Level 8 – The Hunted Guide & Tips

The playable characters in this area are: Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Ian Malcolm, and Kelly Malcolm.

This part starts us off with the crew on the outskirts of the park during the night. We see that we cannot progress due to the cracked rock that is blocking the way. The cracked rock can be broken by a dinosaur! There is a triceratops towards the right side of this area that is sick and needs our help to feel better. Like the previous times, we must find the items that the dinosaur wants to make him feel better and use him to crack the rock in our way. If we go to the right side of the map, we must examine a pile of dinosaur droppings.


The droppings reveal a device that we must use to search the ground.

After digging up the ground, we find the banana. That’s the first item of three that we need to fully heal the dinosaur. We can see something blocking a path. If we use our wrench on the rocks, we can break them open and see inside.


Switch to Ian and use his torch to get a better look inside. Inside is the ice cream! Deliver the ice cream to the sick dinosaur. We only need one more item to make the dinosaur feel better. The last item can be found on the left side of the map. We see a pile of bones, smash the bones and they turn into a bunch of blocks that can be assembled.


Robert Burke is the only character in the party that can build. Switch to him to assemble a see-saw. Get two characters into position and launch a character to the next area. Smash the mushrooms and pick up the glowing up and deliver it back to the sick dinosaur.

After healing the sick dinosaur, we can now play as the Triceratops. Switch to the Triceratops and smash the cracked glowing orange rock that is blocking our path.


We now have access to a new area. Progress through the path until we reach Dieter Stark who is stuck. Switch to Nick and use his wrench on the rock that is in front of the tree. We can now stand on that and jump onto the tree root that is blocking the way. Continue on this new path until you reach the DNA, a cut scene will trigger which shows the characters napping and in peril because they hear the T-Rex in the area.

After the cut scene ends, we jump back into the game quickly and are tasked with running away from the T-Rex.


Run from the T-Rex and dodge his attacks. Avoid his attacks and all of the obstacles in the path until you reach the waterfall. The waterfall will trigger a cut scene and the T-Rex will realize he cannot capture you inside of the waterfall. We switch our point of view to Nick and his group as they are being chased and attacked by the Raptors.

We take back control and must avoid the longer and taller grassy areas. First, we must save Malcolm from the tall grass and the Raptors inside. Run up to Malcolm and tap the action button to rescue him.


We must save 5 people trapped inside of the grass. Continue along the path and examine the dinosaur droppings on the right side of the path. Upon examining the droppings, a bunch of Legos will be found and can be assembled. Assemble the blocks into a lawn mower. The lawn mower can cut the long grass that is blocking the path to the next area, the lawn mower also serves as a distraction and causes the Raptor to chase it.

Continue along the path and be weary of Raptors jumping from the grass and pouncing on you. Be prepared to press the action button multiple times to knock him off of you. We come across a fallen tree and must use Nick’s wrench on the brown section of the tree.


After using the wrench on the tree, we can now go inside of the tree to the other side. We can continue progressing along the path now. There are a few mini dinosaurs along the path, so be prepared to fight them off.

We come across a set of bones blocking the path and must slide underneath them to progress along the path. Smash the crates in the way to reveal a bunch of blocks that can be built up. Build the blocks into a wench that can lift the bones blocking the path which allows the rest of our group to progress with us. We can then approach the locked crate with Nick and use his wrench on it.


Using the wrench on the crate reveals a few mini dinosaurs that run and distract the big Raptor blocking the path. We can continue and progress, but first must take pictures of the Raptor. By taking pictures of the Raptor, we save our second character. We only need to save three more to complete the quest.

Continue along the path and we must sneak past the two Raptors fighting over some people. We must sneak past and run up to and examine the dinosaur droppings. The droppings again reveal some blocks that we must build up to make a distraction for the Raptors. The blocks build up into an ice cream truck that goes along the path and distracts the Raptors that cornered two people. We now have four out of the five people saved.

Again, a Raptor will jump out of the tall grass, so be prepared to fend him off by smashing the action button. We then must progress and run up to the truck in the path. We can switch to Kelly and scream and break the glass on the vehicle.


Breaking the glass causes blocks to pop out, which build into a giant hamburger which distracts the next Raptor who is blocking the path.

We can continue along the path where the Raptor was blocking. Continue along the path and switch to Nick to take pictures of the Raptor who has cornered another survivor. By taking the picture, we save the last person who needs rescuing and trigger a cut scene. The cut scene shows our group as they are trying to figure out a way to get back to the park and to safety. As Nick comes up with a plan, the level ends leaving us with a cliff hanger.

To reach the ranking of True Survivor, a total of 45,000 studs are needed. Upon completing this level, we unlock a few more new characters and some new dinosaur DNA that we can play which is the Parasaurolophus, All of these characters and dinosaurs that we unlock can be used in Free Play mode, which is recommended to do after completing all of the missions.

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