Level 3 – Park Shutdown Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Ian Malcom, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler.

The level opens up with us as Alan right outside the captivity of another dinosaur. If we walk up to the telescope we can see an overview of the huge map in its entirety. All of the places capable of being explored are shown on this map.


If we go down the road a bit we can spawn a vehicle for us to continue our journey in. Follow the road to the end to reveal that a rock slide has occurred and we must go around.


If we go through the gate that is directly opposite the rock slide, we can go to another area that reveals an employee has got himself stuck in a tree. We can cut him down easily with our Velociraptor tooth and after we do so he gives us a collectible and points us to a dinosaur spawning point, similar to the vehicle spawning point. Summon the Triceratops and break the tree that has fallen and is in the way.


After breaking the tree roots we see that the Dilophosauruses have cornered another handler and we must help him. Run into and smash the other dinosaurs to help the handler, but be careful of the aid that they spit at you. The handler that we save drops a ladder for us that allows us to bypass the rock slide that took place.


Continue up the ladder and into the next area and head back towards the rock slide. We can see a pile of studs that we can dig us as Alan which reveals a jackhammer. Give the jackhammer to the worker to have him destroy the rocks blocking the way.


Get back into your vehicle and follow the road that is no longer blocked by the rocks. Approach the other vehicle at the gate and continue through the gate to trigger a cut scene.


The cut scene shows that the gates have all been shut down and trouble is brewing as the phones are out as well. The cut scene shows an iconic moment in the Jurassic franchise as the T-Rex approaches. The ground shakes and the cup falls and breaks.

The cut scene ends in the T-Rex enclosure and we take control of Alan again. We are tasked with distracting the T-Rex to save our friends in the overturned vehicle. Head left of the T-Rex and use Alan to smash through the brush to reveal a crank.


Apply this crank to the generator to drain the water from the area. After draining the water, a bunch of pieces will be revealed. Put the pieces together to create this contraption that springs up a bone and plays a tone and grabs the T-Rex’s attention. Approach the vehicle and interact with the parts to create another invention. This invention allows us to jump. Approach the character in the car and help them escape.


Use Lex’s ability to scream and distract him with the other vehicle. This triggers a cut scene that draws the T-Rex away from the area. Use the wench from the second vehicle and attach it to the overturned vehicle to upright it and pull it out of the mud. This allows the second character to escape. As with the first, approach the vehicle and help him out. After helping the second character, a cut scene triggers in which the T-Rex creates some havoc.

As the cut scene ends, we see we are in a new area and must scale the tree in order to save Tim Murphy. There is a save point to the left of the tree and an area in which we can dig and discover another lever.


Attach the lever to the generator near the drain pipe to allow the water to escape which reveals a pile of bones. The bones turn into a see saw to bounce ourselves up onto the tree to start our climb. Get the characters into position and get launched onto the first platform of the tree. Make sure you launch Ellie up into the tree as she has the ability to jump much higher than Alan. Jump to the second platform right from where you were launched to discover pieces that can be put together to form a ladder.


The ladder allows us a checkpoint in case we fall and allows Alan to come up. Climb the ladder with Alan and cut the vines in the way. Grab the vines and swing to the next platform. We can then approach the tree and climb the pegs by pressing the action button which leads us to a new platform. Shoot the foliage in the way to create another bridge linking us to new platform. Cross the new bridge and switch to Alan to smash more vines to reveal more bones. The bones assemble into a trampoline.


This launches us to a vine that we can grab which allows us to scale the tree higher. Jump onto the mushroom and switch to Ellie to jump off the purple walls and knock down the tire swing that allows Alan to get up. Cut down the final vine holding the truck and switch to Ellie to scream and blow out the windows of the car. This allows us to pull Timmy out of the vehicle safely. A cut scene occurs in which the vehicle falls and the characters climb down the tree much more rapidly than they climbed up.

The cut scene ends us with us in another vehicle being chased by the T-Rex. Be prepared to steer and accelerate the car. Dodge the T-Rex as he attempts to devour your car.


The chase ends and a cut scene starts. The cut scene shows the characters response to the tragedy and their plan on how to continue. A few famous scenes are depicted in this cut scene so be sure to pay attention. After the cut scene has finished the level is completed and the trophies screen appears. In order to receive the ranking of True Survivor a total of 80,000 studs are needed.

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