Level 12 – The Spinosaurus Guide & Tips

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, Billy Brennan, and Udesky.

This level starts off where the last part left off, we are stranded in the forest after crashing our airplane and are surrounded by dinosaurs who are not exactly the friendliest. We must continue on the path away from the trapped dinosaur and use Kirby’s grappling hook to pull down the tree, allowing the entire group to cross the river safely.


By pulling down the tree, this allows the whole group to progress to the next area. Be wary of the mini dinosaurs who we must fight off until we can block where they are coming from. There is a boulder and a set of blocks on the other side of the river that can be built into a door to block where the mini dinosaurs are coming from. I suggest blocking that door as soon as possible as the little dinosaurs can be quite pestering.

After blocking the mini dinosaurs, there is a set of tall vines that must be cut down. Fortunately for us, Alan Grant has the ability to cut down vines and all sorts of objects. Switch to Alan Grant and use his claw to cut down the brush that is blocking the pathway for our group.


After clearing through the brush, that triggers the cut scene which allows us to continue the story.

The cut scene shows reveals the true reason that Alan Grant has been recruited for this mission, to find two lost boys who went parasailing near this island. There was a misunderstanding though, Kirby thought that Grant had been on this island before, but Grant was only on the first Jurassic Park island, Isla Nublar, not Isla Sorna, the island the boys are missing on. The group encounters a T-Rex who spots them and the group scatters and runs for their life. Fortunately for us, the dinosaur that got himself stuck in the tree gets freed and fights the T-Rex and saving the group for the time being.

We take control of the group again as the two dinosaurs are battling it out. The first thing we must do is help Alan Grant who is stuck between two fallen trees. Walk up to Alan and press the action button repeatedly to save him from the tree trunks.


After freeing Grant from the trees, the dinosaurs are continuing to fight, and it seems as though the T-Rex is losing the fight. The T-Rex falls to the ground and allows to sneak past them for the time being.

After sneaking past the fighting dinosaurs there are two flowers that we must destroy to reveal some blocks that can be useful to us. Destroy the flowers and use the bricks to build something that Mr. Kirby can use his grappling hook on and pull over.


Pulling it over reveals a collectible and nothing viable to the progression of the level. There is a digging spot in front of the tree that we must use Alan Grant to dig up. Digging in the spot reveals a bunch of blocks that can be built up into a duck. Switch to Kirby and use his hook to send the duck flying and distract the dinosaurs for the time being and move them from the immediate area.

After sending the duck flying we switch point of views to the T-Rex. Fight as the T-Rex against the Spinosaurus. There will be a sequence of quick time events, the first of which being to press a selected button as fast as you can.


Unfortunately, the distraction of the duck was not enough and the T-Rex is still losing the battle. We take control of the group again and must assemble a bridge to get to the next area. Next to the bridge we can also assemble an egg basket, the first of three.

After crossing to the next area, we can assemble a second egg basket and shoot down the target with Udesky.


Shooting the target allows us to build up a giant pile of eggs. We then search the area and dig up some more Legos to build a machine to launch the eggs at the dinosaurs. Switch to Alan Grant and cut the rope on the machine that we just built to launch the eggs at the dinosaurs. This distracts the Spinosaurus and allows us to fight as the T-Rex again. Be prepared for the quick time events again and continue fighting as the T-Rex.

If we continue to the right we can assemble a see-saw made out of dinosaur bones. Put one character at one end and launch another character to the next area.


After getting to the next area, break up all of the crates and objects and assemble a lever to turn the vines on the tree and hit the Spinosaurus. We can now switch to the T-Rex again and help the T-Rex fight against the Spinosaurus. Just as we did the last few times, press the buttons as they appear on the screen.

Sneak underneath the dinosaurs and trigger a cut scene. The cut scene reveals that Kirby has been lying to Alan Grant the whole time and he will not pay Grant for his services on the island. The crew heads back to the original crash site of the air plane. In the far left corner of this area there is a target that must be shot in order to climb the tree and progress in the level.


Shooting the target allows us to build something to jump onto and continue climbing up the tree. Switch to Amanda as she is the nimble character who can jump higher than the others. Jump up onto the bar and climb up the vine. That will lead us to a new platform, go to the right and jump on the poles to get to a new area.


After jumping on the poles, continue right and smash the plants to reveal blocks to build a platform. We can then knock down the tail end of the plane down to the main level where the rest of our crew is.

Down on the ground the crew can use the blocks that we knocked over to build a see-saw to launch Alan Grant up there to use his cutting ability. After launching Grant up to the top, use his cutting ability to cut down the luggage that is stuck in the tree. Jump back down and switch to Udesky so he can search the ground and recover some dinosaur bones. Build up the dinosaur bones into a trampoline. After using the trampoline, use Billy to climb up the wall and find the parasail that is also stuck in the tree.

Billy can now use the parachute as an ability. The DNA strand will teach you how to use the parachute, but the basics are, jump and press the action button to deploy the parachute. Use Billy’s newfound parachute ability to glide over to the next area to progress.


After landing on the next area, push the properller of the plane down and breaking it into pieces for the rest of the crew to assemble. Build the blocks into a fan that allows the rest of our crew to float on up to where we are. We can then switch to Kirby and use his grappling hook to pull down the face of the tree.

After pulling the face of the tree down, use Billy to climb up the wall and then parachute to the next area on the other side of the river. Smash up all of the debris in the area and assemble the blocks into a little statue that knocks down a tree that creates a bridge for the rest of our team to cross over.


Switch to Alan Grant and cut up the vines that are blocking the path we are on. We can then cross through the log and continue on our path. Be prepared to fight some more mini dinosaurs as they are in the next area. Use Kirby’s grappling hook on the tree to reveal a life jacket, this is a clue as to where the lost children are and can be used to search the area for clues and Lego bricks. Use the life jacket to find a digging spot and dig up some blocks that can be built into a video camera. The camera after being assembled shoots a movie against the tree and also triggers a cut scene.

The cut scene shows that the group is surrounded by a bunch of eggs that belong to Raptors and clearly the surrounding area is not a safe one to be in. The level then ends on that note leaving us with a suspenseful feeling as to what will happen with the group and if they will escape from the Raptors safely. In order to reach the ranking of True Survivor a total of 65,000 studs are needed.

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