Level 11 – Landing Site Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Paul Kirby, and Billy Brennan.

As we have finished the story of Jurassic Park: The Lost World, we are now halfway through the story! With only Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World to complete, we are nearing the end of our Lego journey. As you may or may not know, the next story to play in the same order as the movies is Jurassic Park 3. Jurassic Park 3 takes place on the same island as Jurassic Park: The Lost World; Isla Sorna.

In order to start the journey of Jurassic Park 3, we must go to the dock to the right of the helicopter pad and hop onto the boat, leading us back to Isla Sorna.


After jumping into the boat, a cut scene starts and we are at a dig site, excavating dinosaur bones similarly as we did in the very first episode. This time it’s a different crew, Alan Grant, Paul Kirby, and Billy Brennan. They do not stay at the dig site long, as they tasked Alan with the job of heading to Isla Sorna to take a look at the failed project and see what is salvageable and if a park can be made.

We take control of the crew outside of the air plane where they landed on Isla Sorna. We have Paul Kirby whose tools include a rope and some sort of mechanical tool, Billy Brennan who has a watering canister, and Alan Grant who has the ability to dig and cut objects. This starting area is very big and has a lot of things that can be smashed in order to get more studs.

If we start at the far side of the area, there is a vine that can be cut on a pole. Switch to Alan Grant and use his velociraptor claw to cut through the vines.


Cutting the vines allows to climb up the pole and retrieve a collectible. Unfortunately, we have no character in our party who can shoot the targets at this moment. Nor do we have anyone who can open the locked canister. If we walk along the far side of this area, we reach a tree that we can use Kirby’s hook on and pull it down.


Pulling down the face of the tree allows Billy, the nimble character, to climb up the inside of the tree. We can head to the right and continue climbing upwards. On this next higher platform, we can continue heading far right and knock down an electric poll. Knocking down the poll allows the rest of our group to join us. There is a spot on the next platform that Alan Grant can dig up to reveal some dinosaur bones that can be built into something useful.


The bones can be conveniently be built into a bridge that connects us to the crate on the other side. On the other side there is a broken generator that must be fixed. If we switch to Paul Kirby, he has the ability to fix machines. After the generator is fixed, inter act with it and crank it to raise another platform.

This newly raised platform allows us to continue across. As we continue across the new platform, there is a vine that we can interact with at the end. Switch to Alan Grant and use his claw to cut the vines that have formed around the flag pole. By cutting all of the vines on the flag pole, we can now switch to Kirby and use his hook to swing across to the next area.


In this new area there are a few machines that can be interacted with. At the far end of the area, there is something that we can use Kirby’s hook to knock over. After knocking over that machines, a bunch of blocks are formed that can be used. Build up those blocks onto the platform that is already there and form some stairs. Before we can use the stairs efficiently, we must push the stairs along the platform into a more useful position. Push the stairs against the wall to start a cut scene with Alan Grant and Kirby’s wife. Due to her screaming, Kirby’s wife has brought the attention of a lot of dinosaurs to the area.

The crew must be in a hurry and get off this area of the island as soon as possible, they quickly run to the plane and escape. They unfortunately leave a Mr. Cooper behind to fend for himself, although one of the foreman says that he is a professional who can handle himself. The plane does not get far, as it crashes rather quickly after its launch into the forest.

The crew is attacked by a dinosaur and must quickly scatter and run away. As the cut scene ends, be prepared to take control of Alan Grant and company as they are in a rush to run away from the dinosaurs that are chasing them.


Be wary of the things blocking the way as they chase you, you will have to jump over broken logs, and doge the dinosaurs who are trying to eat you from behind.

There are a few collectibles along the way so be on the lookout for collectibles as you run away from the dinosaur. At some point you jump underneath a tree and think the chase is over, but be ready because the dinosaur is only temporarily distracted by another dinosaur’s presence. The chase quickly continues and continues for a short period of times. Eventually, the crew finds safety in the jungle as the dinosaur chasing you gets his head stuck in a tree while chasing us. After the dinosaur gets his head stuck and the crew has realized it is safe for the time being, the level ends.

Although this level was short in comparison to the rest of the levels we have played so far, there are a bunch of collectibles on this level that can be overseen and forgotten about. Also, to reach the ranking of true survivor, a total of 51,000 studs are needed to have been collected. By completing this level, we unlock a bunch of new characters and a few new outfits for some of our previous characters. We also unlock some new vehicles that we have not used thus far. That ends this level and all of the collectibles.

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