Jurassic Park Builder Review

Jurassic Park Builder is a building game where the players discover and grow extinct species from the prehistoric eras. There are three parks in the game: Jurassic, Aquatic and Glacier park each of which revives animals from a different prehistoric eras. There are also a number of buildings available which are necessary for their respective tasks. Decorations are also available which increase the profit margins generated from dinosaurs and buildings.

Dinosaurs are created in the same manner as they were created in the Jurassic Park movie. First, the player needs to find mosquitoes who contain fresh blood of animals from prehistoric eras and then extract DNA from that blood. Dinosaurs are weak when they are born and generate a few coins per hour. As the dinosaurs are fed, not only their coin generation increases, their health and damage also increases which are huge benefits in fighting battles and tournaments.


The game also has a Battle Arena where a player can fight against bots and a tournament mode where they can fight against other players in real time. All dinosaurs have their strengths and weaknesses and a player needs to know them in order to overcome their opponent.

Jurassic Park Builder also has characters from the movie which assign the player with different missions in each park.

There is also a minigame inside the game called Code Red where the dinosaurs get restless and try to escape. Your job as an administrator is to keep the things under control and prevent and dinosaur escapes. Let us take a closer look at the game.

Jurassic Park Building games have been in the market for as long as the movies have been there; well, almost as long. Jurassic Park Builder seems to be the oversimplified version of Konami’s gameboy game “Jurassic Park III: Park Builder”. If you look closely, you will come to realize that even the title is oversimplified version of the original game’s title. That being said, Ludia has done a great job at bringing this game to smartphones and browsers. The textures of those dinosaurs are beautiful, their movements are smooth and natural and there is still a lot more content to fiddle with than most of those “average” browser games. Also, the way this game has merged Battle Arena and Tournament with a park building game is great. Who wouldn’t want to have a private park full of extinct animals whom they could take to pits for a fight?


At first, the game seems to be a freemium or pay to win. You failed your research and want to resume it? Dollars. You want more amber samples? Dollars. You want that beautiful limited edition dinosaur that is only available during the weekend? Dollars. But soon I realized that those dollars can be earned from the tournaments. I have seen players who have won thousands of dollars. Making the game’s premium currency earnable by playing the game? That is something. I played Farmville for over a year and never did my farm bucks crossed the limit of 20. Needless to say I was never able to buy that harvester that would have made my job a lot easier and had to eventually leave the game.

The only thing I didn’t like about the game is that it becomes repetitive after a while. The player needs to login, go to each farm and collect coins from all of the buildings and dinosaurs. Soon, the game that used to take no more than 10 minutes starts taking an hour. Those dinosaurs that used to take thousands of coins to upgrade start demanding hundreds of thousands and you need to start farming(fighting the same battles over and over to earn coins) to earn enough to make up for your needs. This thing just keeps getting stacked over unless you aren’t left with enough hours to spend on the game daily.

Other than this, it is a pretty good game. Lots of dinosaurs, buildings and strategy. It is one of those games I would recommend to a friend who asks for a good smartphone game. Happy building guys!

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