Level 15 – The Bird Cage Guide & Tips

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, Eric Kirby and Billy Brennan.

In the final part of this story, the group starts off together in a wide area. Approach the building in the far side of this area and switch to Alan Grant and use his Raptor claw to claw through the vines that have grown around the generator.


Switch to Paul Kirby and use his wrench to fix the generator to gain power. Then go to the other side of the building and switch to Amanda to jump onto the platform and use the crank to crank open the door. Now we can continue into the building and trigger a cut scene. The group notices a spooky dinosaur chasing them and lock themselves inside the building. The group plans on making it to the boat down the river in order to escape from the island safely.

The group wonders through the building and realizes their inside of a bird cage. Eric gets swept up by a huge bird dinosaur, and it is up to the group to save him. Take control of the group and head down the path. At the end of the path, switch to Alan and use his Raptor claw to break up the vines that have grown on the door.


After slicing the vines on the door, we can progress through the door and into the next area.

Continue to the right and use Billy Brennan to parachute across the gap in the path. Smash the crates that are blocking the path and build the blocks that drop into a bridge so the rest of the group can cross and join Billy. Switch to Amanda after building the bridge and jump across the platform using the rods that are in the wall. She can then destroy a crate and reveal some blocks that can be built into a lever. Turn the lever and form a bridge for the rest of our group to cross safely.

After crossing with the group, head far right and smash the crates next to the dinosaur. Switch to Alan Grant after destroying the crates to cut the vines that have grown on the handle behind the crates. After cutting the vine, a large crate will drop on the bird and it will flee, allowing the group to continue onwards.

Switch to Paul Kirby and use his grappling hook on the tree to bring down some dinosaur bones that can be used to build something.


The bones can be built into another bridge allowing us to cross to the next area. Slowly cross the bridge and continue following the path. Smash all of the crates and other InGen items and build them into a rocket. Jump on the rocket launch pad and send the rocket in the air and knock the bird dinosaur down. After scaring the dinosaur off, switch to Billy and climb up the wall. Billy can now use his parachute ability to cross the gap to the next area. Once in the next area, push down the crate to the rest of the group. The group can use the crates contents to build into a trampoline so that they can progress with Billy to the next area.


Once the group has jumped to the next area, switch to Alan Grant to cut through the vines that have grown in the pathway. Once the vines have been cut, continue along the path and smash the objects are in the way. Keep following the pathway until you reach the dinosaur in the path. In order to get the dinosaur from blocking the path go back to the circular area and build a diving board from the crates in that room.


Use Billy to jump on the diving board and use his parachute ability to go on a journey. You take Billy on his parachute as he goes through various caverns. Avoid the dinosaurs that are trying to attack you.


There will be circles of studs, crossing through the middle of the circle will collect all of them.

Billy parachutes to where Eric has been taken by the bird dinosaur. Eric jumps onto Billy’s parachute and takes him back to the rest of the group and distracts the dinosaurs. The group falls into the water while Billy is parachuting and being chased by various types of bird dinosaurs. The cut scene continues playing and the boat the group hoped to reach is destroyed by a giant Spinosaurus.
The cut scene ends and the group is where the boat was destroyed and is tasked with battling the boss, the Spinosaurus. The first thing we must do is switch to Alan Grant and dig up the dig site that is located immediately to our right as we take control of the group.


Digging reveals some blocks that we can build into some fire works that we must light. Go to the left and smash some crates and use those blocks to create a gun that fires the fire works. Hop into the piolet seat of the gun and aim for the fuel drums.


Shoot all four of the targets to receive a collectible. Shooting the fuel drum will cause an explosion and take a point of health from the boss.

We then have to switch characters to Paul Kirby and cross the platforms. After crossing all of the platforms head towards the oil drums and use Kirby’s grappling hook on them to knock them free.


Knocking the oil drums free allows us to take aim on the gun and shoot them causing another eruption. We have hit the dinosaur twice and only need to hit him one more time to deal all of the damage. Switch back to Paul Kirby and build a trampoline with the blocks that have been left there. Continue up to the top of the building and assemble a fossil to collect a collectible. We can then jump into the crane and pick up the oil drums and drop them next to the dinosaur.


After dropping these oil barrels next to the dinosaur, switch back to Alan Grant and hop into the piolet seat of the gun and aim at the oil canisters. In order to make them explode, you must shoot them three times. Doing so properly deals the last bit of damage needed to the dinosaur to destroy him and neutralize the threat.

A cut scene triggers and the crew are all safe and together. They head into the forest to seek a way to get off the island. Unfortunately, Alan Grant must give up the Raptor eggs he has been saving to fund his research to the Raptors. Fortunately for the group a helicopter is over head. The group signals to the helicopter and the level ends. Thus ending the final part to Jurassic Park 3. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor a total of 84,000 studs are needed for this level. Beating this level allows us to play any level in this story to be played in free play. A bunch of new characters are available to play as such as Eric Kirby, and a few extra characters.

Once through the collectible screen, hitting finish story will set another cut scene into motion. The cut scene shows that a whole army has arrived in the hopes of terminating the island and the project completely. The group jumps into the helicopter and flee to safety. The cut scene shows Billy still parachuting away from the bird dinosaurs and the army approaching the island cautiously. The cut scene ends and shows the same mini game as always, the T-Rex chasing the Raptor. One last Mr. DNA cut scene rolls and teaches us some information about various dinosaurs. That cut scene ends and we are at the level selection screen which will now allow us to access Jurassic World. In the next part we will be tackling Jurassic World, the newest addition to the Jurassic Park series and the most popular and recent. The most anticipated part of this series is this last story.

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