Level 18 – Out of Bounds Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, Owen Grady, and Claire Dearing.

We continue the story with Brothers Gray and Zach Mitchell who are trying to make their way back to their Aunt Claire. There is a faint path of blue studs that we must follow in order to progress and make our way to the next area.


In order to cross the river, head up to the next area by boosting a character up and jumping across the river by jumping on the poles. Once on the other side of the river, destroy the blocks on the other side to reveal some Lego blocks that can built into a bridge which will allow both characters to reach this new area.

Once both characters are across the river, we notice there is a gate that has no power to it. Restore the power to the gate by switching to older brother Zach and using his wrench on the generator that is located on the left side of the gate.


Once the gate is open, continue following the path of blue studs. Be careful as there are a bunch of mini dinosaurs in the next area that must be fought off. There is also a mini game that is initiated once you start fighting these dinosaurs. You must defeat all twelve of the mini dinosaurs in the time allotted. If done successfully, you will receive a collectible.

Continue along the path and there will be a set of stairs on the left side of the path leading to a building.


Destroy the bones that are blocking the doorway and assemble the blocks into a key that allows us to unlock the padlock and enter the new area. Once the key is inserted into the doorway, a cut scene will trigger that shows the two brothers trying to find their Aunt Claire, but they have stumbled upon a lost building.

The cut scene ends and we take control of the brothers again, except they are now in this new building. If we go down the stairs where we start and head to the left, we will notice there is a baby dinosaur that is sick and needs healing. Just like all of the other sick dinosaurs we have encountered so far, the dinosaur needs three items before it can be fully healed and playable.

In order to get the first item, head to the left and switch to Zach and use his wrench ability on the broken generator in the room.


Once the generator is online and working, a huge garage door will open. Continue using Zach and use his torch ability to enter the dark room. There will be a button in the back right corner of this room that we can interact with.


Press the button shown on the screen when the cursor is in the lighter blue area. Once completed, the entire room will have power and allow both brothers inside of the room. Break up the bones inside of the room and use them to build a power line which will power up the refrigerator and reveal the first item we need to heal the sick dinosaur.

We now only need two more items to heal the sick dinosaur. Directly behind the dinosaur, there is a cooler that can be smashed. Smash the cooler and there will be the second item the sick dinosaur wants, a big slice of meat. Deliver the meat to the sick dinosaur. We now only need one more item to fully heal the sick dino.

The third item can be found by boosting Gray up to the shelf with Zach and going through the gate to the next area.


Once you go through the gate and go to the next shelf, the third item will be at the edge of the shelf. Deliver the third item to the sick dinosaur to fully heal him. We can now play as the Compsognathus. This dinosaur is a very fast and small dino that can crawl into certain areas. There is a green pipe in the room that the Compy can crawl into and use that the rest of the group cannot.


Interact with the green pipe to crawl into it with the small dinosaur. He will crawl through the pipe and to the other side. We must find a way to get the rest of the group in this new area. Run up to the machine with the box on it and hit it.


Hitting it will raise it and push the box over to the other side. We can now switch to Zach and use the contents of the box that we knocked over to build a way to get the rest of our group to the other side safely. The blocks will build into a trampoline that will allow us to jump to the other side.

The brothers notice a car that needs gas, an engine, and a wheel. Head to the back of the room and use Zach’s wrench ability to interact with the broken generator. Once the generator is fixed, the green pipe will now be fixed, allowing the mini dinosaur to interact with it. This green pipe will lead us outside. There is another green pipe outside that we must climb inside of and press the button inside. Once the button is pressed, the garage door will open and allow the rest of our group outside.

Once the group is outside, there is a bunch of bones next to a broken down vehicle. Smash the bones and build them into a device that will hopefully get us some useful parts from the broken down vehicle.


The device will smash the truck and pull out the engine parts that we needed. We now only need two other vehicle parts to fix the truck back to working condition.

The next car part we need can be found by first smashing a bunch of crates that are blocking a green tunnel for our small dinosaur friend to enter.


Once the crates are broken an out of the way, the dinosaur can enter the green pipe and knock down the shelf that has some tires on it. Interact with one of the tires and guide it back to the truck. We now only need one more part in order to completely fix the vehicle.

The third and final car part can be found by switching to Zach and using his torch ability to go into the dark room within the big garage.


In the very back of this room is a canister of gasoline that we must bring back to the vehicle to completely fix it. Once the truck works a cut scene will trigger in which the brothers are taking their newly working vehicle out on an adventure.

Meanwhile, Claire and Owen Grady have found the rashed gyro sphere that the sibling were in. They are still on the hunt for the boys to make sure they return home safely. Owen and Claire also find the garage where the boys found the car and fixed it. The Indominus Rex is shown walking past the garage.

The cut scene ends and we take control of Claire and Owen who have found themselves running away from the Indominus Rex. In the back of the area in which we start, switch to Grady and use his Raptor claw to cut the vines that are blocking the way. This will reveal some blocks that we can build up into a collectible.

Continue heading along the pathway and sneakily avoiding the Indominus Rex. At the end of this path will be some vines that we must cut through in order to progress to the next area.


Once the vines are cut through we can progress to the next area. There will be some crates in the path that can be smashed and built into some bars that Claire can jump onto. Unfortunately the Indominus Rex will make an appearance and break the contraption that we assembled. Fortunately, the blocks that were broken can be reassembled into another device that we can use to cut the very thick vines that were blocking the path.

Once those thick vines are cut, we can progress to the next area and use Claire’s technology to interact with the security panel on the top of this room.


The security panel will reveal some piece of technology that is stuck in some vines. Switch to Grady and break the vines and assemble the blocks that break into a bridge that allows us to cross to the next area. Once in the next area, there will be a pile of droppings towards the back left side of this area that only Grady can examine. Examine the droppings to reveal some Lego blocks that can be used to build into a wall that Claire can use to ascend to a higher area.


Jump off of the wall and onto the swinging bar and switch directions once on the bar. The jump off the wall and onto the platform.

Once on the platform there will be a lever that can be interacted with. Before interacting with the lever, place Owen Grady on the scaffolding below because this lever will raise it. Once both characters are in position, interact with the lever and raise the platform. The platform will be raised to a wall that Owen can scale. Scale the wall to the next area and push the box of parts down. Interact with the parts to build a ladder that will allow both characters to progress to the next area.


Climb the ladder and progress to the next area. Claire can interact with the purple bar and jump into the caged area. There will be a lever in the back of that area that Claire can interact with to smash the door to the next area so Owen can progress. The Indominus Rex will make her appearance and we must switch to Grady and use his cloaking device to get past her.


Once past the spooky dinosaur, smash all of the blocks on the other side to build into a rocket that we can fire to the dinosaur to scare her away. Prep the rocket by jumping on the platform next to it to build it up and scare the dinosaur away from the hole in the wall. Once the dinosaur flees, there will be a bunch of purple blocks that can be built into a device that Claire can interact with. Use Claire to slide under the door. Once on the other side, smash the blocks on the other side to build into a lever that allows Owen to come into the room.

Once Owen is in the room, switch to him and use his Raptor claw to cut the vines in the back of this area.


Cutting the vines will bring down the pillar and allow us to cross the gap to the next area. Jump across the gaps and onto the poles. Once at the bottom of this area a cut scene will trigger.

Owen and Claire made it out of the building and are being chased by the Indominus Rex. They manage to successfully hide from it and make a phone call to the control room telling them of the location of the Indominus Rex. After their brief phone conversation, the level will end with Claire and Grady following the Indominus Rex, and still unaware of the location of Gray and Zach Mitchell.

In order to receive the ranking of True Survivor a total of 60,000 studs are needed to have been collected. By completing this level, we also unlock the ability to use Claire, Zach, and Gray outside of the campaign and in free play mode. With only two levels left in this amazing adventure, the series is coming close to ending and the Jurassic Park story with it.

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