Level 1 – Prologue Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Robert Muldoon, Jophery Brown, Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler.

The game starts us off in the original capture scene in the very first film of the Jurassic Park saga. The level opens with the cut scene surrounding the transfer of the raptors into their new habitat. Take control as Robert Muldoon right away and explore the immediate area searching for the DNA strands that help you and the in game currency referred to as “studs”. If you are not familiar with the Lego franchise, you can destroy and collect bricks in the Lego Universe and use those bricks to build items that are necessary to progressing in the game. The first encounter we get with this feature is right away in which we must build up the generator and kick start it with our taser.


Swap to the Handler and walk up the generator to spark it up. We can then climb the ladder and progress by powering up the next set of generators the same way as we did before. Power up the generators by pressing circle on a ps3 controller, X on keyboard, or B on an Xbox controller. There are three generators we must power up before we can progress and put the raptors into their new home.


Then we must build the platform to the raptor cage by finding the blocks and completing the pathway.


After powering up all of the generators, we must get behind the cage of the raptors and push the cage up to the gate. After realizing the gate is broken, we are forced to remedy the situation. The DNA strands are there to help us with new mechanics to the series. We are now supposed to fix the gate controls. Walk up to the gate and interact with it. The gate will bring up a pop up and flash three buttons that must be pressed in order to fix it.


After fixing, the cage will need another power up in order to release the raptors. After releasing the raptors, another cut scene is shown. Something goes terribly wrong as the handler gets his sausage stuck in the cage.


The cut scene finishes with the handler suffering no injuries and we are brought into the lives of our next characters, Ellie Sattler Alan Grant, and an assistant. We are now on our next part of the prologue in which we are following these characters on an excavation site. Search the area for the bones and recreate old dinosaurs.

Once we find a set of bones in the dirt interact with them to reconstruct the bones of the dinosaurs. The first two sets of bones can be found directly right of our starting position. The first is next to the raised platform. We can then switch to Ellie and use her high jump ability to jump onto the dinosaur and build the ladder for Alan to use.


The second set of bones is further right after the assistant scatters the bones after trying to piece them together. There is a hidden secret visible in a cutout from the wall. Get to the secret by jumping on the second dinosaur that we build and into the hole in the wall.


Directly left of our starting position in the wide area we can assemble the cart and drive it around the area. The third set of bones is towards the far side of the wide area left of our spawning position. After assembling this third dinosaur we acquire the Velociraptor claw. The claw can be used to cut rope and vines. We use this new found claw to cut the rope that is holding the weight in front of our starting location.


After dropping the crates or weights, jump onto them to explore the next area. If we head right of the new area, we interact with two more assistants who tell us that we need to collect a wheel and handlebars for their vehicle. Destroy the wheel barrel to the right to collect the wheel. Find the handle bars by using the claw to destroy the foliage. Bring the handlebars and wheel to the assistant and we fixed their vehicle. After fixing the vehicle we are prompted with another cut scene of characters arriving and a car crashing allowing us to enter a new area. Use Ellie to pull down the contents of the truck and allow the contents to fall to the ground. Switch back to Alan to construct a trampoline which allows us to bounce to a new area.


If we head back and to the right we can destroy more foliage and get another secret that is our second mini kit or secret. Go right more and head into the camper to trigger our next cut scene with John Hammond, the owner of Jurassic Park. The cut scene takes us to Jurassic Park and as we approach the park by helicopter the first level ends. By completing the first level, you will receive your respective achievement by doing so (Trophies on Play Station, Achievements on Xbox, and Achievements on Steam). By completing this first level, you unlock Free Mode which allows us to use any character we have unlocked thus far anywhere in the game which allows us to use their unique abilities to try and complete all of the challenges in the Jurassic World.

In order to receive a One Hundred percent rating 45,000 studs are needed. The first level ends and shows us the characters we have unlocked out of all of the possible characters, with well over one hundred playable character and way more than thirty vehicles, the game has a lot of gameplay and variability.

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