Level 7 – InGen Arrival Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Ian Malcolm, Eddie Carr, Kelly Malcolm, Roland Tembo, and Robert Burke.

The story continues where we left off on Isla Sorna. We are still on the island and wondering around. We can go to the far side of this area and smash the small branches in the way to progress to the next area.


Continue following the path until you reach the river. On the left rock there is a set of things that we can climb up on to reach the next higher area. Use the wrench on the boulder to cause it to fall down and split up into blocks. Assemble the blocks into a make shift bridge that we have to hop across.


After hopping across the bridge, we are led to a new area. Use Eddy to shoot the target to reveal a vine to allow us to cross the next gap. Jump and reach the vine to swing and jump to the next area. After crossing the gap, use Sarah to examine the Dinosaur droppings. The droppings reveal blocks that can be built to assemble a trampoline to jump to the next area.


Upon reaching the new area, a cut scene will trigger with our friendly DNA strand giving us tips and information about the area. Then we see Roland and friends trying to capture a certain dinosaur. The group is setting up base camp and discussing their plans for the park. Their plan is that they are trying to take the dinosaurs back to the mainland, the mainland being the United States, and construct an amphitheater for people to view the dinosaurs in the convince of their own homes.

Fortunately Nick Owen is here and is going to save the dinosaurs and the people from any potential danger. We take control of Nick back outside of the basecamp. Use Nick to approach the cage to release the dinosaur. Unfortunately, the handlers are suspicious of us and try and fight us. Fight off the handlers and approach cage with Nick and release the dinosaur.


The dinosaur is unfortunately still injured. Search the dinosaur droppings with Sarah to find the things that will heal the dinosaur back to health and help him escape. More people are onto us and we have to fight them off quickly. Continue through the gate and search the dinosaur droppings. We find the first item that the dinosaur needs to feel better, the ice cream. This is the first of three items that we need to fully heal the dinosaur and allow him to escape captivity.

Deliver the ice cream to the dinosaur and head back through the gate. As we head into the camp, more handlers will try and fight us. Defeat them and break the block to create blocks. Assemble the blocks into a lever and crank the lever to tip over the pot of water. The pot of water reveals our second item, the mushroom. Again, deliver the mushroom to the dinosaur and return to the area.


The third and final item we need is a banana. Use the wrench on the crate in the far left corner of the area to reveal the banana. Deliver the banana back to the dinosaur to heal him and make him feel all better. We can now take control of the dinosaur. We must fight off a few more handlers and approach the red cracked crates in the back of the area. Hold the action button to charge up and smash the cracked object.


Smashing through the cracked barrels allows us access to the next area. Fight off a few more handlers and progress down the path. There is another cracked pattern of rock that we must smash through with the dinosaur. Again, hold in the action button and charge up and smash through the cracked rock.


Smashing through the rock reveals some blocks that can be built into stairs that we can climb up on and progress. A cut scene occurs and trouble is brewing. However, we can avoid the trouble and progress to the next area up the stairs we built. We fight off more handlers. We see some more dinosaurs that are locked up and can try and free. We see a handle that we can jump and pull down to free the first dinosaur.


This allows us to play as another dinosaur, the Stegosaurus. Use the Stegosaurus to approach the cage of the other dinosaur and smash his cage and free him. In the back of the cage of the dinosaur that we just freed, we can examine a pile of droppings and find a key to a gate that is locked. The gate is to the other dinosaur that we must free. Approach the cage and use the key to unlock the next dinosaur.

We can now play as the Triceratops. First, we must assemble some machines in the main area. Assemble two stop lights in front of the tent. After you assemble the lights, a cut scene will trigger where the Triceratops are running through the camp and tents. The cut scene also shows Nick freeing a baby T-Rex with a broken leg. The two run off after freeing the dinosaurs. They run into the mobile lab and are approached by some angry T-Rex parents.

We take back control of Ian as he is in the crashed vehicle over the cliff climbing his way back up the rope.


Climb up the rope and avoid the falling objects by swinging in different directions. You must switch to another character and approach the car to find an object and search the ground for something. Dig into the ground and find blocks. Assemble the blocks onto the car. Get the wench from the vehicle and attach it to the falling truck. Get into the other vehicle and reverse to pull the falling truck up to safety. After pulling the truck up, switch back to Ian and continue ascending the rope.

The truck will again begin to fall and we must fix the wench. Switch to the other character approach the broken vehicle. After fixing it, we must get back into the truck and reverse again to pull the lab back to safety. As we did before, switch to Ian and climb the rope some more.

After climbing to the top a cut scene will trigger that shows that the T-Rex’s have found us. The mobile lab falls into the crevice but we are still hanging on the rope. We climb up safely the cut scene continues with the whole group talking on how to escape. The level then ends.

In order to reach the rank of True Survivor for this level, a total of 64,000 studs are needed. After completing this level, we unlock access to all of the dinosaurs we played as, as well as a bunch of new characters.

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