Level 10 – San Diego Cheats Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Sarah Harding, and Ian Malcolm.

The last and final level for Jurassic Park: The Lost World starts us off at the helicopter pad. We hop into the helicopter and the cut scene starts telling us that we are heading to San Diego to stop Ludlow and his creating the Jurassic Park on the mainland. The ship filled with dinosaurs arrives at the port in a smashing manner.

We then take control of Ian and Sarah at the scene of the ship wreck. If we head to the right of the starting area, we can see a pane of glass that Sarah can scream and break.


If we head towards the right side of this area, there is a reporter who got himself stuck under some debris. Run up to the helpless reporter and smash the action button to pull him out from under the debris and save his life.


There are a total of three people that we must save on the dock. Pulling him out from under the debris reveals some blocks that can be built up. Build the blocks up into a pole that we can jump on. Hop across the poles to the other side of the dock where the boat has crashed.

There is a broken crane that we must fix in order to progress to the next area and in this level. Smash the box to the left of the crane to reveal a crank. Attach the crank onto the crane to fix it. Then use the crank and rotate the box all the way to the right. Dropping the box causes it to smash and break into a bunch of Lego pieces.


Build up the broken blocks into a ladder that allows us access to the ship that has crashed. We must switch to Ian to go into the ship because it is dark and Ian has the torch which allows him to go into dark places. In the back of the dark room there is a ladder that takes us up to the main deck of the ship.

After getting to the main deck of the ship, break the InGen boxes to the left of the ladder to reveal some blocks that we can use to build a device.


We can build up the blocks to a ladder that allows us access to the crane on the main deck. We can now use this big crane to lift the blue box that the guy is stuck under.


Lifting the big blue crate saves our second citizen and allows us to progress on the dock that was blocked before.

We can continue on the ship as Ian by shipping onto the other blue container and jumping back down onto the dock with Sarah. Continue heading left by jumping on the blue container then jumping onto the dock. There are some trainers and handlers that we must fight off. We can progress to the next area but jumping and pulling down a ladder.


We can now get both characters onto the main deck of the ship. Destroy some crates on the right side of this area, by the cage, to reveal blocks that can be built into a diving board of sorts that allows us up to the next area of the ship. We can now jump up to the next area. Approach the door with Malcolm and turn the handle on the door to enter the ship’s main area.


After entering through the door, there are a few handlers that we must fight off. After doing that, there are some “equations” on the board that only Ian can solve. To solve the equation you must simply select the pieces of paper in the same order as they were highlighted. After solving the equations, a bunch of Lego bricks will appear and can be built into a door handle. We can now go to the other side of the boat.

Under the stairs and to the left of the stairs, there are some crates that can be broken and built into something that Sarah can jump over and into the cage. Once inside of the cage, Sarah can jump back to the other side on the next side of the boat. Help Ian to her side by pushing the box on the path, which allows the path to be cleared, and Ian able to walk by.


After clearing the path, there will be some guards that we must fight off to clear the way and allow us to run through the area without any confrontation. In the dark container in front of the cage, there is a spot that only Ian can walk into with his torch. Walk into the back of the container to retrieve the only piece of dinosaur DNA available on this level. Continue on the path and fight off a few more guards. At the end of the path, there is a spot that we must boost a character up in order to get to the next area.


Boost up to the next area and trigger a cut scene. Unfortunately, the T-Rex gets freed and is hungry and on the run, searching for food and causing havoc. Sarah and Ian are discussing ways of luring the T-Rex back into captivity and keeping the people of San Diego safe from the T-Rex. They get the T-Rex’s attention by taking the baby T-Rex to its mother and driving the dinosaur away from the city and into captivity.


Be prepared to drive, because as soon as the cut scene is over, we are in the driver’s seat and tasked with driving away from the T-Rex and leading it back to captivity. As the driver, you do not have to navigate the streets, but you must dodge the T-Rex’s attacks and shoot at him when his mouth is open. When the T-Rex opens his mouth, aim the reticle in the center of his mouth and press the action button to shoot food into his mouth.


You must do this three times in a row to be successful, by doing that, you also receive a collectible. The driving continues and as a stylish cut scene occurs where we make a jump and explosions occur.

The chasing continues again as we lure the mother T-Rex to the safety of the water and try to save the city of San Diego from its ultimate demise. The cut scene continues as we drive into a warehouse and take the baby T-Rex to the ship and lure the mother T-Rex back into its original cage. The mother T-Rex takes the bait and is led back to the safety of its cage with its baby. Unfortunately for Peter Ludlow, he is in the middle of the T-Rex and its baby and pays the ultimate price.

This is the last level of the iteration of Jurassic Park: The Lost World. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 60,000 studs are needed. After completing the last level of this series, you unlock a bunch of new characters, vehicles, and dinosaurs. Completing this last level also allows you to replay this level in Free Mode, which is recommended to do after finishing every level in the game. The dinosaur that we unlock for collecting that strand of DNA is the Brachiosaurus.

After what we collected appears on the screen, there is an option to finish story. I recommend you press this button as it plays a cut scene and wraps up the loose ends for this story and finishes the story. The dinosaurs are all playing and happy on Isla Sorna and not disrupting the people of San Diego. Similar to the last level of the previous story, you can play a mini game where you are the T-Rex chasing some Raptors. Playing this mini game offers no more than getting a few more studs and some extra dinosaur action!

The credits roll and a final cut scene shows what comes of Isla Sorna and some extra interesting facts about some dinosaurs. We are left at the main story selection screen, where we can now choose to play the Jurassic Park 3 story line, which we will do next part!

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