Level 6 – Isla Sorna Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Iam Malcom, Eddie Carr, Nick Van Owen, Sarah Harding, and Kelly Malcom.

We start off this part just as we did as the first one, at the helicopter pad. We can choose whichever story we wish to play, for this walk through we will play through Jurassic Park, The Lost World. This is of course the second movie in the Jurassic franchise. To start this adventure, hop into the helicopter to be taken to Isla Sorna, the location of the next island where the Jurassic adventures take place.


After getting into the helicopter, a cut scene triggers which gives us our introduction to our next adventure. There is an exchange between Malcom and Hammond discussing their last project that failed terribly. The game now starts with us in the hanger trying to fix three vehicles. The first vehicle we can fix is located in the back right of the garage, walk up and use the wrench on it to fix the engine problems. We can shoot the targets next to the car we just fixed to knock down some tires that we need to fix another car.


Jump on a tire and roll on it to the left onto the tire station. Use the crank next to the tire to raise a platform that reveals a collectible!

Approach the whiteboard and switch to Malcom to solve the equations on the board.


This opens up a cabinet with blocks that we can build up to help fix another vehicle. Jump onto the platform that we built to help the man paint the vehicle. Unfortunately he painted the vehicle the wrong color, so we have to help the man make green and correct the mistake. Interact with the paints and set them to the combination that creates green, blue and yellow. Jump onto the platform again and the man will paint the vehicle the correct color this time.

Take another tire to the next vehicle that is located in the front right side of the garage. Ride the tires into the tire slots to fix the next vehicle. The other tire is located where we used it to get the collectible. Ride both tires into their slots to fix the third and final vehicle. After fixing the third vehicle, the garage door opens and a cut scene triggers. This gives us access to Nick Van Owen. Head to the red gate next to the last car that we fixed and use Owen’s red wrench to open up the door!


Head on through the gate to the next area and help the mechanic fix the engine. Head to the right of the engine and use Owen’s wire cutters to enter the gated area. Then switch to Eddie and fix the computers . This brings in three crates with targets on them that we can shoot at.


Take control of Eddie again and shoot at the three targets. After smashing all of the crates, blocks will appear that we can interact with. Build the lever and use the lever to move the engine down the conveyer belt. This lowers a gated elevator that we can take up to the second level of the area. Use the wire cutters to cut the wires on the cabinet which reveals a collectible. We see another red gate that we can use our wrench on and gain access to. Use the wrench on the gate and reveal a staircase that we can take. Head down the staircase and right and break the barrels in the front of the garage. This reveals some blocks that we can build up. The blocks build into a staircase that leads us to the crane that we need to fix.

Once we fix the crane, we must lift the platform up and onto the top of the truck.


The mobile lab is complete now that the roof is attached. The garage gate opens again and Kelly Malcom runs through. A cut scene triggers and the characters are all interacting with one another. Kelly explores into territory that she is not supposed to be in. We flash to the boat that is carrying all of the vehicles and mobile labs that we built onto the next island, Isla Sorna. We land on the island and begin to explore as we take control of the group. Be careful of the little Raptors once crossing the water. Shoot the target down on the tree. Shooting this down reveals the first of three eggs that we must collect. After collecting the egg, we must interact with the stone and use our wrench on it.


Destroy the stone and collect the DNA to give us another hint. We must use Ian and explore the cave. Ian has the torch that allows us to see into the cave. Jump onto the mushrooms and jump into the next area. Assemble the blocks and form an anvil which brings a rope down, allowing the rest of our crew to join us in the new area.

Approach the hanging tree and use two characters to jump onto the vines to weigh it down.


Weighting it down allows us to use a third character to climb up on and allow us to progress to the next area. Assemble a ladder to allow the rest of the group up. Shoot the two targets to reveal a second egg that we must collect and break a tree that reveals some pieces that can be crafted. Build up the machine that allows us to cut the trees in the way. Use the machine that we find and dig up the pieces in the ground, the pieces can be crafted.


Craft the blocks into a trampoline and spring our way onto the bar. Again, we must use two characters and weigh down the tree in the way.

After bringing down the tree, we can climb up on the root and make our way to the next area. A cut scene triggers and we see our first dinosaurs for the area. Head to the left and shoot the target to get our last dinosaur egg. Switch to Nick and use the wrench on the stone to reveal a DNA strand. Climb onto the rubble that we created. Climb onto the tree and take pictures of the dinosaurs. A cut scene triggers and we meet Sarah Harding. Sarah and the group explore to try and find the rest of the dinosaurs, specifically, the baby dinosaur. She is trying to take pictures of all of the animals and document them. The first boss fight starts with us fighting the angry mother of the dinosaur we took a picture of and scared.

Be careful, the dinosaur attacks with his tail, so when he turns around be weary. Head to the front right part of the area and assemble a device that we can hide in. By hiding in this pod, we cause the dinosaur to hit it with his tail and get stuck.


When the dinosaur is dazed, we can approach his front side and take a picture of him. By taking a picture of him, we reduce his life by one. We need to do this three times to defeat him. Head to the left and assemble the next pod that we can hide inside of and stun him. After this, we only need one more instance to defeat the boss. Next to the second pod, if we make the dinosaur break the rock, there is a strand of dinosaur DNA inside.

The third pod is on top of the tree on the right front side of the screen. Assemble the third pod and get the dinosaur to hit the pod with his tail and take the third picture, and defeat the boss. After taking the third picture, the rest of the dinosaurs scatter and run away. A cut scene triggers and we see helicopters approaching the island with air drops. However, something seems not right with the situation. This ends the level. In order to reach the True Survivor ranking for this level, a total of 75,000 studs are needed. By completing this level, we also unlock a variety of vehicles and additional characters, and a new playable dinosaur, the Stegosaurus.

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