Level 16 – Welcome to Jurassic World Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Owen Grady, Barry, Raptor 1, Raptor 2, Supervisor Nick, Handler Ellis, Gray Mitchell, and Zach Mitchell.

This is the last story in this game and I caution you that if you have not seen the new Jurassic World movie to wait until you have before playing this part of the game. The game will contain some spoilers as it is based heavily on the movie that was recently released. Do not say I did not warn you. In order to start the Jurassic World campaign, you must first hop into the helicopter that takes you to Jurassic Park.


The helicopter will take us to Isla Nublar which will take us to the dock that will allow us to journey into the story of Jurassic World. Head to the right once off the helicopter and go in the direction that the Jurassic World sign is pointing to start the final story of this game.


The first level can be started by going into the warehouse and into the monorail. Once getting in the monorail, a cut scene will trigger which sets the tone for Jurassic World. This first cut scene shows Claire and Lowery monitoring the park and watching the monitors for any incidents. The story focuses on Zach and Gary Mitchell, two siblings to Claire who work at the park. Claire leaves Zach and Gary in the hands of her assistant to take care of them and show them around the park.

The owner of the park shows up in a fashionable style and asks Claire to see his new dinosaur that was created. Claire leads him to the cage and shows him their newest invention, the Indominous Rex. The owner, Masarani talks about Owen Grady, the Navy person who is stationed at this park and is in charge of training and watching over various types of dinosaurs in the park.

The cut scene ends and we take control of Owen Grady who is attempting to fix the broken crane so the pig can be fed to a dinosaur. Smash the crates located immediately to the left of where we start and build up the blocks into a set of blocks that we can climb up and cut the cage free. Approach the walls face and jump and press the action button to begin climbing. One of Grady’s abilities is that he can climb walls such as these.


An interesting fact about Owen Grady is that in the movie he was played by Chris Pratt, and in the video game, Chris Pratt actually did the voice overs and voiced his character in the game as well!

After climbing the wall, approach the cage and use his knife to cut the cage free. Unfortunately, the cage comes smashing down and breaks on top of a truck. The truck breaks into pieces that we can actually build into a device that can launch a pig. A clue comes out the device that we just built, switch to Barry and use his magnifying glass to search the area for additional clues. After going on his hands and knees, Barry will come to a spot on the dirt that he will dig up and find some Lego blocks.


The blocks will build up into a birthday cake that will bait the pig out of his hiding spot, allowing us to capture him. Approach the pig with a character and press the action button to hop on his back. Ride the pig back to the device that we made and the cannon will turn automatically.

After the cannon turns into the proper position, switch to Barry and use his grappling hook ability to grab and pull the cannon downwards.


After the cannon is set into position, the pig will launch itself into the Raptors cage and feed them. A mini cut scene will trigger and a ladder will be pushed down, allowing us to climb up onto the cage.


Climb up the ladder and head to the top of the cage. Head to the right onto the main platform and use Barry’s grappling hook ability on the hook.


After that, go to the left side and use Grady’s knife to cut the lights on both the left and right side. A bunch of Lego parts will drop and can be assembled into a monitor. Switch to Barry and use his electrical weapon to shoot the monitor and power up the Raptors gates, freeing them and allowing them to eat.

After freeing the Raptors from their cage, we can actually play as the Raptors now. There are certain places in the cage that can be interacted with the dinosaurs only. There will have the dinosaur marking on the ground. Hit both of the spots to charge up the gate. Switch to Barry and fire his electrical shock at the targets.


After hitting both targets successfully, the gates will open and the Raptors will venture into the gated wilderness and play a game of hide and seek with the pig. This mini game is called Raptor Tracking. We take control of the Raptors again and must hunt down the pig. We can smash up all of the crates and collect a bunch of studs in this area.

The Raptors actually have the ability to build up objects in this story! Smash all of the tires to reveal a bunch of Lego blocks that the Raptors can actually use to build up a trampoline, allowing us to jump over the cage and follow the pig.


Jump onto the trampoline with a Raptor and progress over the cage and into the next area. As we get into the next area, a cut scene shows that the pig has progressed to a higher area.

Smash the crates under the cliff side to build a rail that the Raptors can actually use and swing up onto the next area. A regular jump will not be good enough to reach this rail, in order to reach it, you must hold in the button shown by the DNA strand and aim your cursor at the rail and release the button to pounce. Pounce to the next area and progress up the ramp and continue following the pig.


Continue on the path and into the next area. There will be a bunch of crates to the far right side of this area, destroy all of the cates and build them up into another rail that we must pounce on. Pounce onto the rail and destroy the electrical wiring that is powering the camera and revealing another rail. Pounce onto the higher rail and into the next area.


Once you have reached the higher area, continue to the right and smash the crates on the left side of the cage. The crates will reveal a bunch of blocks that can be built into a switch, place one dinosaur inside of the cage and another by the switch, once one Raptor is inside of the cage, press the switch which opens a door that allows us to progress.

Once in the new area, the Raptor will catch the scent of the pig and follow a trail of his scent.


Follow the scent of the pig to the pile of dirt, the pig will get scared and continue running away from the Raptors. The elevator is broken and must be fixed. Switch to a Raptor and use the switch on the left side of the elevator while the other is on the elevator. Once the elevator is lifted, approach the vines on the right side of the elevator up top and use the Raptor’s claws to cut through them, revealing a ladder that can bring our other Raptor friend up to this new area with us.


Continue to the right and the pig will jump and run through an open gate that closes behind the pig. The Raptors must figure out a way to get inside of this new area and catch the pig. Smash the crates next to the gate and build it into a switch that can be used to open the gate. Use two Raptors to hit both of the switches at the same time to open the gate for the other Raptors.

Once inside of their enclosure, head to the back of the cage and destroy the blocks that look like fire works and build them up into a bomb of sorts. Interact with the device that was created which causes an explosion to reveal a collectible! The Raptors will catch scent of the pig and find him in a pile of dinosaur droppings. A cut scene will trigger and a handler has fallen into the cage and is surrounded by Raptors.


Being the brave hero that he is, Owen Grady will jump into the cage and yell at the Raptors to stop and try and save the handler, Leon. Grady is tasked with distracting the dinosaurs somehow and freeing the handler. Grady also has the ability to use a sneaking suit or a disguise and go past the Raptors without anybody noticing. Grady also has the ability to jump into dinosaur droppings and examine them.

Head towards the left side of the cage and examine the pile of Raptor droppings.


Upon going into the droppings, a bunch of Lego pieces will be found and build into a machine that is above where the Raptors are circling. Switch to Barry and use his electrical shock gun to shoot the target above the Raptors.


Shooting the target will power up the machine and cause a distractin for the Raptors. This allows the handler and the pig to head towards the gate and to freedom. Approach the gate with the group and switch to Barry and use the crank on the gate to open it.

A cut scene will trigger once the gate has been opened showing Grady barely survived and made it out of the cage. The cut scene will continue and show that Grady is asked by Claire to take a look at the environment for the Indominus Rex and evaluate the safety of it for the park and the park goers. The cut scene goes on to show that the dinosaur was manufactured in a lab and is made of different parts of different dinosaurs.

The cut scene also shows that the dinosaur is no longer in the safety of its cage, or so the monitors show, and that there are claw marks on the side of the cage, indicating that the dinosaur lept over the walls. We take control of the group as they head into the cage of the newly made dinosaur to investigate where the animal went too.

Switch to Supervisor Nick and use his fancy equipment to scan the area for clues as to where the dinosaur went to. Using his equipment will reveal a mechanism that comes out of the wall and must be interacted with. Interacting with this machine will prompt a screen in which you must press the buttons that appear on the screen in the correct order.


Correctly scanning the wrench on the machine, a ladder will be lowered allowing us to progress over the gap.

Once on top of the cage, head to the right and down back into his cage. Switch to Owen Grady and examine the dinosaur droppings. The droppings will reveal some Legos that can be built onto the wall and used to climb over the obstacle that is blocking our path. Climb the path on the wall and over the obstacle blocking the path.


We can then use his knife to cut the vine that are grown onto the tree, and allowing our party to join us.

There is a broken machine in this new area that must be fixed. Switch to Supervisor Nick and use his wrench ability on the machine to fix it.


Then jump onto the button and jump on it a few times to pump water into the pit. A few lily pads will flat to the top of the water and allow us to jump across to the next side. Once on the next area, approach the wall and approach the scratches on the wall and a cut scene will trigger.

The cut scene shows that the dinosaur is actually in the cage with them! They are no longer safe inside of the cage, as the dinosaur somehow managed to avoid the thermal censors and avoid detection. After the information has been revealed to us, we take control of the group who are trying to sneakily make their way out of the cage and back to safety. The items in the cage around the group are destroying themselves randomly. Switch to Handler Ellis and use his electrical pole to charge up the gate and allow us to leave the cage safely. Unfortunately, the Indominus Rex appears and takes the Handler as a prisoner. Switch to Grady and use his sneaking ability to get past the dinosaur.


After sneaking past the dinosaur examine the droppings in the next area to reveal some bones that can be built into a bunny that will distract the angry dinosaur. The movement draws the attention of the monster shortly. This allows Supervisor Nick to move to this next area and use his electrical equipment on the mini gate allowing the group to cross. You will also receive a piece of dinosaur DNA by crossing this mini gate.

Run past all of the bones and use the Supervisor’s electrical equipment to interact with the generator on the wall.


Interacting with the generator will power up some things that we can climb on. Climb up to the top of the platform and use Owen’s knife to cut the wire loose and drop a crate. Use the Legos that came out of the crate to build some meat that will hopefully distract the dinosaur. The dinosaur takes the bait and is distracted and the gate is clear for the time being.

Switch to Supervisor Nick and use his equipment on the gate and open the gate and slip run past the gate. A cut scene will trigger once you go through. Unfortunately for everyone, the dinosaur manages to get a claw in the gate and manages to escape. This huge dinosaur is on the run and hungry for whatever it can find. Grady manages to cover his scent with some oil and the dinosaur keeps moving. Grady suggests to Claire that the island be evacuated, by Claire says that that cannot happen at this moment and they can track it with the chip implanted in the dinosaur.

The level ends with a cliff hanger as to what will happen and if the dinosaur will be able to be brought safely back into its captivity. Can the team handle this beast of a dinosaur that was genetically modified to be attractive by the audience? The level then ends after this cut scene leaving us with no hope for the park or its guests. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 70,000 studs are needed to have been collected. By collecting that strand of dinosaur DNA, we can now play as the Pachycephalosaurus. We can now also play as Owen Grady outside of the campaign.

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