Jurassic Park Builder Cheats & Tips

Here are some of the tips and tricks I have learned from players better than me. I hope you find these useful.

Activate the harbors often so that you have enough food. It will help you upgrade the dinosaurs easily and complete most of the missions in a jiffy. Also, if there is one thing you should upgrade, it is the harbor. Upgrading the harbor increases its activation time and food made per unit time. Having a better harbor betters all aspects of your game.

Dinosaurs and buildings have a max limit of coins they can hold. After that, they stop making any further coins. Try to login in the game often and collect coins from dinosaurs and buildings. It should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Use the decorations wisely. You just need one plot of overlap between the area of effect of a decoration and the building/dinosaur to get the coin boost. Also, arrange the buildings in such a way that they come under the area of effect of multiple decorations. It adds their boosts.

There is no point in having a killer farm if it does not please the eye. While trying to place the dinosaurs and buildings as to get most out of the decorations, try to keep the park’s beauty intact. Also, lay roads in your park. They do not increase your profit or anything but they are aesthetically beautiful. Do not forget to connect the road to main entrance of your park or there won’t be any visitors.


Code Red is a good way to earn money. Specially when your dinosaurs are taking rest after a battle and you need to farm some coins. Take advantage of it. Also, if you activate Code Red often, consider placing all the carnivores near each other. This way, it will be easier to click on them before the timers runs out.

If you need some coins urgently, it’s often cheaper to enable Code Red or give instant rest to your dinos using IGDs then buying the coins directly.

Most of the special edition dinosaurs are made available on weekends. Keep a checking the game during weekends if you are want to have some of those exotic beasts. Try and install the game on your smartphone even if you always play on facebook. Having a game in your phone will give you notifications whenever a limited edition dinosaur is available.

If you need to use all your special attacks while playing in the Battle Arena, your dinosaurs probably need upgrade. If you are farming coins in the battle arena, choose a level that you can easily win–but not too easily. If you have enough upgraded dinosaurs, level 17 and 18 are probably the best levels for farming coins.

Sending people game requests on facebook isn’t a good idea but if you have friends who also play Jurassic Park Builder and are happy to help, it will be a lot easier to extract DNA and find amber. At times, it may seem a good idea to send invites to ALL of your friends to get some free gifts or add some strangers who play Jurassic Park Builder to your friends list. I have tried both of these things and I can ensure you, both of these are bad ideas.

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