Level 14 – Eric Kirby Cheats Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Eric Kirby, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, and Billy Brennan.

The story continues as we are out of our vehicle and safe for the time being. In this starting area, there is a pile of dirt that must be dug up in order to progress to the next area.


Digging in the area reveals a bunch of blocks that can be built into a bar that Amanda can jump over and allow us to continue further. In the new area, smash the crates and rocks to reveal more Lego bricks that can be used. Build the Legos into a crank to lift up the dinosaur bones that are blocking the path. After lifting up the bones blocking the path, head to the far side of the area and switch to Alan Grant and use his Raptor claw to smash the vines that are blocking the path.


Cutting through the vines allows us to progress to the next area and after walking a few steps, a cut scene will trigger where the group is still searching for the missing Eric Kirby. The group is confronted by some Raptors and must escape from the Raptors claws. Fortunately, Eric Kirby comes and rescues the group by scaring off the angry Raptors.

After the brief cut scene, we take control of Alan and Eric inside of Eric’s hideout. We continue on the path to the right and see that Raptors are still lurking in the area. Fortunately for us, Eric’s special ability is to put on his disguise and become invisible to the Raptors.


Use Eric’s new special ability to sneak past the Raptors undetected. After sneaking past the Raptor and into the next area, smash the crates on the other side and use the Legos that come from the crates to build a distraction for the Raptors to allow Alan Grant to cross and join us.

After distracting the Raptor, Alan Grant can join Eric and progress to the next area. Switch to Alan Grant and break up the vines that have grown onto the front of the vehicle. After smashing the vines, grab the wench from the front of the truck and attach it to the tree.


After attaching it to the tree, walk up to the tree and kick it to pull the wench forward. Switch to Eric Kirby and use him to crawl into the tree and up the tree trunk.

After progressing up the tree, smash the tree on the right side and use the Legos from it to build into a rope to allow Grant up into the tree. Then switch to Grant again and use his Raptor claw to cut the vines. Swing from the vine to the right and continue by jumping on the ground and to the next area. We can now switch to Eric and use his disguise to sneak past the Raptor in the area.


Once you sneak past the Raptor, activate the generator by pressing the button when it is in the correct area. By powering up the generator, an electrical shock occurs and scares the Raptor away from this area, allowing our characters to continue where the dinosaur was blocking. This allows us to go to the corridor that the dinosaur was in. Switch to Eric Kirby and crawl through the little gate on the ground and to the other side of the wall.


Once on the other side of the wall, we see a sick dinosaur that needs to be helped. The first thing we must do once we are in this new area is go to the back left side of this area and open the gate, allowing Alan Grate to join us in this new area.


Switch to Eric Kirby and head to the back of the compound, next to the dinosaur. Next to the dinosaur will be a pile of dinosaur droppings, switch to Eric and examine the droppings with him. Inside of the droppings is the first of three things needed to cure the sick dinosaur. Approach the dinosaur and feed it to him.

The next thing we can do is switch to Alan Grant and approach the vending machine on the back right corner of this area. Use Alan Grant’s Raptor claw and break the vines blocking the way. Once the vines are broken, hit the vending machine and the second item needed will appear. Again, feed the chocolate to the sick dinosaur to progress. Now only one more item is needed to heal the sick dino.

The third item can be found in the back of the compound by the gate that we opened. There will be a spot in which we can dig and find the third item. Switch to Grant and dig up the dig site and find the carrot, the last item on our list to heal the sick dinosaur. Feed the carrot to the dinosaur and he will start feeling better, and allow us to play as the dinosaur. We can now play as the Anklyosaurus.

Switch to the dinosaur and a cut scene will trigger. A bunch of Raptors will jump into the area causing us to fight them off as our newly acquired dinosaur.


A few waves of Raptors will jump into the area, be prepared to fight them all off. After fighting a few of the grunts, the boss Raptor will jump into the arena and quickly be knocked out and break a part of the wall, allowing the characters to progress through. Before leaving the area, switch to the dinosaur and break the orange glowing rock in the back left corner of this area to reveal a secret collectible.


After getting the collectible, switch to Alan Grant and run through the hole in the wall that was created. We unfortunately have to leave our dinosaur friend behind. Jump across the river by jumping on the poles that are placed in the river. Be prepared to fight off a few mini dinosaurs in this new area. There will be a digging spot in this next area as soon as we enter, dig and build up the blocks that are revealed into a scarecrow. Digging up that dig site will show us another dig site that we can interact with. Dig up the next site and build another scarecrow. A third dig site will be highlighted on your screen, dig up the third dig site and build the last scarecrow. By building the three scarecrows, a collectible will appear in the center of this mini area.

After assembling the three scarecrows, go to the right side of this area and smash the crates that are there. Smashing the crates will reveal a bunch of Lego pieces. Build the blocks into a bridge that will allow us to progress across the river and into the next area.


Proceed across the bridge and to the next area. Switch to Alan Grant and cut the vines that are draped across the truck. Approach the truck and trigger a cut scene.

The cut scene is an interaction between Eric and Alan. Eric inquires about Alan’s presence on the island. Shortly after, we will take control of the group again on the search for the people we lost. Head across the lily pads and across the river. Eric gets a new ability, he can throw a liquid and scare off a group of dinosaurs. Use Eric’s ability to scare off all of the mini dinosaurs that are surrounding a pile of bones.


After scaring away the dinosaurs, build up the bones with Alan Grant into a trampoline to progress to the next area.

After jumping to the next area, use Alan Grant’s Raptor claw to cut the vines on the left side and drops some crates that are hidden in the trees. After the crates drop, build the pieces left behind into a bridge to cross to the next area. Switch to Alan Grant and use his claw to cut the vines allowing us to continue on our path. Be prepared to fight off a lot of mini dinosaurs as there are a lot of them in this area.

Once in the new area, switch to Eric and use his new ability to scare off a bunch of mini dinosaurs that are blocking a dig site.


After scaring away the mini dinosaurs, use Alan Grant to dig up the ground and reveal some Lego blocks that can be built into a ladder allowing us to climb to a new area.

Head to the right side by the cliff and use Eric to climb under the rock and cross to a new area. Use Eric’s disguise and sneak past the Raptor that is in the way. After passing the Raptor, there is a collectible on the far right side of the new area. There is nothing else to do in this area, so go back through the rock the same way we came. Use Eric’s ability to scare the mini dinosaurs on the plat formed area to boost Eric up to a new area. Use Eric’s ability to examine the dinosaur droppings to reveal some blocks that can be built into a ladder for Grant to join us.

Once both characters are in the area, continue along the path and into the new area. Use Eric’s ability to scare off the group of miniature dinosaurs around the dig site to reveal a place where Alan Grant can dig. Use his digging ability and find some blocks that can be built into a telescope.


Once the telescope is used, a cut scene will trigger. Through the telescope we can see a boat that is on the banks, close to our position. Eric Kirby hears his father’s satellite phone and they quickly chase after the noise. The son is reunited with his parents, but a dinosaur is sleeping right next to their position. They sneakily leave the area and the level ends. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor a total of 84,000 studs are needed. By completing this level, we unlocked the ability to use a new dinosaur! We also unlock a few new characters such as Eric Kirby!

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