Jurassic Park Builder Decorations

Decorations are special items which make your park more attractive and increase the number of coins generated by dinosaurs and buildings per unit time. Every decoration has what we call the ‘area of effect’ which is indicated by colored region when the decoration is selected. For a dinosaur or a building to be affected by a decoration, it must be in the area of effect of the decoration. The overlap of one plot is enough and increasing the overlap does NOT increase the effect any further.

It is possible for a dinosaur/building to be affected by multiple decorations. If done so, the effects will be added rather than compounded. There is a difference. It means that both decorations will increase the performance of dinosaur/building depending on dinosaur’s base stats rather than the stats calculated after being affected from the first decoration.


That being said, you should place the decorations wisely. You should find a way to place the items around the decorations in such a way to place most items in its area of effect. But during the process, keep in mind that the main purpose of the game is to build a beautiful park comprised of the extinct animals, not a coin-generating industry where dinosaurs and buildings are jumbled around the decorations. There is no point in being efficient if your farm does not attract the eye.

Every park has its own set of decorations. No decoration is repeated in any of the parks. Some of the names are used in multiple parks but the corresponding decorations are completely different from one another. I would like to phrase the obvious here: The more expensive decorations are better and decorations bought for in-game dollars are better than those which can be bought with coins. But a person with cheaper decorations who knows how to place them effectively will be far ahead than the one who spends thousands of in-game dollars and does not know how to get most out of the decorations.

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