Jurassic Park Builder Dinosaurs

Let us talk about the single most important thing that is going to be in your personal Jurassic Park: The dinosaurs. No matter how well maintained or expensive your park is, it won’t be worth anything to the viewers (and to yourself) if it doesn’t contain some of those raging, bloodthirsty beasts. Apart from being the reason the whole Jurassic Park is built, they are also main source of income along with the buildings. Dinosaurs produce gold coins after regular intervals of time. The higher the level of a dinosaur, the more coins it will generate.

The only problem is that the dinosaurs have been extinct for a long time and there is no way you are going to find any in the market these days. The only way to have them for your park is to “create” them. Yes! you read that right. But don’t worry, creating dinosaurs is a standard procedure and is fairly easy to follow. Specially in the game.


First of all while clearing lands for the expansion of your park, you will find some mosquitoes preserved in the stones with dinosaurs’ blood in them. It is called ‘Amber’. Once you have extracted the amber, you will take it to your research center to extract the DNA. To grow a dinosaur, you will need 10 strands of its DNA and each strand consists of three parts. You will extract one strand at a time by clicking on the “start research” button in the research center. Once a strand is extracted, it will be stacked on the shelf at the top. Upon the extraction of 10 strands, your research will be completed and the dinosaur will be available in the market for you to buy.

It should be kept in the mind though, that research does not succeed at all times. Sometimes, you will fail to extract one part of a particular strand. If failed, you can retry the research for only that part of strand for 1 IGD(In Game Dollar) or for the whole strand for some coins. The failure of one strand does not affect the previously extracted strands. It means that if you already have 9 strands extracted and the research for 10th strand fails, you will only have to retry the 10th strand.

The percentage of success depends on player’s and dinosaur’s level. After the completion of “research”, the egg of that particular type of dinosaur will be available in the market. The regular dinosaurs will be available for coins while the special ones can only be bought using IGDs. Once that egg hatches, you will have a teeny tiny harmless dinosaur in your park.

You will have to feed the dinosaurs in order for them to level up. Higher level dinosaurs earn more coins, look more beautiful and attack more furiously. To feed the dinosaurs, click on the feed button in the top bar. Depending on whether the dinosaur is carnivore or herbivore, it will feed on meat or plants and level up. Once it reaches level 5, it will hit puberty. In dinosaurs, hitting puberty is somewhat same as in humans. They too have anger management issues at this stage which, as the owner of the park, you will have to deal with. This anger management is done in a minigame called Code Red which will be discussed later in this article.


Every once in a while , the dinosaurs will need evolution to sustain in the environment of earth which was not so stable back in the dinosaur days. When a dinosaur reaches level 10, the feed button is replaced with the “Evolve” button. Click it to start the evolution. In order for the dinosaur to successfully evolve, you will have to complete the research of the new evolution. Meanwhile, the dinosaur will be taken to a special facility and you will not be able to collect coins from it. The research process is similar to the research you did earlier for the DNA extraction from the Amber– go to the research center and click research button to collect 10 strands of DNA, each consisting of three parts.

Once the research on evolution is complete, you will get a newborn dinosaur of the new evolved species. Feed it up to level 15 and it will hit puberty, at level 20 it will again need evolution. The cycle continues. On levels that are multiple of 10, dinosaurs will need evolution to further level up and on the levels that are multiples of 5, they will become adults (turns out, hitting puberty and becoming adults are the same things for dinosaurs).

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