Jurassic Park Builder Buildings

Buildings are the second main source of income in the Jurassic Park Builder after dinosaurs. Buildings can be bought in the buildings tab in the market. Buildings take time to be built, but once built, they don’t need any leveling up or renovation. On the positive side, you can put any number of the same building in your park unlike dinosaurs which can only be placed one per species. Or in some cases, one pair per species.

There are several kinds of buildings from windmills to shopping malls, hotels to circuises, castles to roller coasters and observation towers to broadcast stations. Some buildings can be bought with coins while the others need IGDs. As usual, the IGD buildings are ready made and do not need any building time (with exceptions). But they are not necessarily better than the buildings bought with dollars. Buildings can also be sold in the market but the selling price is too low and we advise you to plan ahead so you don’t need to replace any buildings.

Buildings take different amount of time to be built and generate different number of coins. The construction time(in minutes) of a building can be calculated in advance by dividing its cost in coins by 62.5. For example the price of Four Winds Hotel is 918,000 coins. Dividing it by 62.5 we get 14688 minutes or 244h48m. Too much time huh? Don’t worry it is the last building of Jurassic Park and by the time you buy it, you will be a Jurassic Park Builder maniac who either has a lot of time or money to spend on the game. Also, you can “speed up the construction” by spending IGDs.


That being said, every park has its own set of buildings which eliminates repetition of the same patterns and pushes the player towards designing every park differently.

The two most prominent buildings are Research Center and Harbor.

Research Center

Research Center is the place where DNA is extracted from the amber collected during land clearance or expeditions. Whenever new amber is available, a small lightning symbol will appear on the Research Center. When this symbol appears, just click on Research Center and then click on the button on the bottom right to start research. Once all of the strands of DNA are extracted, you will have egg of the respective species. The extraction process has been explained in detail above.


To level up the dinosaurs, you need to feed them. You can get their food from their respective harbors. To collect food from a harbor you will need to activate it first. The activation time of a harbor and food generated by it depends on the level of the harbor. The number of coins needed for the activation remains the same irrespective of the level or harbor. If there is one thing you should upgrade in Jurassic Park Builder, it should be the harbors.

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