line, take the zip line down to the next rooftop. This level is a bit lengthy so at the bottom of the zip line there is a save point, so be sure to save. Continue down to the next roof and destroy the crates to reveal some blocks that can be built.


Build the Legos and trigger a cut scene that shows a helicopter landing, this is our way to safety. The blocks we built turned into a group of poles that we can jump on and cross to the next area to.

After jumping to the next area be prepared to fend off a Raptor who tries to scare us. Behind the building that we jumped to is a ladder, climb the ladder. Once we are at the top of the ladder, a Raptor jumps onto the roof. Be prepared as a quick time event will occur and we must pull the tiles from the roof in order to knock the Raptor down.


After knocking the Raptor down we can jump up onto the roof. We need to break the box in the corner to reveal a crank. Attach the crank to the satellite and use the crank. Jump onto the satellite and use the zip line to get to Nick and the helicopter. Approaching the helicopter triggers a cut scene which shows our group going to safety in a helicopter. The level then ends, and in order to reach a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 60,000 studs are needed.

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