Level 13 – Breeding Facility Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, Billy Brennan, and Udesky.

The story continues on the path that we were wondering. Continue the path and reach the gate, once you reach the gate you must switch to Alan Grant and use his Raptor claw to cut the vines on the far right side of the gate. After cutting the vines on the gate, switch to Amanda Kirby and dive under the purple bar that is now there.


Dive under the bar to get to the other side, and use the wench from the truck onto the other side of the gate. Approach the truck and kick it and the gate will open up, allowing the rest of our Lego team to join us.

After opening the gate for our team, switch to Billy and head to the far end of this area, there will be a rock against the wall. Smash the rock and jump on it and climb up the wall with Billy.


After scaling to the new area, smash the green plant to reveal a ladder to climb even higher. Smash the blue containers towards the edge of the rock and build it into something for Paul Kirby to attach his grappling hook to and allow the rest of the group to climb up with.

After climbing to the top and the whole group has arrived, switch to Alan Grant and use his special Raptor claw to clear the foliage that is blocking the path for the team.


After clearing the brush that is blocking the way, we find that we need a key to progress through the gate that is locked. Switch to Paul Kirby and pull down the part of the gate with the orange thing that can be used with his grappling hook.


After pulling down the part of the gate that can be pulled down, switch to Udesky to inspect the ground with the control that we found. The clue will lead us to a dig spot which hides the key. We can now open the gate and progress to the next area.

When going through the gate, a cut scene will trigger with the group heading towards the breeding facility in the hopes of finding the lost children and safety. When the cut scene is over, we take control of the group outside of the building. There is nothing to do outside of the building besides collect some studs, so the first thing we must do is head inside the building.

Once we head into the building the first thing that is apparent is the targets that we must shoot.


Shoot all of the targets and get a collectible. Approach the vending machine on the left side of the room and use Alan Grant’s raptor claw to cut through the vines. Then switch to Amanda and use her screaming ability to break the glass revealing a clue that Udesky can use to search the area for parts. He will eventually dig up a crank that connects to the door which allows us to open the door and progress.


After opening the door a few mini dinosaurs will enter the room and must be fought off in order to progress. After fighting off the mini dinosaurs, head through the right corridor into the next room. We can head down the stairs to the next area. In order to progress we must find a way up to the next area. In order to do so, we must go up to the blue objet in the room and use Paul Kirby’s wrench ability on it.


After fixing the mechanical arm in the center of the room we must go up the stairs to the platform and use Billy’s gliding ability to glide across the room and onto the platform to progress. Once across to the other side, push the crate to the end of the pathway, unfortunately we cannot knock the crate off because it is stuck, but we can use Kirby’s grappling hook ability to pull it free and down.


After pulling the crate down with Kirby’s grappling hook, another mechanical arm will work and close the egg pod. This allows us to jump up on the trampoline that was created and proceed to the next area. After getting to the next area, we have to jump down and get up to the next platform.

Go to the far right side of the room and cut the vines with Alan Grant that are on the radiator. We can then switch to Paul and fix the pipes that have been cut, this fixes the tanks and spits us out a handle. We can attach the handle to the set of tubes in the front of the room.


After putting the handle on the tube, use the handle to turn up the pressure in the center tank. The center tank needs more pressure, so head to the third tank in the line and use that handle to again raise the pressure in the middle tank. After doing so the tank will blow and some dinosaur bones will appear. Build up the bones to form a ladder that will allow us to progress upwards to the next platform.

Continue to the right and go down the stairs to the next area where the baby dinosaurs are present. Be wary as there are a few mini dinosaurs that will try to attack us. Switch to Billy and take a few pictures of the fish that was made inside of the tube.


Billy will need to take a few pictures of the various baby dinosaurs that were created in the test tubes. Continue to the right and take pictures of all the different test tube dinosaurs. A cut scene will trigger when you reach a certain spot and a cut scene will trigger.

A dinosaur jumps from the shadows and gets his head stuck in between two of the test tubes. Billy bravely saves the group by attacking the dinosaur by kicking him. Unfortunately for the group, this angers the dinosaur and the dinosaur starts to chase the group.

The cut scene ends and the dinosaur is chasing us.


Be prepared to dodge things in the environment that will try and trip you, and be ready to dodge any lunges that the dinosaur will do at you. There are also various collectibles along the path so be ready to jump or run at them. The chase leads you through various corridors and in a hot pursuit.

Eventually, we escape from the dinosaurs by locking ourselves in a room. The group has settled in a room and have trapped a dinosaur that managed to get inside of the room. After their brush with death, the group manages to push on and the level ends. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor a total of 48,000 studs are needed.

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