Jurassic Park II: The Lost World Review

After the extreme success of the first part of the movie sequel Jurassic Park released in 1993 based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, he was stressed a lot by the audience and Spielberg himself to write another sequel of the novel. After the novel was published in 1995, work on Jurassic Park: The Lost World started and it was released on May 23, 1997. Despite of criticism the movie received, it was a hit and was able to wrap an impressive budget of $618 million. At its time, it was at number 6 on the list of highest grossing movies of all time.


4 years after the closure of Jurassic Park at Isla Nublar island, it is discovered that the dinosaurs have survived and are breeding at another location called Isla Sorna where they were engineered and brought up for some time before moving to Isla Nublar–the island where Jurassic park was located. Though all of the dinosaurs were engineered to be females to avoid unauthorized breeding, they were found to be breeding on Isla Sorna. The reason to this was that the DNA of dinosaurs was mutated and induced in the frog’s DNA to engineer them and some of the West African frogs have the ability to change their sex in the same sex environment thus proving Ian Malcolm right “Life always finds a way”.

So here the dinosaurs are; living, nurturing and breeding in their natural habitat. John Hammond, owner of the Jurassic Park has lost his company InGen to his nephew Peter Ludlow. The company is almost bankrupt and Ludlow wants to grab some dinosaurs from Isla Sorna and use them as a source of money to bail out his company. On the other hand, old Hammond wants nothing but to preserve a natural treasure from being exploited for money. He asks Doctor Ian Malcolm to go to Isla Sorna and study and record the Dinos in their natural habitat so that they can be left alone as a nature preserve. Both teams reach Isla Sorna and try to accomplish their goals. While one team documenting and other team hunting for dinosaurs, they both make some mistakes which cause both teams some heavy damages.

In the other half of the movie, we watch a T-rex wandering around in the streets of San Diego city searching for its infant offspring where movie gets dark and dense and shows some of the best graphics which will be praised even after 20 years of its release.


The Lost World is known for two things: Its graphics and action. If you have watched the Jurassic Park,(if not, I highly recommend you to watch it first, it’s absolutely wonderful) you must have noticed its amazing graphics. Now what’s special about The Lost World is the graphics are much better than Jurassic Park itself. Actually the movie crew was able to sign a deal with Silicon Graphics Inc. Their powerful workstations and servers were used for the graphics work of the movie enabling the special effect artists to include four times more computer generated images than in the Jurassic Park . In Jurassic Park, artists could not use a lot of light because it caused the dinosaurs to look fake. But The Lost World was able to show some broad daylight scenes. Most of the scenes were dark though, to make them as realistic as possible.


Spielberg also hired famous paleontologists for the Jurassic Park sequel who told artists about the physical characteristics of dinosaurs. One of the paleontologists Robert Bakker even told Popular Mechanics in 2012 that those artists were better than most of the tenured professors. With this dedication, they created a piece of pure art, a masterpiece which would be praised for many years.


By now, you must be thinking “If this movie is so darn good, why did it not beat Jurassic Park?” Here is your answer, story sucks. This movie does not take the story of sequel ahead in any way. Some movies are just made because they need to exist in the sequel. They do not play any other role in the sequel whatsoever. This is one of those movies. Apart from this, there are also many other mistakes in the story. Sarah, a professional doctor who knows dinosaurs can trace the blood through smell keeps wearing a jacket which has a baby T-Rex blood on it despite being notified about it by another person. Hammonn’s daughter comes to Isla Sorna where she is absolutely useless and in danger. At one point she becomes afraid and asks to be taken somewhere high immediately. Goldblum alonwith another character gets in cage with her and after going high, comes back. Why did he go at the first place?


Another weakness is the main focus of the movie was on the human characters. They were bound by strict plot. They must do really stupid things in order for them to be chased and occasionally get eaten. Even the dinosaurs were seen through the human eyes. They exibited parental feelings instead of their original wild habits. Also, the main thrill about Jurassic Park was it was in the isolation. There was no one to help and no one could hear your screams. You would face the fears no one will ever know of and worst part was, no one will ever beleive in your stories. All these things made Jurassic Park a perfect horror story. The Lost World kind of killed this thrill. Corporates are looking for dinosaurs to show them in the public in order to make money. Heck, A T-Rex is roaming in the streets looking for it’s baby. Due to lack of affiliation and some very serious technical faults in the story, the movie was not praised by the masses as much as its predecessor. Some fans who had very high hopes were disappointed. The movie, despite being way ahead than its predecessor in graphics and action could not perform as well in the box office as the Jurassic Park.


Jurassic Park II: The Lost World is a very good movie. It has very nice actions and graphics which will put the audience in an awe. But there are some mistakes in the story. On one hand, it was nominated for the Academy Award for the best visual graphics. On the other hand, it was also nominated for worst sequel and worst screenplay awards. It is good material for a weekend but it could be better.

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