Jurassic World Game Common Dinosaur Guide

This guide will show you all of the commonly found dinosaurs in the Jurassic World Game.  Find out the best dinosaurs to use for battles and earning income.



The Triceratops is the first dinosaur you unlock in the game. By the end of the tutorial, you will have one of these already in your possession. It is considered a common dinosaur, which means you can obtain one via any common card pack or on the market for 100 DNA. It’s a herbivore, so it will perform best in battle against Pterosaurs. At the maximum level of 40, the Triceratops has a generally high hp of 274 and a generally low attack of 70, making it nothing particularly exceptional; the Triceratops should not be your main battle dinosaur.

Also, at level 40, the Triceratops produces 1280 gold every five minutes. This is only a lot if you are online every five minutes to collect it as this dinosaur will stop earning gold after five minutes if you don’t collect it. Overall, the Triceratops is not particularly great at winning battles or earning income, but it is a good dinosaur to use when you’re first starting out.



The Majungasaurus will most likely be the second dinosaur you encounter as well as your first carnivore. Carnivores are beasts in the Battle Arena, so as soon as you acquire a Majungasaurus, you’ll be able to start dominating in the arena. You can obtain one from any common card pack or for 110 DNA on the market. To unlock the Majungasaurus on the market, you’ll need only to complete battle stage one. Being a carnivore, the Majungasaurus will perform best against herbivores and very poorly against amphibians.

At level 40, the Majungasaurus has a slightly below average health of 224 and a slightly above average attack of 86. This dinosaur is no exception to the carnivorous trend of being glass cannons in the battle arena, though the Majungasaurus is a slightly less extreme version of one. This dinosaur is a great dino to start leveling as he is a viable fighter for battle arena beginners, but has a rather underwhelming coin generation rate at 9216 every 3 hours at level 40.



The Alanqa is likely the first pterosaur you will encounter. It is unlocked in the market by completing the second battle stage, which is fairly easy to do. As such, the Alanqa is one of the first dinosaurs you’ll pick up while playing Jurassic World. You’ll be able to get one from any common card pack or through the market, where it costs only 120 DNA. The Alanqa is a great starter dino to begin leveling, as it will be your first pterosaur, allowing you to put up a stronger fight against amphibians, and it has a very high coin generation rate for a common dinosaur.

The Alanqa generates 7680 coins per hour at level 40. This dinosaur is also a pretty good pick for arena battles if you’re just starting out. At level 40, with an above average attack of 83 and an above average health of 217, this unassuming pterosaur stands a pretty good chance in the beginning stages of the battle arena, especially against amphibians.



The Limnoscelis is the first amphibian you’ll encounter in the game. It can be obtained through any common card pack or bought on the market for 130 DNA. To unlock it on the market, you must complete the third battle stage. It is strongest against carnivores, which are abundant in the early stages of the game, making this dinosaur a strong pick in the battle arena early on. The Limnoscelis follows the amphibian trend of having a large amount of health but a low attack.

At level 40, the Limnoscelis has a whopping 266 health and a much less impressive 68 attack. This dino is a tank in the arena and is best reserved for taking hits and saving up battle points. We discuss this concept more in-depth in our Battle Arena Guide. The Limnoscelis is also a decent choice for generating coins. He has the same level 40 stats as the Majungasaurus at 9216 coins every three hours, making him a viable money maker early on in the game before you have access to more efficient money makers.



The Argentinosaurus is the second herbivore you’ll come across in the game. To unlock this hulking beast, you’ll need to have completed the fourth battle stage. After you’ve unlocked it, you can purchase it for 160 DNA in the market. You can also find one in any common card pack. This thing is a beast in the arena. It has the same tanky quality as the Limnoscelis at 281 health but a with a much more reasonable attack of 72. The Argentinosaurus is a great dinosaur to level up as you begin to grow your park because it can be used either as a main battle dinosaur or as a “sacrifice” in battle, used to soak up damage and accumulate battle points for your other dinosaurs.

This dinosaur can also be used to supplement coin income. It generates an incredible 7488 coins every 30 minutes once it reaches level 40. However, this still isn’t really enough income to sustain your entire park as you’ll need to collect every 30 minutes to take full advantage of the Argentinosaurus’s impressive coin generation. If you’ll be online for awhile, it may be worth it to cluster your decorations around your dinosaurs with shorter coin cycles until you log off to take advantage of their quick income.



The Tropeognathus is unlocked in the market by completing battle stage six, but can also be found before then in any common card pack. It is a pterosaur, so it is best used in the arena against carnivores. This is a great dinosaur to level, and you should purchase as many of them as you can once you unlock them. The Tropeognathus has very respectable battle stats at 81 attack and 260 health. Making it a force to be reckoned with in battles and able to help you progress more quickly through the battle stages. Not only does it perform well in the arena, but it is also a reliable source of sustainable income for your park, should you choose to invest in leveling a good number of them.

At level 40, this dinosaur produces 15668 gold every six hours. This makes it a great money earner, especially in instances where you are away from the game for long periods of time, such as at night or during busy days. This is really the first all around strong dinosaur you’ll find in the game, and unless you’ve spent a considerable amount of resources leveling up another dinosaur type, you should definitely be investing food and coins into this dino when you’re first starting out.



The Utahraptor is the same type of dinosaur as the iconic raptors that appear in the Jurassic World film. This dinosaur is really strong in the battle arena, even better than the Tropeognathus, with only one less health point at level 40 and almost twenty more attack with 99. The Utahraptor also has a very respectable coin generation rate of 12673 every two hours. If you can be on every two hours to fully optimize this dinosaur’s coin production, you can easily sustain your park with just a few of these little creatures and the right amount of investment.

To unlock the Utahraptor on the market, you’ll need to complete battle stage seven. Still not too difficult a task, but the battle stages begin to get a bit scarier at this point, and a decently leveled Utahraptor will certainly make grinding through them much a simpler task. The Utahraptor costs a pretty hefty 200 DNA on the market, but you should have some DNA saved up at this point, and investing in a Utahraptor is definitely worth it early on.



To unlock the Labyrinthodontia, you’ll have to complete Battle Stage 9. The battle stages get progressively more difficult, and battle stage nine is where it really starts to pick up. By this point, however, you should have accumulated some pretty strong dinosaurs like the Utahraptor or the Tropeognathus. On the market, you’ll be able to purchase the Labyrinthodontia for only 130 DNA, which is significantly cheaper than the Utahraptor and the Tropeognathus. Despite being significantly cheaper than other dinosaurs of its tier, the Labyrinthodontia is not worth investing in.

In the battle arena its only use would be soaking up hits and collecting battle points for other dinosaurs seeing as it has a high health of 266 and an unimpressive attack of 68, but there are other dinosaurs that you should have available to you at this points that do this better. This dino is a decent supplement to your main income as well with 10599 coins every three hours at level 40, but there are still better common dinosaurs out there to invest in.



You’ll unlock the Hatzegopteryx once you complete battle stage thirteen. At this point, the battle stages really do begin to get difficult to defeat, but as long as you’ve spent some time leveling up your more powerful unlocks like the Utahraptor, you’ll breeze by them without too much trouble. Once you’ve unlocked this winged beast, you can purchase one on the market for 200 DNA.

In the battle arena, this dinosaur is best used as more of an “assassin” in the arena because of its high attack. It excels at effectively utilizing the points saved up my beefier dinosaurs. 200 DNA is a hefty cost, but the Hatzegopteryx, with 11290 coins per hour at level 40 and a health and attack of 253 and 97, is definitely a solid choice and a worthwhile investment at this point in the game.



The Guanlong is another type of carnivorous raptor in Jurassic World: The Game. This dinosaur can be unlocked by completing battle stage fourteen and can be purchased on the market after unlocking it for 170 DNA. You can also find it in any common card pack. The Guanlong is really nothing special in the battle arena, with a health and attack of 255 and 80 at level 40.

However, its decent coin generation rate of 15422 coins every six hours makes up for this as you can wait six hours before collecting and still take full advantage of this dinosaurs money making potential. Overall, there are certainly better dinosaurs to choose from at this stage, but if you like the way the Guanlong looks, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up one or two of these beasts.



Once you’ve completed battle stage fifteen, you’ll be able to purchase the Diplocaulus on the market for 190 DNA. As with all other common dinosaurs, you can also obtain this one from any common card pack. At level 40, the Diplocaulus has a massive health of 284 and a mediocre attack of 73. This makes him, like most amphibians, a good dino to soak up hits and collect battle points for your other dinosaurs.

However, the Diplocaulus’s battle stats aren’t what make him worth the 190 DNA; it’s the 28,628 coins it generates every twelve hours that make this dino a real gem. This is likely the first dinosaur you’ll come across that generates coins on a twelve hour cycle, and it is definitely worth it to invest in a few of these even if only to bolster your park’s income a bit.



The Tuojiangosaurus can be unlocked by completing battle stage seventeen and will cost you a mere 130 DNA on the market. This dinosaur makes for another decent pick to soak up hits and save battle points for your other battlers with a mediocre attack and health of 73 and 235. This dinosaur is best used not in the arena but rather in the park, making you money.

With a whopping 17424 coins generated every six hours, the Tuojiangosaurus has both a sustainable generation rate and a convenient cycle length. This will definitely be the best money maker you’ll pick up at this stage of the game, and it is definitely worth the 130 DNA each to pick a few of these stegosaurus-like creatures up.



This dinosaur can be picked up from the market for 170 DNA once you’ve completed battle stage twenty-four. The Pelecanimimus is considered more of a late game dinosaur compared to most of the other common dinosaurs. Once you’ve progressed far enough into the game to unlock it, however, it’s worth it to spend the 170 DNA to unlock it. With respectable battle stats of 266 health and 83 attack at level 40, the Pelecanimimus is a reasonable choice in the battle arena.

It also has a great coin generation rate of 12811 every three hours, as long as you’re able to fully utilize its generation rate by collecting every three hours. Overall, this dinosaur is a strong choice to either fill a spot in your arena line up or to supplement park revenue, but you shouldn’t treat it as your main asset for either of these purposes.



The Bonitasaura is also more of a late game dinosaur, requiring you to complete battle stage twenty-six in order to purchase on the market. It is priced on the market at only 150 DNA. It is a long-necked herbivore, much like the Argentinosaurus. This dinosaur is really nothing special in the arena, with sub-par stats of 263 health and 67 attack. Despite being entirely underwhelming if put in the arena, especially considering how late in the game you’ll be able to unlock it, this dinosaur really is a powerhouse when it comes to making money for your park.

At level 40, the Bonitasaura makes a 28570 every 15 hours. The 15 hour coin generation cycle makes for a very convenient 1904 coins per hour. This is definitely a good investment later in the game if you’re looking to boost your park’s income.

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