Jurassic Park Builder Review

Jurassic Park Builder is a building game where the players discover and grow extinct species from the prehistoric eras. There are three parks in the game: Jurassic, Aquatic and Glacier park each of which revives animals from a different prehistoric eras. There are also a number of buildings available which are necessary for their respective tasks. Decorations are also available which increase the profit margins generated from dinosaurs and buildings.

Dinosaurs are created in the same manner as they were created in the Jurassic Park movie. First, the player needs to find mosquitoes who contain fresh blood of animals from prehistoric eras and then extract DNA from that blood. Dinosaurs are weak when they are born and generate a few coins per hour. As the dinosaurs are fed, not only their coin generation increases, their health and damage also increases which are huge benefits in fighting battles and tournaments.


The game also has a Battle Arena where a player can fight against bots and a tournament mode where they can fight against other players in real time. All dinosaurs have their strengths and weaknesses and a player needs to know them in order to overcome their opponent.

Jurassic Park Builder also has characters from the movie which assign the player with different missions in each park.

There is also a minigame inside the game called Code Red where the dinosaurs get restless and try to escape. Your job as an administrator is to keep the things under control and prevent and dinosaur escapes. Let us take a closer look at the game.

Jurassic Park Building games have been in the market for as long as the movies have been there; well, almost as long. Jurassic Park Builder seems to be the oversimplified version of Konami’s gameboy game “Jurassic Park III: Park Builder”. If you look closely, you will come to realize that even the title is oversimplified version of the original game’s title. That being said, Ludia has done a great job at bringing this game to smartphones and browsers. The textures of those dinosaurs are beautiful, their movements are smooth and natural and there is still a lot more content to fiddle with than most of those “average” browser games. Also, the way this game has merged Battle Arena and Tournament with a park building game is great. Who wouldn’t want to have a private park full of extinct animals whom they could take to pits for a fight?


At first, the game seems to be a freemium or pay to win. You failed your research and want to resume it? Dollars. You want more amber samples? Dollars. You want that beautiful limited edition dinosaur that is only available during the weekend? Dollars. But soon I realized that those dollars can be earned from the tournaments. I have seen players who have won thousands of dollars. Making the game’s premium currency earnable by playing the game? That is something. I played Farmville for over a year and never did my farm bucks crossed the limit of 20. Needless to say I was never able to buy that harvester that would have made my job a lot easier and had to eventually leave the game.

The only thing I didn’t like about the game is that it becomes repetitive after a while. The player needs to login, go to each farm and collect coins from all of the buildings and dinosaurs. Soon, the game that used to take no more than 10 minutes starts taking an hour. Those dinosaurs that used to take thousands of coins to upgrade start demanding hundreds of thousands and you need to start farming(fighting the same battles over and over to earn coins) to earn enough to make up for your needs. This thing just keeps getting stacked over unless you aren’t left with enough hours to spend on the game daily.

Other than this, it is a pretty good game. Lots of dinosaurs, buildings and strategy. It is one of those games I would recommend to a friend who asks for a good smartphone game. Happy building guys!

Jurassic World Movie Review

Jurassic Park has definitely come a long way in the twenty two years since the first movie in the film series was released and let me tell you, the latest installment is definitely an adventure that was worth the fourteen years it spent in development hell.

With a budget of $150 million, you know (more than double the budget of the original movie) there is going to be some pretty epic stuff in this movie. It has been fourteen years since Jurassic Park III undeniably flopped, during that time, the creators of this series fought for Jurassic World, knowing that their vision of a fourth movie was a truly great one. Once more, with the release of a brand new movie, the Jurassic Park universe is back on top.


Despite Spielberg taking a backseat as an executive producer role on this movie rather than his previous directorial roles in the first two movies, this new movie manages to be a complete success.

I saw the movie last night and definitely enjoyed it a whole lot more than I expected, after the miserable flop that was Jurassic Park III, I was definitely skeptical if another non-Spielberg directed movie, worried that it might lose the original feel that Spielberg brought to the Jurassic universe. I am glad to say that this really didn’t happen. Sure, it didn’t have the same feel to it that the first two movies did, but true to the Jurassic World creators word it really was “bigger and scarier, with more teeth”.

What I especially love about Jurassic World was the fact that you weren’t automatically thrown into the world of dinosaurs, it was slowly eased in with the introduction of Gray and Zach, the two young nephews, of Claire – a loyal employee of Jurassic World, who are being sent off on a fun vacation with their aunt whilst their parents secretly begin divorce proceedings. The real word idea behind children being sent away whilst parents deal with personal things is a very hard hitting one, automatically giving the movie depth right from the start.

After ten years of successful operation, the park is introducing a brand new hybrid dinosaur, created with various genetic pieces from different species of dinosaur, right off from the bat, you know something is going to happen with this dinosaur, especially when you learn that the mixture of genes that were used to create the Indominus Rex is classified, this automatically set you up with the feeling of disaster that is going to surround this creature.

We’re quickly introduced to Owen (Chris Pratt) a dinosaur wrangler, who has famously managed to tame four vicious Velociraptors named Blue, Beta, Charlie and Delta, whilst claiming the title of alpha for himself. I was surprised that we weren’t actually introduced to Owen until 15-20 minutes into the movie, but I actually quite liked this, the fact that each of the main characters had varying degrees of attention placed upon them rather than just having us focus on one specific character, whilst underutilizing the majority of the other characters, shows that the creators had managed to come up with a great balance between the different stories that surround each of the main characters, Owen and Claire dealing with their undeniable attraction, Claire micromanaging the entire theme park, Gray and Zach attempting to survive the dinosaur onslaught whilst also dealing with their parents pending separation. A lot of details have been brought into each characters story, which ultimately works in creating a full, overall story, where we understand the actions of each character.


To be honest I found a lot of the story to be somewhat predictable, especially the jump scare portions of Jurassic World, for example when Claire and Owen had finally caught up to the locations of Gray and Zach, only to find that they are also being simultaneously tracked by the Indominus Rex, after thinking they have managed to ward off the beast, the car they are hiding behind gets flipped by the bloodthirsty creature. This was incredibly predictable and I could see it coming from a mile off, but really a lot of the sudden dinosaur attacks are like this.

One thing I especially liked about the movie was the fact that it really stuck to its roots; it used a lot of the same music from previous movies and there were also several little throwbacks to the original park such as the park shirt worn by Lowery (Jake Johnson) and the appearance of the old park visitor’s center in a few scenes, even the old cars belonging to the old park as seen in previous movies.

The acting in Jurassic World was genuinely very good and all actors put on great performances as their characters, with each portraying believable and genuine people. The special effects injected into this modern day movie put the previous movies to absolute shame, although this was definitely expected when you consider how far moviemaking has come in the past twenty two years since the original movie was released, so really, there was bound to be some incredible sights. The movie was definitely one that was full of suspense, violence and emotional moments.

You wouldn’t expect there to be tear jerking moments in a movie such as this, and yet, the script writers still managed this, this definitely shows incredible writing on their part, I won’t give specifics, but there were four very brave Velociraptors who finally found themselves on the right side of the fight and one merciful Tyrannosaurus Rex who gave respect where respect was due.

Any parents wanting to introduce their children to the incredible Jurassic universe may want to advise caution however, as there as some particularly gory and violent scenes that may upset and/or scare a younger audience.

Overall, I can honestly say that Jurassic World has revived the great work of Spielberg, it has dragged it out of the pit it fell into with Jurassic Park III, it has become and overnight sensation with people going absolutely crazy to go and see the movie, and really I don’t blame them. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the great actors, the well-developed characters, impeccably written script and beautifully done special effects.

Jurassic World is without a doubt a movie that will go down in history as much as a cult classic as the original movies.

Jurassic Park II: The Lost World Review

After the extreme success of the first part of the movie sequel Jurassic Park released in 1993 based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, he was stressed a lot by the audience and Spielberg himself to write another sequel of the novel. After the novel was published in 1995, work on Jurassic Park: The Lost World started and it was released on May 23, 1997. Despite of criticism the movie received, it was a hit and was able to wrap an impressive budget of $618 million. At its time, it was at number 6 on the list of highest grossing movies of all time.


4 years after the closure of Jurassic Park at Isla Nublar island, it is discovered that the dinosaurs have survived and are breeding at another location called Isla Sorna where they were engineered and brought up for some time before moving to Isla Nublar–the island where Jurassic park was located. Though all of the dinosaurs were engineered to be females to avoid unauthorized breeding, they were found to be breeding on Isla Sorna. The reason to this was that the DNA of dinosaurs was mutated and induced in the frog’s DNA to engineer them and some of the West African frogs have the ability to change their sex in the same sex environment thus proving Ian Malcolm right “Life always finds a way”.

So here the dinosaurs are; living, nurturing and breeding in their natural habitat. John Hammond, owner of the Jurassic Park has lost his company InGen to his nephew Peter Ludlow. The company is almost bankrupt and Ludlow wants to grab some dinosaurs from Isla Sorna and use them as a source of money to bail out his company. On the other hand, old Hammond wants nothing but to preserve a natural treasure from being exploited for money. He asks Doctor Ian Malcolm to go to Isla Sorna and study and record the Dinos in their natural habitat so that they can be left alone as a nature preserve. Both teams reach Isla Sorna and try to accomplish their goals. While one team documenting and other team hunting for dinosaurs, they both make some mistakes which cause both teams some heavy damages.

In the other half of the movie, we watch a T-rex wandering around in the streets of San Diego city searching for its infant offspring where movie gets dark and dense and shows some of the best graphics which will be praised even after 20 years of its release.


The Lost World is known for two things: Its graphics and action. If you have watched the Jurassic Park,(if not, I highly recommend you to watch it first, it’s absolutely wonderful) you must have noticed its amazing graphics. Now what’s special about The Lost World is the graphics are much better than Jurassic Park itself. Actually the movie crew was able to sign a deal with Silicon Graphics Inc. Their powerful workstations and servers were used for the graphics work of the movie enabling the special effect artists to include four times more computer generated images than in the Jurassic Park . In Jurassic Park, artists could not use a lot of light because it caused the dinosaurs to look fake. But The Lost World was able to show some broad daylight scenes. Most of the scenes were dark though, to make them as realistic as possible.


Spielberg also hired famous paleontologists for the Jurassic Park sequel who told artists about the physical characteristics of dinosaurs. One of the paleontologists Robert Bakker even told Popular Mechanics in 2012 that those artists were better than most of the tenured professors. With this dedication, they created a piece of pure art, a masterpiece which would be praised for many years.


By now, you must be thinking “If this movie is so darn good, why did it not beat Jurassic Park?” Here is your answer, story sucks. This movie does not take the story of sequel ahead in any way. Some movies are just made because they need to exist in the sequel. They do not play any other role in the sequel whatsoever. This is one of those movies. Apart from this, there are also many other mistakes in the story. Sarah, a professional doctor who knows dinosaurs can trace the blood through smell keeps wearing a jacket which has a baby T-Rex blood on it despite being notified about it by another person. Hammonn’s daughter comes to Isla Sorna where she is absolutely useless and in danger. At one point she becomes afraid and asks to be taken somewhere high immediately. Goldblum alonwith another character gets in cage with her and after going high, comes back. Why did he go at the first place?


Another weakness is the main focus of the movie was on the human characters. They were bound by strict plot. They must do really stupid things in order for them to be chased and occasionally get eaten. Even the dinosaurs were seen through the human eyes. They exibited parental feelings instead of their original wild habits. Also, the main thrill about Jurassic Park was it was in the isolation. There was no one to help and no one could hear your screams. You would face the fears no one will ever know of and worst part was, no one will ever beleive in your stories. All these things made Jurassic Park a perfect horror story. The Lost World kind of killed this thrill. Corporates are looking for dinosaurs to show them in the public in order to make money. Heck, A T-Rex is roaming in the streets looking for it’s baby. Due to lack of affiliation and some very serious technical faults in the story, the movie was not praised by the masses as much as its predecessor. Some fans who had very high hopes were disappointed. The movie, despite being way ahead than its predecessor in graphics and action could not perform as well in the box office as the Jurassic Park.


Jurassic Park II: The Lost World is a very good movie. It has very nice actions and graphics which will put the audience in an awe. But there are some mistakes in the story. On one hand, it was nominated for the Academy Award for the best visual graphics. On the other hand, it was also nominated for worst sequel and worst screenplay awards. It is good material for a weekend but it could be better.

Jurassic Park Movie Review

Jurassic Park is easily one of Steven Spielberg’s best pieces of film. Released in 1993, the film has become something of a cult classic over the last two decades. It was full of state of the art (at the time) special effects provided by George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, which really made it one of those movies you just had to go and see.

The movie follows the terrifying adventure of two dinosaur experts; Dr Alan Grant, who was played by Sam Neil, and Dr. Ellie Sattler, who was played by Laura Dern. They are invited to spend some time on the mysterious Isla Nublar by the incredibly eccentric John Hammond, a millionaire with a vision, played by Richard Attenborough. They soon learn that Jurassic Park is not just another themed park attraction, but is in fact a giant exotic safari full of dinosaurs that were up until that moment, extinct, in their eyes. With harvested dinosaur DNA extracted from prehistoric mosquitoes, Hammond had created living clones for his vision, his Jurassic Park. Drs. Grant and Sattler are amazed to find that the island is home to Dilophosaurus’, Brachiosaurus’, Velociraptors, Triceratops and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Accompanied by chaos theory obsessed Ian Malcolm and the two grandchildren of Mr. Hammond – Lex and Tim Murphy, played by Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello, the group goes on a tour of the park in computer controlled cars. When an unexpected tropical storm hits the island, the power supply is suddenly knocked out, leaving the touring group completely stranded in the middle of the park. Whilst stranded, an employee by the name of Dennis Nedry, puts his plan to steal dinosaur embryos into action, to do this, he completely sabotages the computer system, which in turn, completely shuts down all security, including that of which is keeping the dinosaurs in their enclosures.

The dinosaurs soon begin to get out of control and roam the park, posing a danger to all members of the touring group who are soon split up. Dr. Grant is then tasked with ensuring the safety of Lex and Tim whilst attempting to avoid the various man eating beasts.

At the time of this movie’s release, I, myself was a little over a year old, but as soon as I was old enough to understand what movies were, this was one movie that amazed me. To me, this movie was nothing short of epic. Even now, with how far the film industry has come, it is no surprise that this movie was the recipient of such critical acclaim. This movie has been dubbed as one of the greatest movies of the 90’s, a title with which I wholeheartedly agree, considering that this movie is one of the few I can actually remember from my childhood.


The movie is one that heavily relies of suspense all the way through it, constantly keeping people on the edge of their seats. Jurassic Park presents a very convincing idea of cloned dinosaurs escaping and roaming free in a modern day theme park.

Jurassic Park had a $63 million budget, which is an amount that rivals even some of today’s movie budgets and made $1,029,153,882 in the box office which is more than what the majority of the Harry Potter movies made separately. It is amazing to find the a movie, which probably would have been laughed at if it were released in the modern day society of the twenty first century, that has got a lot of today’s popular movies totally beaten profit wise.

With the budget, Steven Spielberg created one of the greatest cinematic experiences ever, fueled by adrenaline and filled with heart pounding moments; it is a movie that will have people watching for generations.

Whilst it won’t compare to many of today’s movies which have much better graphics and special effects, this is definitely a must see at least once in your life kind of movie.

From the gentle Brachiosaurus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, a lot of the time in this movie is consumed with jaw dropping murderous dinosaur scenes, terrified screams and life or death situations. Some of Spielberg’s best cinematic tricks to creating an automatic award winning piece of film.


In the classic Spielberg way, Jurassic Park spans over various exotic locales, which give it a much bigger feel whilst stitching various plot points together, whether it’s in a great big open clearing or in a dense jungle, there are plenty of interesting locations shown within the movie.

For the 90’s, this movie was amazing, it was a special effects heaven. Right from the first encounter with the Brachiosaurus to the impeccably created Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everything that is shown in the movie is instantly made even better by the fact that it is all taking place in the middle of an out of control storm.

Those who read the book will remember that the most memorable part was when the vicious Velociraptors make their entrance, the movie did not disappoint fans when this scene occurred. It was just as intense and gripping as it was in the book and it left viewer completely in the edge of their seats wondering whether the prey was going to make it out alive or not.

Richard Attenborough totally shines in his role as John Hammond and is easily the best actor in this movie, especially when he appears in multiple moving scenes which really make the audience feel for his character. Specifically when he fears for both of his grandchildren’s lives and when he shows remorse at the end up the movie, realizing that he has totally failed at his dream and that he managed to get multiple people killed in the process. He captures the sense of wonder and an old man’s dreams perfectly, something which makes him the best developed character in the movie. No other character shows as much depth or emotion as he does.


The rest of the characters in the movie felt as though they were just there to move the story along, they were without depth and it was difficult to truly empathize with them beyond the initial “I hope they make it through okay” thought.
If you want a movie full of jump scares, intensity, 90’s special effects and truky terrifying moments, this is a movie you’ll definitely want to see.

Any parents who want to introduce their kids to a movie they grew up watching might want exercise caution with the violence shown throughout the entirety of the movie, even with the desensitization of today’s youth when it comes to sci-fi horror, make sure your kid isn’t going end up hiding behind the couch for the entire movie. For the 90’s Jurassic Park was definitely one of the most violent PG-13 movies to have been released, obviously, it’s nothing compared to what we might see in the television and film industry these days, but in its time, it was a real shocker.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for a classic 90’s movie, bad special effects and all, this is a movie to watch.

As Dr. Grant said in the movie “Dinosaurs do what they do.” and what it is that they do is downright scary at times.

Now, I’m off to binge on the other two movies in preparation of the release of Jurassic World which is set to release in the United States on June 15th.