Jurassic Park Movie Review

Jurassic Park is easily one of Steven Spielberg’s best pieces of film. Released in 1993, the film has become something of a cult classic over the last two decades. It was full of state of the art (at the time) special effects provided by George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, which really made it one of those movies you just had to go and see.

The movie follows the terrifying adventure of two dinosaur experts; Dr Alan Grant, who was played by Sam Neil, and Dr. Ellie Sattler, who was played by Laura Dern. They are invited to spend some time on the mysterious Isla Nublar by the incredibly eccentric John Hammond, a millionaire with a vision, played by Richard Attenborough. They soon learn that Jurassic Park is not just another themed park attraction, but is in fact a giant exotic safari full of dinosaurs that were up until that moment, extinct, in their eyes. With harvested dinosaur DNA extracted from prehistoric mosquitoes, Hammond had created living clones for his vision, his Jurassic Park. Drs. Grant and Sattler are amazed to find that the island is home to Dilophosaurus’, Brachiosaurus’, Velociraptors, Triceratops and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Accompanied by chaos theory obsessed Ian Malcolm and the two grandchildren of Mr. Hammond – Lex and Tim Murphy, played by Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello, the group goes on a tour of the park in computer controlled cars. When an unexpected tropical storm hits the island, the power supply is suddenly knocked out, leaving the touring group completely stranded in the middle of the park. Whilst stranded, an employee by the name of Dennis Nedry, puts his plan to steal dinosaur embryos into action, to do this, he completely sabotages the computer system, which in turn, completely shuts down all security, including that of which is keeping the dinosaurs in their enclosures.

The dinosaurs soon begin to get out of control and roam the park, posing a danger to all members of the touring group who are soon split up. Dr. Grant is then tasked with ensuring the safety of Lex and Tim whilst attempting to avoid the various man eating beasts.

At the time of this movie’s release, I, myself was a little over a year old, but as soon as I was old enough to understand what movies were, this was one movie that amazed me. To me, this movie was nothing short of epic. Even now, with how far the film industry has come, it is no surprise that this movie was the recipient of such critical acclaim. This movie has been dubbed as one of the greatest movies of the 90’s, a title with which I wholeheartedly agree, considering that this movie is one of the few I can actually remember from my childhood.


The movie is one that heavily relies of suspense all the way through it, constantly keeping people on the edge of their seats. Jurassic Park presents a very convincing idea of cloned dinosaurs escaping and roaming free in a modern day theme park.

Jurassic Park had a $63 million budget, which is an amount that rivals even some of today’s movie budgets and made $1,029,153,882 in the box office which is more than what the majority of the Harry Potter movies made separately. It is amazing to find the a movie, which probably would have been laughed at if it were released in the modern day society of the twenty first century, that has got a lot of today’s popular movies totally beaten profit wise.

With the budget, Steven Spielberg created one of the greatest cinematic experiences ever, fueled by adrenaline and filled with heart pounding moments; it is a movie that will have people watching for generations.

Whilst it won’t compare to many of today’s movies which have much better graphics and special effects, this is definitely a must see at least once in your life kind of movie.

From the gentle Brachiosaurus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, a lot of the time in this movie is consumed with jaw dropping murderous dinosaur scenes, terrified screams and life or death situations. Some of Spielberg’s best cinematic tricks to creating an automatic award winning piece of film.


In the classic Spielberg way, Jurassic Park spans over various exotic locales, which give it a much bigger feel whilst stitching various plot points together, whether it’s in a great big open clearing or in a dense jungle, there are plenty of interesting locations shown within the movie.

For the 90’s, this movie was amazing, it was a special effects heaven. Right from the first encounter with the Brachiosaurus to the impeccably created Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everything that is shown in the movie is instantly made even better by the fact that it is all taking place in the middle of an out of control storm.

Those who read the book will remember that the most memorable part was when the vicious Velociraptors make their entrance, the movie did not disappoint fans when this scene occurred. It was just as intense and gripping as it was in the book and it left viewer completely in the edge of their seats wondering whether the prey was going to make it out alive or not.

Richard Attenborough totally shines in his role as John Hammond and is easily the best actor in this movie, especially when he appears in multiple moving scenes which really make the audience feel for his character. Specifically when he fears for both of his grandchildren’s lives and when he shows remorse at the end up the movie, realizing that he has totally failed at his dream and that he managed to get multiple people killed in the process. He captures the sense of wonder and an old man’s dreams perfectly, something which makes him the best developed character in the movie. No other character shows as much depth or emotion as he does.


The rest of the characters in the movie felt as though they were just there to move the story along, they were without depth and it was difficult to truly empathize with them beyond the initial “I hope they make it through okay” thought.
If you want a movie full of jump scares, intensity, 90’s special effects and truky terrifying moments, this is a movie you’ll definitely want to see.

Any parents who want to introduce their kids to a movie they grew up watching might want exercise caution with the violence shown throughout the entirety of the movie, even with the desensitization of today’s youth when it comes to sci-fi horror, make sure your kid isn’t going end up hiding behind the couch for the entire movie. For the 90’s Jurassic Park was definitely one of the most violent PG-13 movies to have been released, obviously, it’s nothing compared to what we might see in the television and film industry these days, but in its time, it was a real shocker.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for a classic 90’s movie, bad special effects and all, this is a movie to watch.

As Dr. Grant said in the movie “Dinosaurs do what they do.” and what it is that they do is downright scary at times.

Now, I’m off to binge on the other two movies in preparation of the release of Jurassic World which is set to release in the United States on June 15th.

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