Level 17 – Gyro Sphere Valley Cheats Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell and Zach Mitchell.

The next level starts us in the center of the Jurassic Park with Gray and Zach Mitchell. The two kids are supposed to be following their Aunt’s assistant, but seem to get lost and explore on their own. Follow the path of the blue faded studs to progress.


Eventually, the path will lead to a gate that must be opened to progress. The gate has a small entrance that only Gray can climb into as he is the small character.


Once on the other side of the gate, press the big red button to open the gate allowing our brother to join us. Once the brother is on the other side of the gate with us, position both characters so they are on the handles that are coming from the ceiling in order to open the next gate.


Once inside the next area, a handyman will ask us for help to build something. Smash the blocks around the yellow gate and build the blocks up into a dinosaur spawning pad. The pad will spawn a dinosaur that we can now play as and entertain the crowd. The crowd will be cheering us on and we must destroy the pillars of orange rock in order to entertain the crowd.


There will be three different pillars that we must smash on opposite ends of the cage.

Once all of the pillars are destroyed, a few other dinosaurs of the same kind will enter the environment and we must fight them to demonstrate how the animals fight for their territory. Once we fight off the other dinosaurs we take control of the brothers again and must head to the checkpoint that is shown on the screen. The checkpoint is a blue arrow that we must run to. The checkpoint leads us to the Gyro sphere attraction.


Follow the path to the end of the attraction walk up to the broken Gyro sphere and fix it with Zach. Once the ride is fixed, we can now hop into one and ride around the enclosure and look at all kinds of dinosaurs. We must follow the check point and ride onto the blue landing pad which will send us flying towards the gate and pressing a button that will open the gate and allow us to explore outside of this small enclosed area.

Unfortunately, there is something blocking the button, head to the right side of the gate and go up on the platform and spin around on the button to move the piece of metal that is blocking the way. Once the mechanism is released from the gate, head onto the blue platform and spring towards the gate and press the open, opening the gate.


You must smash into it two times in order to open the gate. Once you go through the gate a cut scene will trigger and our friendly Mr. DNA will tell us some cool facts about some dinosaurs.

The cut scene shows that the brothers have gone off road and get up close with a variety of different dinosaurs. Eventually the brothers run across the scary Indominus Rex. The cut scene ends with the angry dinosaur staring at us and we are tasked with driving away from it.


Be careful as you drive away from the dinosaur, there will be different things blocking the path so be sure to avoid them. Also be cautious of the dinosaur behind you, he will try and lunge at you so be cautious and prepared to dodge his attacks. The dinosaur will chase you all over the park and crash through various sections of monorail tracks. This chase scene is pretty cool and scary as the dinosaur will chase you, but take you all over the park. Eventually, the chase will end and the Gyro spheres will break and crash. We are safe for the time being as a friendly dinosaur has challenged the Indominus Rex and is fighting it.

We take control of Zach as he is still stuck in his gyro sphere. The brothers are planning on helping the other dinosaur fight against the Indominus Rex. Right now Zach is stuck in the sphere and Gray is on the ground. Break the crates in the surrounding area and switch to Gray to build the blocks into a launching pad for the gyro sphere. Then switch back to Zach after the pad is build and place your gyro sphere on the launching pad.


The launch pad will launch the bee hive at the Indominus Rex and allow the dinosaur fighting him to get up. We then change perspectives to the Ankylosaurus, the dinosaur fighting the Indominus Rex, and help him fight the Indominus. Be prepared to do the quick time event that pop up on the screen to help the Ankylosaurus fight the Indominus Rex.


After a few quick time events, the two dinosaurs will run into the forest and up to a new area.

After the two run up to the next area, we can switch back to our characters and use Gray to build a ramp up to that new area so that the two can watch the fight take place. Continue to the right and up the ramp to the next area.


It appears that the Ankylosaurus is still losing the battle so we must help him again. Switch to Gray and fight off the mini dinosaurs in the area. Switch to Gray and go to the right side of the area and go through the grate on the base of the tree to the platform above. Once on that platform, use the vines that are swinging to swing to the platform that is sticking out of the tree.

Once on that platform, use Gray’s camera to snap some pictures of the dinosaurs battling it out.


The flash will cause the Indominus Rex to be distracted and allow the other dinosaur to get up and try and fight again. We can switch perspectives back to the Ankylosaurus and help him fight the Indominus. Do the quick time events that appear on the screen to help the battle continue. After a few events, we will switch back to the brothers and build a ramp from the Legos in the area. This ramp will allow us to progress downwards and watch as the fight continues.

Once you go down the ramp and into the next area, fight off the mini dinosaurs with Gray and head over to the right side of this area and there will be a pile of bones by the DNA strand.


Build up the bones into a trampoline and jump to the pegs in the tree. Once on top, you can use the hanging vine to zip line across to the other side of the river. Go through the grate in the tree that will lead you down to the next area. Smash the crates and use the Legos inside to build a machine that will launch snowballs at the Indominus.

Perspectives switch again and we control the dinosaur as he fights the Indominus. Do the quick time events as they appear on the screen and the dinosaurs will run up the river and continue fighting. After the fighting is over, switch to Gray and go to the area below where we were and use the blocks to build into a ladder and a see saw. The see saw will push a rock over which is for the gyro sphere. There is a path way over to where Gray is on the right side of this area.


The pathway is hard to find unless you are looking for it so be on the look. Before you can get to the pathway, you must smash the blue crates in that area and build them up into a ramp for the gyro sphere to be launched up and into the ramp.

The gyro sphere can be launched up into the next area and proceed forward. There will be a bunch of bones in the next area that can be built into a claw that can pick up the car on this map.


Put the gyro sphere into the pad and control the claw by spinning the gyro sphere in different directions. Pick up the car and drop it on the Indominus Rex to stun him and allow the Ankylosaurus another chance at a fight.


Dropping the truck on him will cause a cut scene to trigger. The Rex will throw the car at the gyro sphere and put his jaws around the sphere causing it to crack. Fortunately, the brothers make it out of the gyro sphere safely and run into the forest. The cut scene then switches to the people in the control room who are watching the Indominus Rex as he moves throughout the park. The people in the control room talk about how they will handle the situation, they decide on closing everything north of the park. It is also revealed to Claire that the kids are lost and must be rescued.

The level then ends with the suspense of what will happen and how Grady will rescue the kids. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor a total of 50,000 studs are needed. A few more characters and their different outfits are unlocked by completing this level.

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