Level 20 – Main Street Showdown & Ending Cheats Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, Owen Grady, Blue, and Claire Dearing.

The very final part of the story and the end of this walk through starts with the whole group together and safe. Claire has found her nephews and Owen has saved them all from the immediate dangers. In order to progress and start the final story in the game, we must follow the faded blue stud path.


The path will lead us to a building. We must switch to Claire and use her ability to interact with the electronics to interact with the panel. Interacting with the panel will drop a ladder that only Owen Grady can climb up. Once he climbs to the top, there will be a dinosaur statue to the left that he must knock to the ground.


The dinosaur statue will fall into a bunch of blocks. Switch to Gray and use his ability to interact with the blocks to build a ladder for the whole group to climb up to the next area. We must switch to Claire again and use her to interact with the electronic panel to open the door. Once the group goes through the door, a cut scene will start with the group running to the laboratory.

It turns out that the laboratory was evacuated and they are taking all of the dinosaurs with them with the hopes of starting another Jurassic Park. It turns out that the dinosaurs have been genetically modified this whole time. A raptor enters the laboratory and takes care of the head doctor. The group runs away, but there are Raptors all over the museum. The cut scene ends and we take control of the group in the Innovation Center as they are surrounded by Raptors.

If we go to the left from where we started, we can switch to Claire and interact with the control panel on the wall.


Doing this will activate the vending machine and a bunch of parts will spit out. The parts build into a collectible! Head to the right and you can interact with the learning machines. Jimmy Fallon is the voice of these machines and will tell you all sorts of interesting facts about the dinosaurs!


This does nothing but lets you hear Jimmy Fallon’s voice in the game and give you some neat information about assorted types of dinosaurs.

Head opposite of the interaction points and to the back wall of this room. There will a panel that we must switch to Claire and use her ability to activate it.


Interacting with the electronics will allow Owen to scale the wall and reach the pipe so he can pull it down and move all of the dirt. We must switch to Gray and use him to build up the dinosaur bones into a ladder that the group can climb up and progress to the next area.

Once in the next area, head to the left and switch to Claire and use her ability to interact with the electronics again. This will open a door that shows a rope attached to something. We must switch to Owen and use his knife to cut the rope.


Once the rope is cut, a light will fall and the DNA strand will break into a bunch of blocks. Build those blocks into a hammer. Crank the hammer by pushing it and then let it go to break some glass and reveal a hidden pathway.

Head through the newly opened door and switch to Gray in order to climb through the small crawlspace.


Once he crawls to the next area, he must fix the jammed door. There is a big dinosaur skull in the room that must be broken. After the skull is broken, a bunch of blocks will fall that can be built into a platform for the machine to be moved, and the rest of the team can progress.


Now we must switch to Owen Grady and use his disguise to sneak past the Raptor. The rest of the group will sneak with us even though they do not have a disguise. But we are tasked with distracting the dinosaur and making him flee the area so we can move around more freely.

Once you sneak past the Raptor, head into the dark room with Zach and use his torch to light the path. Be careful as a Raptor will jump on you. You must smash the button shown on the screen and knock the Raptor away. The Raptor will flee and we can continue in the dark room. In the back of the room there is an engine that we can interact with.


Interact with the engine and power it up to generate power to the area we were just in. The power will cause a hologram to appear and distract the Raptor. We can now progress down the stairs that the Raptor was blocking.

Another Raptor busts through the front door and we must switch to Owen Grady to use his disguise and run past the Raptor. Once you successfully sneak past the Raptor, destroy the pizza in the enclosure to cause a distraction, even Raptors love pizza!


The blocks will build into a catapult that can launch the pizza at the Raptor. The Raptor then turns his back and allows the rest of the group to cross to this area. We can then switch to Zach and use his wrench ability to fix the broken machine on the left side of this area.


Once the machine is fixed, the center machine will be in working condition and power up. A hologram will appear of a big turkey that will distract all of the Raptors. This will allow us to run through the front door that the Raptor smashed and allow us to escape that area.

A cut scene will trigger and the Raptors have actually surrounded the group. Owen manages to talk some sense into the Raptors and they are now on our side. The Raptors will then charge at the Indominus Rex that is coming for our group. The group decides that they need more teeth, as the Raptors are not enough to fight off the Indominus Rex. Claire runs off with an idea that will hopefully stop the monstrosity and save the group and the Raptors.

The cut scene ends and we take control of the group and we fight against the Indominus Rex. The final boss of this game and the whole entire series. The Indominus Rex has 9 health points. We first must find a way to sneak past the Indominus Rex. In this area, we have the ability to control the Raptor known as Blue. We must head to the right side and smash all of the things in that area. There will be a bunch of blocks that will appear from the destruction that can be built onto the switch.


After building the switch, we must switch to Blue and have him pull on the lever that was built. Once the switch is pulled, we must switch to Zach and use his torch ability to go into the darkened area.


Inside of the dark area is a button that he can push that will turn on the lights for that room. Gray can now enter the room and climb through the crawlspace and up onto the balcony of the building. Once on the balcony, head to the left and jump onto the glowing orange platform and progress to the furthest one.

Once on the furthest block, use Gray’s camera ability to take a picture of the Indominus Rex.

Taking his picture will cause him to growl at the blocks we were standing on and built into blocks that can be built into a machine. We must switch to Blue and interact with the miniature dinosaur that was built. We must smell the miniature dinosaur and use his scent to find another similar item. Following the scent will lead to a pile of dirt that the dinosaur can search and find some parts that can be built into a trampoline.


Switch to Gray and get on the trampoline to jump onto the glowing blocks and ready to take another picture of the Indominus Rex. This will cause the Rex to growl and smash the rest of glowing blocks. This will drop the rest of the parts to complete the cannon that we need to damage the Indominus Rex. Once you jump into the cannon, a cut scene will trigger showing that we are trapped and cannot leave the cannon.

Once that brief cut scene is over, we must wait until the Indominus Rex opens his mouth and fire the cannon inside his mouth.


Successfully doing this will cause him to be stunned. Once he is stunned, switch to the Raptors and attack him. Attacking him with the Raptors wil cause him to be stunned again. When the crosshair turns red from the Raptors attacking him, you must use the Raptor’s ability to pounce and jump at the Indominus Rex.


Doing this successfully will cause him to lose 3 health points. We must repeat the process three times in order to deal the full amount of damage to the Indominus Rex. This fight can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, it took me a few tries to get the hang of the pattern.

After successfully hitting the Indominus Rex 3 times, a cut scene will trigger that shows what Claire has been doing. Her plan is revealed! She releases the Tyrannosaurs Rex to fight off the Indominus Rex. There is an epic battle during the cut scene in which the two giants duke it out. The cut scene ends and we take control of the group again.

On the far right side of the area when we resume, there is a pile of dinosaur droppings that we can inspect with Owen Grady.


The droppings will reveal a collectible. We must now help the T-Rex fight off against the Indominus Rex. Switch to blue and approach the waste bin and get the scent.


Once you get the scent, follow the path to the pile of dirt and dig up some blocks that can be built into an object that the Raptor can pounce onto.

Once the Raptor pounces onto the bar, a bunch of blocks will fall. Assemble the blocks into a ladder that will let us progress to the next level of that building. Unfortunately we cannot take the Raptor up there. Climb the ladder and we are tasked with finding a crank to fix the machine. There is a pile of dinosaur droppings on the roof top. Examine the droppings and the crank will be inside. Get Claire onto the elevator and crank it up with another character. Once she is at the top of elevator, use the zip line to go across to the rooftop on the other side of the street.

Once on the other side of the street, there is a device that we must interact with Claire.


The device will restore power to the store and bring down a tarp that Owen can climb on and progress to the roof. He can then scale the side of the building and climb to the next platform above. Once on the platform, use his knife ability to cut the rope.


Cutting the rope will drop the sign and electrocute the Indominus Rex. Once he is stunned, we can switch to the T-Rex and preform the quick time events and fight off the Indominus Rex.

The T-Rex needs a bit more help though in order to defeat the Indominus Rex. Switch to a Raptor and head to the right side and use the Raptor to pull a lever out. We can then pounce onto the pole and climb the roof with another Raptor. Once on the roof, we can get to the edge of the platform and pounce onto the Indominus Rex.


This will cause the Indominus Rex to be distracted and give the T-Rex a chance to strike him. Keep preforming the on screen events and fight him off.

After successfully doing the on screen events a few times, a cut scene will trigger. The T-Rex will back the Indominus Rex to the edge of the water enclosure and the giant whale dinosaur will eat the Indominus Rex. The Raptors and the T-Rex scatter into the environment. Once the dinosaurs head their separate ways, story complete will appear on screen! But do not worry, there is a bunch more coming. In order to get a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 60,000 studs are needed to have been collected. Beating the last level will also give us the ability to play as Jimmy Fallon and the director of the movie and even Steven Spielberg! A bunch of hidden characters that have been put into the game are unlocked when completing the game.

The final cut scene will start that shows all of the laboratory equipment being taken into the helicopter, giving us a hint that there could be a sequel to the story as there are still dinosaurs living! The T-Rex chasing the Raptor will appear again, but shortly after this mini game, there is another cut scene showing our friend Owen at a dig site with hints to him being in the other Lego game, Lego Dimensions. After that short cut scene the game puts us back into the park back in its normal working condition and the game is over!

That is the end of the Lego Jurassic World story and walk through. There are bunch of collectibles that can be found and getting 100% completion in the game means getting True Survivor ranking for each and every level in the game. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did, and I’m looking forward to see if there will be another Jurassic Park movie or game in the future!

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