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Jurassic World: The Game is a new game that improves on the park building concept of Jurassic Park™ Builder, but adds exciting new gameplay with the new Arena Mode. In Arena Mode, you’re given the opportunity to strut your flashy dino hybrids around and battle it out against other players in real-time. However, in order to get your dinosaurs into tip top arena fighting shape, you’ll have to revisit your park-building basics and build and manage your own Jurassic World Theme Park. In this guide, we’ll cover some general tips that may help you manage your park a little bit more efficiently and reach that colorful beast of a dinosaur you’ve got your eyes on (I’m personally set on obtaining my very own Tyrannotitan).


Open your Free Card Pack as Often as Possible

In Jurassic World: The Game, you’re the given the opportunity to open a free card pack every six hours. These packs contain things like coins, food, DNA, dinosaurs, and special event quests. The packs are usually very generous about the amount of coins and food they give and can result in a huge boost in resources, especially during the early game. They’re definitely worth collecting every six hours as these packs, along with quests, will account for most of the resources you earn within the game when you’re first starting out, and to grow your park, you’re going to need a lot of coins and food.


Focus on Completing Quests

Your other main source of income when you’re first starting out will be quest rewards. The game provides plenty of quest content that will last you well into the higher levels of the game, so don’t worry about running out. These quests are often simple to complete, with tasks such as “level up a dinosaur” or “place a decoration” and can provide hefty rewards of coins, food, and XP. If you’re looking to level up fast and reach the next battle stages, complete as many quests as you can.


Carnivores Typically Generate the Most Coins

Now that you’ve got a foothold in the park building business, it’s time to start setting up a more consistent source of coin income. You’ll want to do this by housing plenty of dinos, and leveling up the ones that bring you the most coins. While it may be tempting to spend your food (which is most likely still in scarce supply at this point) on the triceratops that you started the game out with, it is often much more efficient to spend it on carnivores, as these tend to bring in more revenue than any of the other type of dinosaur. In this case, you should follow the advice of the park owners in the movie if you want your park to grow: “Bigger, scarier, cooler, and more teeth!”

Always Pay Attention to the Rate at which Dinosaurs Generate Coins

Don’t be deceived! That dinosaur that generates 200 coins every five minutes won’t actually make you more money than that dinosaur that makes 1000 every hour. When the info panel for a dino says that it makes 200 coins every five minutes, what it is isn’t telling you is that after it has produced those 200 coins in those five minutes, it won’t produce any more until you’ve collected those 200. So unless you’re online every five minutes to collect coins, it’s almost always better to invest in the dinosaurs that take longer to generate income. This trait isn’t really specific to any type of dinosaur, so just make sure you check and see how long the cycle is for each dinosaur you own.


Be Smart About Placing Decorations

Decorations in Jurassic World: The Game aren’t just there to look good. They actually provide boosts to the structures and dinosaurs in range of them! The boosts don’t amount to much at first, but after you’ve obtained a good number of them and place them strategically, they really start to add up! In the image above, I’ve placed my amber stone in such a way that it is able to boost five structures at once (six if i squeezed one in the top left and shifted everything to the right a little. You’ll notice that some of the dinosaurs in the picture have been boosted a whopping five or six percent! I’ve placed most of my decorations in range of my Majungasauruhs because it, being my highest leveled carnivore, is my main money maker. By being smart about where you place your decorations, you can significantly increase the overall income of your park.

Don’t Expand If You Don’t Need To

As I’ve stated previously, coins and food will be really hard to come by in the early stages of the game. The dinosaurs, decorations, and buildings you acquire throughout the game all come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s important to effectively squeeze all of them together and not take up more space than you need to. You shouldn’t be spending coins on expanding your park until you absolutely have to. The price for each expansion goes up every time you purchase one and can take a huge toll on your overall resource count if you aren’t careful. It’s up to you to efficiently use the space in your park, and effectively place all of your dinosaurs, buildings, and decorations. If you’re careless about it, you’ll be left with a lot of open space that’ll add up, and you’ll be spending all of your hard earned coins on park expansions.

Save your Dino Cash!

It’s tempting to spend the cash you start out with or earn from quests on things like speeding up construction, production, or dinosaur evolution, but you’ll regret it later on in the game when you’re introduced to live battles. Live battles are like arena battles but are played against real players in real-time. Not only is it exciting and fun to show off and battle your dinosaurs against another player, but you’ll be given the chance to spin a prize wheel and win huge prizes if you win the battle. These live battles each cost five Dino Cash, which you’ll only really have a problem having enough of if you spend too much of your cash on other things. If you’re not so much into arena battling, then it’d be alright to throw away some Dino Cash here and there, but the live arena mode is a very exciting part of the game, and you should at least give it a shot!


Be Smart About Speeding Spending Dino Cash in the Hatchery

If you truly have to spend some of your Dino Cash to speed up dinosaur hatching, make sure you consider your options carefully. Whenever you decide to speed up an egg, you’re given two choices: you can either instantly hatch the egg in one of your occupied incubators to make space for the next egg or purchase a new incubator to hatch your new egg in. Keep in mind that purchasing a new incubator is really more like renting one in the sense that you only get to use that incubator for one egg before having to purchase it again. Instantly hatching one egg costs a certain amount based on how much time is left on the egg, while opening up another incubator costs a fixed amount for each incubator: 10 cash for the first one, 25 for the next, and so on. So it turns out that if you’re willing to wait for both eggs, buying another incubator can often be more efficient than speeding up the first egg. Always check to see whether instantly hatching an egg is more or less expensive than buying a new incubator, and you’ll be able to save some serious Dino Cash over time.

Now you’re equipped with everything you need to know to build up your Jurassic World Theme Park! You’re on your way to discovering all the cool dinosaurs you saw in the movie and even creating some of your own! Once you’ve spent some time with the game and leveled up some dinosaurs, and you’ve decided you want to give the battle arena a shot, be sure to check out our Arena Battle Guide too! Have fun building your own Jurassic World Theme Park and discovering all of the many dinosaurs there are to discover!

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