Jurassic Park Builder Missions

In each park, you will be assigned with various missions from different characters. There are total 5 characters in Jurassic Park Builder.

  • John Hammond
  • Alan Grant
  • Henry Wu
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Kelly Malcolm

Each of these characters will assign you a mission according to their personality. For example, John Hammond being an investor and businessman, will assign you missions like buying new plots for expansion of the park, constructing various buildings and roads in the park and buy new items.

Ian Malcolm, being a doctor will assign you missions which involve helping him in completing some research, conducting some tests with dinosaurs or catching a reported who has hid himself in the park somewhere and is leaking videos and photos of the park. In the same way, all characters will give you missions according to their personalities.


All the new missions will be highlighted with big icons at the left side of the screen. Also, you will receive a popup at the start of the game when new mission is available. The deal about missions is there are tons of them and they are easy to complete. They also familiarize you with areas of the parks which you otherwise may have missed.

Code Red

What is the Jurassic Park without terror, storms and terrifying screams of dinosaurs escaping from their cages? Code Red is a minigame in the Jurassic Park Builder. Once the player has a minimum of 5 carnivores in its park, the minigame is enabled.

When the minigame starts, every dinosaur starts getting restless. The amount of frustration is shown by a timer over every dinosaur. It is the player’s job to click on each dinosaur before the timer runs out. Clicking on the dinosaurs enables dino wranglers which keep the dinosaur calm. If the dinosaur wrangler is not enabled in time, the dinosaur goes crazy and the minigame ends with that dinosaur missing. Then, like hatching, it will take some days to return to the park and you will not be able to collect coins from it during those days.

Enabling Code Red is totally a player’s choice. To enable the storm, the player must click on the minigame icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. It must be noted that Code Red takes some time to be recharged. The player will have to wait before starting the game again.

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