Level 4 – Restoring Power Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Ellie Sattler, and Robert Muldoon.

The level picks up where we left off stranded by our vehicle at the bottom of the tree that we fell from. If we head opposite of the drain we see a pool of water that cannot be crossed. Fortunately, there is a grate that we can switch to Timmy and crawl through.


After we crowl through the grate, we can approach the machine that lifts the bridge, allowing our other characters to cross. We can see a spot that needs to be dug through which builds a set of Legos that we can climb up and over the enclosure with.


Ascend up and across and into a new location. Follow the road to the next area and cross a set of branches to progress.


We can see a few lily pads in the water that we can jump onto to cross the river and approach the next area. We come to a big gap full of water that we cannot cross. Shoot the vine down with Ellie in order to swing across to the other side.


Follow the path to the ditch and dig up some bones and assemble them into a ladder so we can progress. Continue through the hole in the cage and smash through the vines blocking the way to trigger a cut scene featuring our Lego characters exploring the park and see a large pack of dinosaurs running at us.

The cut scene ends and we take control of our characters and must flee from the pack of dinosaurs running at us.


Similarly to the T-Rex sequence, we must dodge incoming dinosaurs and avoid them from knocking us over. After running from these dinos, we find haven under a tree safe from the pack. A cut scene triggers and it flashes to Robert and the other characters discussing their plan of regaining control of the park. We take control of Ellie and Alan as they explore a bunker looking for the others who were supposed to be taking shelter. Progress down the dunker stairs and in a cubby on the right we can find a pile of dinosaur droppings. Use Ellie to dig through the droppings to reveal a collectible piece of dinosaur DNA.


Head to the right to continue progressing through the bunker. We can head through a gate to find a new area. We root through the trash and find a key to the locked door.

After putting the key into the giant lock, we can continue to progress into the next area. As we enter the area, we see that there is a cavern that we must cross somehow in order to get to the next area. Fortunately for us, there is a convenient pipe located at the top right part of this area. We can shoot down a loose pipe that allows us to cross the gap and continue along.


Build the ramp up onto the ramp and continue to the next area where we encounter some steam gauges. Time the steam gauges and cross when there is no steam so you do not get hit. Grab onto the lever as one of the characters and progress through the walkway as the other. At the last steam gauge, we can interact with a lever and turn off the steam, allowing both characters to cross safely.


Continue following down the stairs and following the path. Head left at the end of the path and dig through the droppings to assemble a device that we cannot use at this time as we do not have the appropriate character. Head toward the path with the next steam gauge and turn it off by shooting the valve on top of it. Pass through where the steam was and follow the path. Use Ellie to jump over the fence and into the next area.


Jump and pull down the handle to reveal the generator and fix it by assembling the appropriate pieces. Then interact with the generator and press the button shown when the gauge is centered. Once completed, a cut scene will trigger which shows a raptor has been among us this whole time.

The cut scene leads us out side of the bunker in the world again. Head east and shoot down the target on the tree. Alan will dig up a sprout that Ellie can water which reveals a series of flowers that can be climbed to reach the new area.


After climbing the flowers and reaching the new area, water the next sprout next to the edge to sprout flowers that allow Alan to climb up as well. Break the target on the tree to reveal vines that allow us to swing to the next area and progress through the area. We encounter and raptor and we must hit a series of buttons rapidly to escape from him. He flees and we continue on our way. Follow the path and climb the rocks and dig through the droppings as Ellie. After digging through the droppings Ellie can build a bridge that allows us to cross to a new area.


Cross the bridge and continue following the area. Another raptor will appear and we must fight him off again by pressing the buttons that appear rapidly. Continue on the path and assemble a machine that allows us to clear the path of the rocks blocking the way. Follow the rocks down the hill and Alan will search the area for dig sites. A third raptor will appear and like the first two, we must fight this one off.

This sets the stage for our first boss fight in the game. The mechanics for this boss fight are simple. Pay attention to which bush the raptor jumps into and throw the brick into the bush that the raptor is located in to stun him and do a tick of damage.


After three hits a cut scene will feature in which Alan battles against the raptor in an epic cut scene. The cut scene ends and the level is finished. In order to achieve True Survivor ranking no this level, a total of 42,000 studs must be collected.

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