Jurassic Park Builder Battle Arena Tips

A big update to the Jurassic Park Builder was introduction of the Battle Arena where your dinosaurs can fight other dinosaurs earning you loads of money. This update has increased the target audience of the game by magnitudes.

Battle Arena has 50 stages, each tougher than the previous one. A dinosaur’s health and attack power depend upon its level. Level of a dinosaur can be increased by feeding it from the respective harbor.

Battle arena is basically Tekken Tag Tournament of Jurassic Park, only with better graphics. Its a 3v3 battle. A slight deviation is that it is term based. There are three types of attacks you can do: Bite, Charge and Swipe. Each dinosaur has weakness against one of these attacks. It is up to you to guess which one it is. Or, you can google “Jurassic Park Builder dinosaur weaknesses”. There is a well maintained list at Jurassic Park Builder wiki.

As the levels increase, dinosaurs get smarter and tougher. Evolution baby! After level 10, the dinosaurs start switching when they are injured, after level 20, they start using special attacks and after level 25, they can block your attacks. You can tell from the lightning aurora when a dinosaur is about to execute a special attack. You too can block opponent attacks and execute special attacks but they cost claws which decrease your bonus. We advise you not to use any of them unless your position in battle is critical.

With a later release, Battle Arena for Aquatic Park was also made available. We are keenly waiting for Glacier Park Battle Arena.

When fighting in tournaments, you’ll want to develop a good fighting style quickly and this will give you a nice sense of flow to go with in your battles. I’d say not to use any special attacks or any blocks in your battles unless the situation is really dire, and even then, you should probably just go with using one or the other, since they use up claws, it sometimes defeats the purpose, as you might not get that many claws as a reward and you’ve just pointlessly wasted some.

If you’ve committed to using the tournaments for farming, then the best levels to stick with are probably levels seventeen and eighteen. Since you’ve got three dinosaur slots, you need to pick your lineup very carefully . For level eighteen, my preferred lineup is; a level 40 spino, a level 40 baryonyx and another random dinosaur that is also level 40. Sure, the Baryonyx is a little squishy, but don’t worry too much about that. The Corythosaurus will typically use its special move just a few attacks in, your Baryonyx will likely take all of the damage from this attack and end up zeroing out its health, now your Spino is totally open to make its attack, at this point, you should be able to take the Corythosaurus without a problem, however, if you find yourself needing to, your special attack is always an option – but only if you really need it.


Once the Corythosaurus is out of the picture, all you’ll have to deal with are the much weaker remaining two dinosaurs – the Compy and the Camarasaurus. Your Spino should be able to do a fairly decent amount of damage to these two, however, if it does end up zeroing out, you’ll still have one more dinosaur left over which should be able to take care of the remaining health of the dinosaurs, but this depends on what you chose, so pick your team carefully.

Levels 17 and 18 are pretty similar, so you can probably try the same battle style in both levels, but if it doesn’t work for both levels, it’s always good to try and figure out a battle style that works for YOU.

Since no battle will ever give the same results, I would advise switching up your battle routine every so often, because no single style is going to always work, you’ll have battle where you win the battle without flaw and then you’ll also have battles where you’ll end up getting smushed into the ground, leaving the battle with a mere few hit points between your entire party. The important thing is to figure out multiple methods of winning the battle that work for you, having different styles that you can switch between quite easily will be great, as it both lessens your chances of losing and it also keeps the battle fresh.

Come back soon for more tips!

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