Jurassic World Game Battle Arena Tips & Cheats

So, you’ve spent some time building up your park and leveling up your dinosaurs, and you think you’re ready to put your hulking, bloodthirsty beasts to the test in the battle arena? Well, you’re in for a surprise if you think you can make it through Jurassic World’s battle arena with teeth alone.

Even the strongest of dinosaurs will crumble in the battle arena without a smart, strategic mind backing them up. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips to help you convert the raw power of the dinosaurs that you’ve built up into the mean green reptilian killing machines that dominate the arena and earn you all sorts of awesome prizes.


First, let’s go over the basics of the battle arena. Battles in the battle arena are fought through a series of turns. Each turn, one player gets a certain number of battle points which can be spent either on attack or block, or saved for the next turn. Saved points will be transferred to the next dinosaur should the first be knocked out or switched out. You can put up to eight points into attack or defense, but you can only save up to four points every turn.

Each dinosaur has a fixed amount of health and a base attack, which you can find at the top of the screen. You can take up to three dinosaurs into each battle. Damage dealt for each attack is based on how many points you’ve spent on attack and how many points your opponent has spent on block. For example, if you spent two points on attack for 200 damage, and your opponent spent one on block the previous turn, you would only do 100 damage. The key to winning arena battles is accurately predicting when your opponent blocks and saving your points at the right time.


Type Advantages Make a Huge Difference

If you learn nothing else from this guide, learn this: type advantages make a huge difference in the battle arena. In Jurassic World: The Game, the type of your dinosaur (herbivore, carnivore, pterosaur, or amphibian) actually increases or decreases its effectiveness in battle in the sense that certain dinosaur types have an advantage over others. Any dinosaur that has a type advantage in a battle does 50% more damage and receives 50% less.

This is HUGE and will make or break a battle. Always be mindful of what type of dinosaurs your opponent has, and if you find yourself in an unfavorable matchup, it is almost always worth it to spend one battle point and swap out your dino rather than trying to continue the fight with a 50% disadvantage. Carnivores have the advantage against herbivores, herbivores have the advantage against pterosaurs, pterosaurs have the advantage against amphibians, and amphibians have the advantage against carnivores. If you forget which type has the advantage over which, you can always check again by tapping the “Info” button on the dinosaur select screen.

Don’t Overspend Your Points

If you’ve already dipped your toe in the battle arena, you’ve probably come across situations where you’ve put way more points into attack than you needed to to take out the enemy’s dinosaur. Sometimes those extra points you could have saved had you not overspent them can make or break the match. To prevent overspending your points, simply keep track of what your opponent is spending his or her points on.

For example, if your opponent has four points and spends two on attack, it’s probably best to spend two points on attack plus however many you need to take out the dinosaur, just in case he spent those two on defense. On the other hand, if your opponent used all four of his points on attack last turn, only use however many points you need to take out the dinosaur because you know he has no points to spend on block.


Keep Track of How Much Damage Your Dinosaurs Will Do

This goes along with the last tip about not overspending your points. In the battle interface, directly to the left of the attack button, a symbol will appear with a number next to it. This number represents how much damage your dinosaur will do. Keep in mind, this number is the amount of damage your dinosaur will do not including the reduced damage from a block your opponent may perform. Use this information to more accurately plan out each move.

This applies to not overspending your points as well as not underspending them. If you know how many blocks your opponent is capable of using, measure out your attack damage so that you don’t leave your opponent with a sliver of health remaining and another full turn. Keep in mind that your dinosaur’s base damage grows exponentially with every point you put into attack. Being able to plan ahead and keep up with your and your opponent’s points is the single most important thing for you to learn if you want to be successful in the battle arena.


Order Your Dinosaurs Efficiently

Prior to a battle starting, you are given the chance to select the dinos you want to use and in which order you want to use them. This step in the arena battle process is more important than you might expect, especially in the Battle Stages and Event Battles. When you are facing a computer controlled opponent, you get to see information about the opponent’s dinosaurs including the order in which your opponent has placed them. Use this advantage to choose a dinosaur as your first that counters the opponent’s first. For example, if you see your opponent has an amphibian as their first dinosaur, choose a pterosaur as your first.

This will either give you a huge advantage in the fight or force your opponent to spend a battle point swapping out his dinosaur for one that doesn’t have a type disadvantage. If you don’t have a dinosaur that counters the opponent’s dinosaur, at least make sure you have a dinosaur positioned in your first slot that won’t start out with a class disadvantage. The worst thing you can do in the dinosaur selection screen is match your first dinosaur against one with a 50% advantage. Unfortunately, in live battles neither you nor your opponent can see each other’s dinosaurs. In this situation, it’s best just to stick to your strongest dino (or your point collector, which we’ll cover later in the next section) and hope that you don’t get a bad matchup.

Sometimes It’s Best to “Sacrifice” a Dinosaur to Save Points for the Others

It can actually be pretty effective to use your first dinosaur to just save up points for your other dinosaurs to use. A sort of “sacrifice” if you will. It sounds inhumane, I know, but it really is an effective battle strategy. Because you start off each battle at only one point, you can gain a huge advantage if you stick a big, beefy pacifist in there first and just collect points for a few rounds. Keep in mind, this won’t work if your chosen sacrifice is too fragile; you’ll end up with only an extra point or two and one less dinosaur than your opponent. Your sacrifice should have as many hit points as possible and doesn’t necessarily need to have very high attack as you won’t be using it to attack (interestingly enough, these traits are generally specific to herbivores).

So, if you want to follow this sort of play style (which, as mentioned before, is very effective albeit a tad cruel) you should focus on leveling up one of your herbivores and then backing it up with a leveled up carnivore (which is the type of dinosaur which typically does the most damage). For your third dinosaur, I’d suggest using one of the other two types of dinosaurs just so you have a pterosaur or amphibian on call to get that type advantage. Also, be careful about using too many carnivores in your line up because, although they do the most damage, carnivores are typically more of a glass cannon in the sense that they do a lot of damage but can’t take very much. This is just one of many ways to play, but keep these tips in mind when choosing your own group of dinosaurs to fight with.


What are the Different Battle Types?

Now on to the fun part: winning prizes! There are three types of arena battles you can participate in, each with different prize systems. There are the battle stages, live battles, and event battles. The battle stages are the first battle type you’ll encounter, and there is only one for each level in the game. The prizes are usually decent, and they get a lot better each time you level up. You can earn some pretty rare dinosaurs from these, and the battles are typically pretty easy considering you know what you’re doing. The only real downside to the battle stages is that you only get one per level, so I suggest you do these as often as possible.

The second battle type you’ll come across are the live battles. These are generally the most exciting because you’ll be facing a real opponent. However, the live battles are also the most risky because it is much harder to win against a smart human opponent, and even if you do manage to win most of your live battles, you earn prizes based on a “prize wheel” system. This means that each prize you earn from live battles is completely random, and you’ll often find yourself winning prizes like “25 coins” or “10 DNA”. Not very impressive. Another downside to the live battles is that you have to pay five Dino Cash for each battle. Dino Cash can only be obtained by purchasing it with real money or earning it through quests or random events. So, if you’re only in the arena for the awesome prizes, live battles may not be a good battle type for you.

The last battle type you may come across is the Event Battles. These battles show up randomly and are usually there as a result of a certain event that happens in the game. Event Battles are much like arena battles in the sense that you are facing off against a computer controlled opponent and you can see the opponent’s line-up. The difference is you typically have to have a certain dinosaur at a certain level to participate. For example, one of the recent Event Battles was the “Carnotaurus Event”. In order to participate, you had to have a Carnotaurus at at least level ten. The other thing that distinguishes Event Battles from the other two battle types is its prize system. Depending on the event, Event Battles are where you will typically earn the best prizes. However, to earn these prizes, instead of winning just one battle, you have to win three, and you usually only have a certain amount of time to complete all three. Definitely complete any Event Battles you see if you have the entry criteria as the prizes you can get from them are the best.

Now you know everything you need to know to effectively command your dinosaurs in battle and wipe the floor with your opposition. Hopefully, you and your dinos will win lots of battles and, with a little bit of luck, get some awesome prizes along the way. If you haven’t already checked out our General Tips Guide that covers some strategies to help you get your park rolling, check it out! We hope you have as much fun battling it out in the Battle Arena as we did!

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