Jurassic Park Builder Resources

As you probably know, there are a variety of different resources needed to build and run your park in Jurassic Park Builder.  These resources vary from the types of money needed to buy items to the different kinds of food you need to feed your dinosaurs.  Here are some brief descriptions of the resources in Jurassic Park Builder and how they are used.


The two main types of currency in Jurassic Park Builder are Coins and Bucks.



Coins can be earned by doing missions, having park visitors, and doing pretty much any other activity in Jurassic Park Builder.  Then you can spend them to get new attractions and other items for your park.



Bucks are the second form of currency in Jurassic Park Builder.  Unlike coins, bucks must be purchased using real money.  You can then use your bucks to purchase rare or special items like exclusive dinosaurs, items or even coins and food.

Jurassic Park Builder Food

There are a total of six different kinds of food in Jurassic Park Builder.  Each of the three parks has two different types of food.  Food can either be raised and harvested or it can be purchased from the Harbors at each park by spending coins.

Jurassic Park Food

The classic Jurassic Park has two types of food: meat and crops.


The meat is used to feed your carnivore dinosaurs.


The crops are used to feed your herbivore dinosaurs.

Aquatic Park Food

There are two types of food available for the aquatic dinosaurs and creatures: fish and crustaceans.


Most of the aquatic creatures eat fish.


Some of them require crustaceans to eat and survive.

Glacier Park Food

For the Glacier Park creatures, there are two different types of meat and crops.  These are different from the meat and crops you’ll find at the Jurassic Park.


This is what the meat looks like for the Glacier Park dinosaurs and other creatures.


The crops for the Glacier Park herbivores look like the ones pictured above.

These are the main types of resources you will find in the Jurassic Park Builder game!  Coins and bucks probably have the most flexibility for what you can do with them but the food resources are equally, if not more important.  Without food, your dinosaurs will die!

If you’re having trouble earning coins or are tired of waiting for crops or meat to be ready, check out our Jurassic Park Builder hack tool!  You can get thousands of coins in no time and then use them to purchase food or anything else you want!

We also will be posting some new cheats for Jurassic Park Builder as we find them so be sure to check back!

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