Level 19 – Under Attack Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, Zara, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Barry.

The story continues with Zach and Gray in their truck that they fixed and must get through a locked gate that is blocking their way in order to progress to the next area. There is a grate that Gray can crawl through and progress to a higher area.


Once on the higher area, smash the blocks on top and get the key from the rubble. Put the key in the padlock on the fence and get back into the truck to progress. Continue along the pathway and into the next area.

There is another gate that is broken that must be fixed in order to progress. There is a spot where Zach can boost Gray up to a higher area and get to the generator that is broken.


Boost up Gray and break the things on the wall next to the gate generator to reveal a ladder that will allow Zach up there in order to use his wrench ability to fix the gate. Climb up the ladder and interact with the generator that powers the gate to successfully open the gate and allow the brothers to progress to the next area. Get back into the truck and drive through the newly opened gate.

Once through the gate, a cut scene will trigger and our friendly DNA will give us some more interesting tips on some dinosaurs. The cut scene shows a bunch of people in the control room that are trying to figure out a way to control the Indominus Rex and solve the problem. A group has an idea of releasing some Raptors onto the island to hunt and chase down the Indominus and destroy it. The owner of the group completely objects to this idea however.

The cut scene continues with the owner of the park flying a helicopter and trying to shoot the Indominus Rex with a gun. The helicopter unfortunately shoots the bird enclosure and the bird dinosaurs fly at the helicopter and destroy it. The bird dinosaurs are now on the loose and disrupting the friendly park goers. The park is in total chaos, but luckily, Gray and Zach have managed to make it back to the main park and reunited with their Aunt Claire’s assistant, Zara.

The cut scene ends and we take control of Zach, Gray and Zara in the main part of the park as they try and make their way to safety. Switch to Zara and use her screaming ability to break the glass and hopefully find a way to save the hot dog vender and scare away the bird dinosaur.


After you break the glass, enter the room and head to the back of the room and fix the generator with Zach. Fixing the generator will power up the juke box and scare away the bird dinosaur that was blocking the path. Unfortunately, the path is blocked by some electrical wiring that is not safe to cross.

We then switch point of views to Claire Dearing and Owen Grady who have made their way to the main park as well. They are a lot closer to Zach and Gray than they think. Head to the right and use Claire’s ability to interact with the security panel.


Interacting with the security panel will block a bird dinosaur inside of a store and drop a bunch of Legos that we can now use and build with. They build up into a wall that can be scaled by Owen Grady.


Scale the wall and head to the far left side to bring down a rope that will allow Claire to join us.

Bring Claire up via the rope that we knocked down and head her to the right. She is needed to interact with the electronics and make the hologram machine useable. The machine will transform into a T-Rex head and scare away some more dinosaurs.

The point of view changes back to Zach and Gray and a bunch of blocks have been knocked over and are at the feet of the brothers. Build up the blocks that have fallen into a trampoline. Switch to Zara as she is the nimble character with the ability to jump high and swing on poles. Use Zara and jump on the trampoline and grab onto the poles that are sticking out of the building.


Swing all the way across and to the other side of the electrical wiring that is blocking the path.

On the other side there will be a bunch of objects that can be destroyed and built into a bridge, allowing the rest of the group to come across and join us as we make our way to Owen and Claire. Once on the other side, there will be a purple door that we can slide under with Zara. Slide under the door and in this building will be a piece of dinosaur DNA that we can collect!


In order to scare away the dinosaur that is blocking the path, switch to Gray and use his camera to take some pictures of the dinosaur. The flash of the camera will scare him away and allowing us to progress.

We must now switch our point of view to Owen and Claire and progress towards the brothers. Continue to the right and pick up the key that was dropped by the bird dinosaur. The key goes into the door of the colorful building.


Unlock the padlock with the key and go into the arcade. In the left of this arcade, switch to Claire and jump over the barricade and interact with the generator.


Once the generator is powered up, the ride outside of the arcade will activate and clear the path of anything that was blocking us from progressing. Continue to the right with Claire and Owen, unfortunately there is a fire and we cannot progress at the moment.

Switch point of view over to Zach and Gray and continue heading to the left, towards Claire and Owen. There will be a few dinosaurs so be wary and be prepared to fight them off. We must find a way to extinguish the fire and allow the parties to unite! There is a pump on the front of the fountain that can be interacted with. Approach the pump with a character and interact with it.


We must then use the Legos that dropped from using the pump to build a machine that allows us to spin the fountain towards the fire. A cut scene is triggered and the group is now reunited. The cut scene shows that Zara has been taken out of commission and Claire fights off a dinosaur saving the group. Owen is smitten by Claire’s actions.

The group returns to the Raptor containment as there are plans of using the Raptors in order to take down the Indominus Rex. Owen takes control of the situation and says that if it is to be done, it will be done his way. He gives the Raptors the scent of the Indominus Rex and releases them out into the wild. The Raptors take off and capture the scent of the Indominus Rex. The Raptors eventually find the Indominus Rex and have a chat with her. After their chat, Owen and the group realize that the Indominus Rex is actually part Raptor. The Raptor instincts kick in and the Raptors join the Indominus Rex in fighting off the soldiers that are trying to capture her. The Raptors are now against us.

We take control of the group tasked with saving 4 soldiers that under siege by the Raptors. There is an over turned ATV, and next to that is a clue that you can interact with and search the area with.


Searching the ground will reveal a place where you can dig and find a bunch of Legos that can be built into a platform that will allow us to boost Owen up and he can jump across the poles to the next area.

Once in that next area, swing on the vine across to the next platform and cut the ATV that is stuck in the tree down and free our first soldier. You can also approach the ladder and interact with it and knock it down for the rest of the group.

Approach the parts of the ATV that were flown from the tree and build them up into a rocket to scare some of the Raptors away.


Jump on the launch pad a few times to launch it into the tree and free another soldier and scare off a Raptor. We can now progress to the right. Continue to the right and fight off the mini dinosaurs in this next area.

A Raptor will jump onto us and try and eat us, be prepared to do the quick time event and press the buttons as they appear on the screen. After the Raptor has been chased away, approach the soldier that is stuck under the tree to help him.

That leaves one more soldier that has to be rescued. There will be some parts on the right side next to the wall that can be built into a beam that we can climb up and proceed to the next area.

Once at the next area, there will be a pile of droppings that Owen can examine, jump into the droppings and reveal some blocks that can be used. (14) Build up the blocks into a ladder that will allow us to climb to the next area.

Continue towards the right and use Barry’s hook to pull down a piece of the tree.


We can now proceed through the tree. We must take control of Owen and use his disguise to sneak past the Raptor that is on top of the tree trunk. Once on the other side, switch out of your disguise and smash the blocks in the area to build a machine to scare away the Raptor. Walk up to the machine and crank it up and interact with it to push the Raptor off of the tree and allow Barry to progress to this area.

Switch to Barry and proceed through the tree trunk. Once on the other side, there is a spot that Barry can throw his hook and pull down some crates.


Once the crates are down and apart, use the blocks to build into a trampoline that will allow us to progress. A cut scene is triggered in which we are face to face with the Indominus and the last soldier that needs saving.

Sneak over to the right side of the screen with Owen and assemble the pieces next to the truck into a generator. After assembling the generator, switch to Barry and use his stun rifle to shoot the target.


Shooting the target will start the car and scare away the Raptor that is in the way. Out of the back of the truck will be a bunch of blocks that can be assembled into something to launch at the Indominus. Launch the pepper at the Indominus and free the last soldier.

After freeing the last soldier a cut scene will trigger and the crew seem to make it away. Point of views switch to Claire, Zach, and Gray as they try and escape from some Raptors. We take control of Zach and Gray in the back of the truck as they shoot at the Raptors who are chasing us.


Aim the reticle at the Raptors and shoot at them until their health bars are gone.

The driver hits a bump and Gray almost flies out of the truck, be prepared to tap the button shown on the screen quickly to save him. The Raptors will return so be prepared to fight them off again. Our point of view will change to Owen Grady as he follows the truck that Claire is driving. When you take control of Owen, be prepared to use his electrical gun to shoot the Raptor off of the truck.


Once you knock the Raptor off of their vehicle, you will take control of Barry and his electrical gun. Shoot the Raptors as they approach the truck in the same fashion as before. After shooting about four more Raptors, a cut scene will trigger and the crew has seemingly made it away from the Raptors safely. The Raptors call for the Indominus Rex as the vehicle makes it away. Meanwhile, the science lab is being ran sacked by the angry owner who plans on doing his own experiments. The level then ends with the fate of our crew unknown.

In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 74,000 studs are needed to have been collected. With only one part left, the series is almost over. The dinosaur DNA we found earlier is actually the Dimorphodon. We can now play as this flying dinosaur in free play mode. We also have the ability to play as a bunch of new characters including Zara and some scientists. The final part of the walk through is next!

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