Level 8 – The Hunted Guide & Tips

The playable characters in this area are: Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Ian Malcolm, and Kelly Malcolm.

This part starts us off with the crew on the outskirts of the park during the night. We see that we cannot progress due to the cracked rock that is blocking the way. The cracked rock can be broken by a dinosaur! There is a triceratops towards the right side of this area that is sick and needs our help to feel better. Like the previous times, we must find the items that the dinosaur wants to make him feel better and use him to crack the rock in our way. If we go to the right side of the map, we must examine a pile of dinosaur droppings.


The droppings reveal a device that we must use to search the ground.

After digging up the ground, we find the banana. That’s the first item of three that we need to fully heal the dinosaur. We can see something blocking a path. If we use our wrench on the rocks, we can break them open and see inside.


Switch to Ian and use his torch to get a better look inside. Inside is the ice cream! Deliver the ice cream to the sick dinosaur. We only need one more item to make the dinosaur feel better. The last item can be found on the left side of the map. We see a pile of bones, smash the bones and they turn into a bunch of blocks that can be assembled.


Robert Burke is the only character in the party that can build. Switch to him to assemble a see-saw. Get two characters into position and launch a character to the next area. Smash the mushrooms and pick up the glowing up and deliver it back to the sick dinosaur.

After healing the sick dinosaur, we can now play as the Triceratops. Switch to the Triceratops and smash the cracked glowing orange rock that is blocking our path.


We now have access to a new area. Progress through the path until we reach Dieter Stark who is stuck. Switch to Nick and use his wrench on the rock that is in front of the tree. We can now stand on that and jump onto the tree root that is blocking the way. Continue on this new path until you reach the DNA, a cut scene will trigger which shows the characters napping and in peril because they hear the T-Rex in the area.

After the cut scene ends, we jump back into the game quickly and are tasked with running away from the T-Rex.


Run from the T-Rex and dodge his attacks. Avoid his attacks and all of the obstacles in the path until you reach the waterfall. The waterfall will trigger a cut scene and the T-Rex will realize he cannot capture you inside of the waterfall. We switch our point of view to Nick and his group as they are being chased and attacked by the Raptors.

We take back control and must avoid the longer and taller grassy areas. First, we must save Malcolm from the tall grass and the Raptors inside. Run up to Malcolm and tap the action button to rescue him.


We must save 5 people trapped inside of the grass. Continue along the path and examine the dinosaur droppings on the right side of the path. Upon examining the droppings, a bunch of Legos will be found and can be assembled. Assemble the blocks into a lawn mower. The lawn mower can cut the long grass that is blocking the path to the next area, the lawn mower also serves as a distraction and causes the Raptor to chase it.

Continue along the path and be weary of Raptors jumping from the grass and pouncing on you. Be prepared to press the action button multiple times to knock him off of you. We come across a fallen tree and must use Nick’s wrench on the brown section of the tree.


After using the wrench on the tree, we can now go inside of the tree to the other side. We can continue progressing along the path now. There are a few mini dinosaurs along the path, so be prepared to fight them off.

We come across a set of bones blocking the path and must slide underneath them to progress along the path. Smash the crates in the way to reveal a bunch of blocks that can be built up. Build the blocks into a wench that can lift the bones blocking the path which allows the rest of our group to progress with us. We can then approach the locked crate with Nick and use his wrench on it.


Using the wrench on the crate reveals a few mini dinosaurs that run and distract the big Raptor blocking the path. We can continue and progress, but first must take pictures of the Raptor. By taking pictures of the Raptor, we save our second character. We only need to save three more to complete the quest.

Continue along the path and we must sneak past the two Raptors fighting over some people. We must sneak past and run up to and examine the dinosaur droppings. The droppings again reveal some blocks that we must build up to make a distraction for the Raptors. The blocks build up into an ice cream truck that goes along the path and distracts the Raptors that cornered two people. We now have four out of the five people saved.

Again, a Raptor will jump out of the tall grass, so be prepared to fend him off by smashing the action button. We then must progress and run up to the truck in the path. We can switch to Kelly and scream and break the glass on the vehicle.


Breaking the glass causes blocks to pop out, which build into a giant hamburger which distracts the next Raptor who is blocking the path.

We can continue along the path where the Raptor was blocking. Continue along the path and switch to Nick to take pictures of the Raptor who has cornered another survivor. By taking the picture, we save the last person who needs rescuing and trigger a cut scene. The cut scene shows our group as they are trying to figure out a way to get back to the park and to safety. As Nick comes up with a plan, the level ends leaving us with a cliff hanger.

To reach the ranking of True Survivor, a total of 45,000 studs are needed. Upon completing this level, we unlock a few more new characters and some new dinosaur DNA that we can play which is the Parasaurolophus, All of these characters and dinosaurs that we unlock can be used in Free Play mode, which is recommended to do after completing all of the missions.

Level 7 – InGen Arrival Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Ian Malcolm, Eddie Carr, Kelly Malcolm, Roland Tembo, and Robert Burke.

The story continues where we left off on Isla Sorna. We are still on the island and wondering around. We can go to the far side of this area and smash the small branches in the way to progress to the next area.


Continue following the path until you reach the river. On the left rock there is a set of things that we can climb up on to reach the next higher area. Use the wrench on the boulder to cause it to fall down and split up into blocks. Assemble the blocks into a make shift bridge that we have to hop across.


After hopping across the bridge, we are led to a new area. Use Eddy to shoot the target to reveal a vine to allow us to cross the next gap. Jump and reach the vine to swing and jump to the next area. After crossing the gap, use Sarah to examine the Dinosaur droppings. The droppings reveal blocks that can be built to assemble a trampoline to jump to the next area.


Upon reaching the new area, a cut scene will trigger with our friendly DNA strand giving us tips and information about the area. Then we see Roland and friends trying to capture a certain dinosaur. The group is setting up base camp and discussing their plans for the park. Their plan is that they are trying to take the dinosaurs back to the mainland, the mainland being the United States, and construct an amphitheater for people to view the dinosaurs in the convince of their own homes.

Fortunately Nick Owen is here and is going to save the dinosaurs and the people from any potential danger. We take control of Nick back outside of the basecamp. Use Nick to approach the cage to release the dinosaur. Unfortunately, the handlers are suspicious of us and try and fight us. Fight off the handlers and approach cage with Nick and release the dinosaur.


The dinosaur is unfortunately still injured. Search the dinosaur droppings with Sarah to find the things that will heal the dinosaur back to health and help him escape. More people are onto us and we have to fight them off quickly. Continue through the gate and search the dinosaur droppings. We find the first item that the dinosaur needs to feel better, the ice cream. This is the first of three items that we need to fully heal the dinosaur and allow him to escape captivity.

Deliver the ice cream to the dinosaur and head back through the gate. As we head into the camp, more handlers will try and fight us. Defeat them and break the block to create blocks. Assemble the blocks into a lever and crank the lever to tip over the pot of water. The pot of water reveals our second item, the mushroom. Again, deliver the mushroom to the dinosaur and return to the area.


The third and final item we need is a banana. Use the wrench on the crate in the far left corner of the area to reveal the banana. Deliver the banana back to the dinosaur to heal him and make him feel all better. We can now take control of the dinosaur. We must fight off a few more handlers and approach the red cracked crates in the back of the area. Hold the action button to charge up and smash the cracked object.


Smashing through the cracked barrels allows us access to the next area. Fight off a few more handlers and progress down the path. There is another cracked pattern of rock that we must smash through with the dinosaur. Again, hold in the action button and charge up and smash through the cracked rock.


Smashing through the rock reveals some blocks that can be built into stairs that we can climb up on and progress. A cut scene occurs and trouble is brewing. However, we can avoid the trouble and progress to the next area up the stairs we built. We fight off more handlers. We see some more dinosaurs that are locked up and can try and free. We see a handle that we can jump and pull down to free the first dinosaur.


This allows us to play as another dinosaur, the Stegosaurus. Use the Stegosaurus to approach the cage of the other dinosaur and smash his cage and free him. In the back of the cage of the dinosaur that we just freed, we can examine a pile of droppings and find a key to a gate that is locked. The gate is to the other dinosaur that we must free. Approach the cage and use the key to unlock the next dinosaur.

We can now play as the Triceratops. First, we must assemble some machines in the main area. Assemble two stop lights in front of the tent. After you assemble the lights, a cut scene will trigger where the Triceratops are running through the camp and tents. The cut scene also shows Nick freeing a baby T-Rex with a broken leg. The two run off after freeing the dinosaurs. They run into the mobile lab and are approached by some angry T-Rex parents.

We take back control of Ian as he is in the crashed vehicle over the cliff climbing his way back up the rope.


Climb up the rope and avoid the falling objects by swinging in different directions. You must switch to another character and approach the car to find an object and search the ground for something. Dig into the ground and find blocks. Assemble the blocks onto the car. Get the wench from the vehicle and attach it to the falling truck. Get into the other vehicle and reverse to pull the falling truck up to safety. After pulling the truck up, switch back to Ian and continue ascending the rope.

The truck will again begin to fall and we must fix the wench. Switch to the other character approach the broken vehicle. After fixing it, we must get back into the truck and reverse again to pull the lab back to safety. As we did before, switch to Ian and climb the rope some more.

After climbing to the top a cut scene will trigger that shows that the T-Rex’s have found us. The mobile lab falls into the crevice but we are still hanging on the rope. We climb up safely the cut scene continues with the whole group talking on how to escape. The level then ends.

In order to reach the rank of True Survivor for this level, a total of 64,000 studs are needed. After completing this level, we unlock access to all of the dinosaurs we played as, as well as a bunch of new characters.

Level 6 – Isla Sorna Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Iam Malcom, Eddie Carr, Nick Van Owen, Sarah Harding, and Kelly Malcom.

We start off this part just as we did as the first one, at the helicopter pad. We can choose whichever story we wish to play, for this walk through we will play through Jurassic Park, The Lost World. This is of course the second movie in the Jurassic franchise. To start this adventure, hop into the helicopter to be taken to Isla Sorna, the location of the next island where the Jurassic adventures take place.


After getting into the helicopter, a cut scene triggers which gives us our introduction to our next adventure. There is an exchange between Malcom and Hammond discussing their last project that failed terribly. The game now starts with us in the hanger trying to fix three vehicles. The first vehicle we can fix is located in the back right of the garage, walk up and use the wrench on it to fix the engine problems. We can shoot the targets next to the car we just fixed to knock down some tires that we need to fix another car.


Jump on a tire and roll on it to the left onto the tire station. Use the crank next to the tire to raise a platform that reveals a collectible!

Approach the whiteboard and switch to Malcom to solve the equations on the board.


This opens up a cabinet with blocks that we can build up to help fix another vehicle. Jump onto the platform that we built to help the man paint the vehicle. Unfortunately he painted the vehicle the wrong color, so we have to help the man make green and correct the mistake. Interact with the paints and set them to the combination that creates green, blue and yellow. Jump onto the platform again and the man will paint the vehicle the correct color this time.

Take another tire to the next vehicle that is located in the front right side of the garage. Ride the tires into the tire slots to fix the next vehicle. The other tire is located where we used it to get the collectible. Ride both tires into their slots to fix the third and final vehicle. After fixing the third vehicle, the garage door opens and a cut scene triggers. This gives us access to Nick Van Owen. Head to the red gate next to the last car that we fixed and use Owen’s red wrench to open up the door!


Head on through the gate to the next area and help the mechanic fix the engine. Head to the right of the engine and use Owen’s wire cutters to enter the gated area. Then switch to Eddie and fix the computers . This brings in three crates with targets on them that we can shoot at.


Take control of Eddie again and shoot at the three targets. After smashing all of the crates, blocks will appear that we can interact with. Build the lever and use the lever to move the engine down the conveyer belt. This lowers a gated elevator that we can take up to the second level of the area. Use the wire cutters to cut the wires on the cabinet which reveals a collectible. We see another red gate that we can use our wrench on and gain access to. Use the wrench on the gate and reveal a staircase that we can take. Head down the staircase and right and break the barrels in the front of the garage. This reveals some blocks that we can build up. The blocks build into a staircase that leads us to the crane that we need to fix.

Once we fix the crane, we must lift the platform up and onto the top of the truck.


The mobile lab is complete now that the roof is attached. The garage gate opens again and Kelly Malcom runs through. A cut scene triggers and the characters are all interacting with one another. Kelly explores into territory that she is not supposed to be in. We flash to the boat that is carrying all of the vehicles and mobile labs that we built onto the next island, Isla Sorna. We land on the island and begin to explore as we take control of the group. Be careful of the little Raptors once crossing the water. Shoot the target down on the tree. Shooting this down reveals the first of three eggs that we must collect. After collecting the egg, we must interact with the stone and use our wrench on it.


Destroy the stone and collect the DNA to give us another hint. We must use Ian and explore the cave. Ian has the torch that allows us to see into the cave. Jump onto the mushrooms and jump into the next area. Assemble the blocks and form an anvil which brings a rope down, allowing the rest of our crew to join us in the new area.

Approach the hanging tree and use two characters to jump onto the vines to weigh it down.


Weighting it down allows us to use a third character to climb up on and allow us to progress to the next area. Assemble a ladder to allow the rest of the group up. Shoot the two targets to reveal a second egg that we must collect and break a tree that reveals some pieces that can be crafted. Build up the machine that allows us to cut the trees in the way. Use the machine that we find and dig up the pieces in the ground, the pieces can be crafted.


Craft the blocks into a trampoline and spring our way onto the bar. Again, we must use two characters and weigh down the tree in the way.

After bringing down the tree, we can climb up on the root and make our way to the next area. A cut scene triggers and we see our first dinosaurs for the area. Head to the left and shoot the target to get our last dinosaur egg. Switch to Nick and use the wrench on the stone to reveal a DNA strand. Climb onto the rubble that we created. Climb onto the tree and take pictures of the dinosaurs. A cut scene triggers and we meet Sarah Harding. Sarah and the group explore to try and find the rest of the dinosaurs, specifically, the baby dinosaur. She is trying to take pictures of all of the animals and document them. The first boss fight starts with us fighting the angry mother of the dinosaur we took a picture of and scared.

Be careful, the dinosaur attacks with his tail, so when he turns around be weary. Head to the front right part of the area and assemble a device that we can hide in. By hiding in this pod, we cause the dinosaur to hit it with his tail and get stuck.


When the dinosaur is dazed, we can approach his front side and take a picture of him. By taking a picture of him, we reduce his life by one. We need to do this three times to defeat him. Head to the left and assemble the next pod that we can hide inside of and stun him. After this, we only need one more instance to defeat the boss. Next to the second pod, if we make the dinosaur break the rock, there is a strand of dinosaur DNA inside.

The third pod is on top of the tree on the right front side of the screen. Assemble the third pod and get the dinosaur to hit the pod with his tail and take the third picture, and defeat the boss. After taking the third picture, the rest of the dinosaurs scatter and run away. A cut scene triggers and we see helicopters approaching the island with air drops. However, something seems not right with the situation. This ends the level. In order to reach the True Survivor ranking for this level, a total of 75,000 studs are needed. By completing this level, we also unlock a variety of vehicles and additional characters, and a new playable dinosaur, the Stegosaurus.

Level 5 – The Visitor Center Cheats Guide

Characters playable in this area are: Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Ellie Sattler, and Alan Grant.

The fifth and final part of the Jurassic Park story starts us at the other side of the gate that we climbed through. Continue on the path and continue until you reach the hut. Retrieve the DNA strand and shoot the target above the hut to reveal a crank. Place the crank on the generator and open up the garage. Switch to Timmy to use his night vision goggles to see inside of the garage. Inside of the garage, towards the back, we can see a key. Press the action button to interact with the key and carry it over to the gate.


As we can see, the gate is locked and we have the key now. Unlock the gate and continue on through to progress and trigger a cut scene regarding the Visitor Center. The cut scene shows the characters in the kitchen eating, and the memorable kitchen scene ensues. Some raptors have found their way into the visitor center and is on the loose and hungry.


We now control Lex and Timmy in the kitchen sneaking around to avoid the hungry raptors. Use Ellie and throw a rock at the target that is located on the window. This causes a distraction and causes the Raptors to lose focus for a bit. Sneak to the left past the Raptor and head away from the Raptor. Switch to Timmy and crawl into the drawer and out of the other one on the other side.


As soon as you are on the other side head to the left and turn on the oven, this reveals a target that Lex can shoot. Crawl back through and back to the other side and shoot the target. Shooting the target causes another distraction and allows you to crawl back to the other side. Head away from the Raptor and into the next area. Push the cart on the far left side of the room and the Raptor will again sway its attention away from you and onto the pot.

Switch to Lex and crawl next to the kitchen rack and boost Timmy up onto the tray.


After boosting Timmy up on to the tray, crawl into the air duct and to the other side. That causes Timmy to knock down a tool and the Raptor’s attention is drawn to the noise. Jump down from the tray and push the cart of pots and pans again. This allows Lex to safely cross with Timmy to the next area. Heading far right, we can see another target that needs to be shot down.


Knock the target down to reveal some blocks that allow us to build a contraption to open the door. Switch to Timmy once the door is open and use his night vision googles to see inside of the dark room. Head to the back of the room and smash the crates to reveal blocks that can be built. Build up the blocks and create an ice cream machine, as we all know, Raptors are big fans of ice cream. The one Raptor smells the ice cream and heads right into the door. Shut the door behind him to trap him inside.

This leaves a second Raptor to be dealt with. Sneak to the left past the other Raptor.


Our lovely friend Alan shows up and opens the door for us. Before we can run past the Raptor we must use the blocks and build a device to knock the Raptor back through the hole. After doing that, run to the exit door. This causes a cut scene to trigger in the control room.

We take control of Lex now in the control room. We are tasked with making the doors lock to save us all from the Raptor who wants to get inside. Right of the door there are blocks that can be smashed and assembled.


Build the blocks up and push the plug into the socket. This restores power to the computers. Head over to the computer and tap on the keyboard to show an image on the screen. Play the mini game and push the mouse through without going outside of the borders.


Continue powering up all of the gates around the park and playing the mini game until the circuit is complete and all of the gates are closed.

After completing the mini game, we can see that power has been restored to our area, but some things have overheated and broke. We obviously must fix them! Head to the left of the room and use Lex to smash the glass with her powerful scream. This reveals another dinosaur that we can collect! Use Timmy and crawl through the shoot.


Once we are on the other side head right and use our night vision googles in the dark corridor. We found a fuse that can be placed in the battery and cause it to power up! This causes the other set of computers to be powered up. Switch to Lex and go to the computer. We are tasked with another mini game. Search through the computer for the files and play the mini games. For this mini game, the lights will light up and we have to hit the lights in the same order as they lit up the first time.


After completing that mini game, the door will finally be locked and the power is restored to this area. A cut scene is triggered once the phone is answered, this reveals that helicopters are on their way to save us!

Unfortunately, when this mini cut scene ends, we see that a Raptor is banging at the glass and is anxious to get inside. Switch to Alan and build with the blocks that are to the right of where the door is. Use the ladder that we build to climb up into the ceiling. We are now in the rafters and must try and climb down. We must switch to Alan and use his dinosaur tooth to cut down the rope that is on the last rafter.


The ropes cause for the rafter to lower and allows us to jump to safety. Switch to Ellie and water the plant. This causes vines to grow and trap the Raptor in place. We can now safely switch to Timmy and climb up the chute that was blocked by the Raptor. Climb to the next area behind the Raptor. Use Timmy to interact with the blocks and build a bridge connecting the two areas.
After the areas are connected, switch to Ellie and grow the next plant. We can also use Lex to jump over the fence that is left of the plant. This reveals a padlock and another area that we can slide under. Switch to Ellie and grow another plant. This gives us a collectible and allows us access to the other collectible behind the glass. Go back to the original area jump onto the dinosaur and make our way down to the ground floor.


Unfortunately, another Raptor enters the area and causes the whole party down to the ground floor in a hurry. Right before the Raptor attacks us, a T-Rex appears! If you have 40,000 studs, the true survivor ranking will appear at this time as we watch the Raptor battle the T-Rex. We take control in a series of quick time events and fight as the T-Rex. Press the button as it shows on the screen while it’s in the blue section of the meter, and not the red. Switch to Alan and cut the rope that is attached to the light in the room. Cut the rope and drop the light onto the Raptor’s head.
The dinosaurs continue to fight and we continue to press the buttons that appear on the screen.


After the battle ends, we again have to help the T-Rex. Shoot the target above the Raptor’s head and hit him in the head with the paint can.

The fight still continues! The epic battle of the T-Rex and the Raptor finally ends after the T-Rex throws the Raptor and causes a cut scene to trigger. A car shows up and takes us all to safety after barely making it outside of the Visitor Center. Meanwhile, the T-Rex and Raptor battle ended with the T-Rex being victorious. After the cut scene, the level ends and we have completed the first story in this game! Again, a total of 40,000 studs are needed for the true survivor ranking for this mission.

After finishing this story, we unlock free mode and this allows us to take on the next story in the series! We see all of the characters that we have unlocked and all of the dinosaurs and vehicles we have after completing this first set of levels. We can now play as the T-Rex in free mode.

After hitting finish story, a last cut scene triggers that shows us leaving the park in our helicopter. The first set of credits run after the helicopter leaves and a special mini game occurs. We take control of the T-Rex and chase the Raptor around the park as the credits roll. This is not the end of the game, just the people who worked on this specific set of levels for this game. That’s it for this level in the series! Next up we tackle Jurassic Park, The Lost World!

Level 4 – Restoring Power Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Ellie Sattler, and Robert Muldoon.

The level picks up where we left off stranded by our vehicle at the bottom of the tree that we fell from. If we head opposite of the drain we see a pool of water that cannot be crossed. Fortunately, there is a grate that we can switch to Timmy and crawl through.


After we crowl through the grate, we can approach the machine that lifts the bridge, allowing our other characters to cross. We can see a spot that needs to be dug through which builds a set of Legos that we can climb up and over the enclosure with.


Ascend up and across and into a new location. Follow the road to the next area and cross a set of branches to progress.


We can see a few lily pads in the water that we can jump onto to cross the river and approach the next area. We come to a big gap full of water that we cannot cross. Shoot the vine down with Ellie in order to swing across to the other side.


Follow the path to the ditch and dig up some bones and assemble them into a ladder so we can progress. Continue through the hole in the cage and smash through the vines blocking the way to trigger a cut scene featuring our Lego characters exploring the park and see a large pack of dinosaurs running at us.

The cut scene ends and we take control of our characters and must flee from the pack of dinosaurs running at us.


Similarly to the T-Rex sequence, we must dodge incoming dinosaurs and avoid them from knocking us over. After running from these dinos, we find haven under a tree safe from the pack. A cut scene triggers and it flashes to Robert and the other characters discussing their plan of regaining control of the park. We take control of Ellie and Alan as they explore a bunker looking for the others who were supposed to be taking shelter. Progress down the dunker stairs and in a cubby on the right we can find a pile of dinosaur droppings. Use Ellie to dig through the droppings to reveal a collectible piece of dinosaur DNA.


Head to the right to continue progressing through the bunker. We can head through a gate to find a new area. We root through the trash and find a key to the locked door.

After putting the key into the giant lock, we can continue to progress into the next area. As we enter the area, we see that there is a cavern that we must cross somehow in order to get to the next area. Fortunately for us, there is a convenient pipe located at the top right part of this area. We can shoot down a loose pipe that allows us to cross the gap and continue along.


Build the ramp up onto the ramp and continue to the next area where we encounter some steam gauges. Time the steam gauges and cross when there is no steam so you do not get hit. Grab onto the lever as one of the characters and progress through the walkway as the other. At the last steam gauge, we can interact with a lever and turn off the steam, allowing both characters to cross safely.


Continue following down the stairs and following the path. Head left at the end of the path and dig through the droppings to assemble a device that we cannot use at this time as we do not have the appropriate character. Head toward the path with the next steam gauge and turn it off by shooting the valve on top of it. Pass through where the steam was and follow the path. Use Ellie to jump over the fence and into the next area.


Jump and pull down the handle to reveal the generator and fix it by assembling the appropriate pieces. Then interact with the generator and press the button shown when the gauge is centered. Once completed, a cut scene will trigger which shows a raptor has been among us this whole time.

The cut scene leads us out side of the bunker in the world again. Head east and shoot down the target on the tree. Alan will dig up a sprout that Ellie can water which reveals a series of flowers that can be climbed to reach the new area.


After climbing the flowers and reaching the new area, water the next sprout next to the edge to sprout flowers that allow Alan to climb up as well. Break the target on the tree to reveal vines that allow us to swing to the next area and progress through the area. We encounter and raptor and we must hit a series of buttons rapidly to escape from him. He flees and we continue on our way. Follow the path and climb the rocks and dig through the droppings as Ellie. After digging through the droppings Ellie can build a bridge that allows us to cross to a new area.


Cross the bridge and continue following the area. Another raptor will appear and we must fight him off again by pressing the buttons that appear rapidly. Continue on the path and assemble a machine that allows us to clear the path of the rocks blocking the way. Follow the rocks down the hill and Alan will search the area for dig sites. A third raptor will appear and like the first two, we must fight this one off.

This sets the stage for our first boss fight in the game. The mechanics for this boss fight are simple. Pay attention to which bush the raptor jumps into and throw the brick into the bush that the raptor is located in to stun him and do a tick of damage.


After three hits a cut scene will feature in which Alan battles against the raptor in an epic cut scene. The cut scene ends and the level is finished. In order to achieve True Survivor ranking no this level, a total of 42,000 studs must be collected.

Level 3 – Park Shutdown Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Ian Malcom, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler.

The level opens up with us as Alan right outside the captivity of another dinosaur. If we walk up to the telescope we can see an overview of the huge map in its entirety. All of the places capable of being explored are shown on this map.


If we go down the road a bit we can spawn a vehicle for us to continue our journey in. Follow the road to the end to reveal that a rock slide has occurred and we must go around.


If we go through the gate that is directly opposite the rock slide, we can go to another area that reveals an employee has got himself stuck in a tree. We can cut him down easily with our Velociraptor tooth and after we do so he gives us a collectible and points us to a dinosaur spawning point, similar to the vehicle spawning point. Summon the Triceratops and break the tree that has fallen and is in the way.


After breaking the tree roots we see that the Dilophosauruses have cornered another handler and we must help him. Run into and smash the other dinosaurs to help the handler, but be careful of the aid that they spit at you. The handler that we save drops a ladder for us that allows us to bypass the rock slide that took place.


Continue up the ladder and into the next area and head back towards the rock slide. We can see a pile of studs that we can dig us as Alan which reveals a jackhammer. Give the jackhammer to the worker to have him destroy the rocks blocking the way.


Get back into your vehicle and follow the road that is no longer blocked by the rocks. Approach the other vehicle at the gate and continue through the gate to trigger a cut scene.


The cut scene shows that the gates have all been shut down and trouble is brewing as the phones are out as well. The cut scene shows an iconic moment in the Jurassic franchise as the T-Rex approaches. The ground shakes and the cup falls and breaks.

The cut scene ends in the T-Rex enclosure and we take control of Alan again. We are tasked with distracting the T-Rex to save our friends in the overturned vehicle. Head left of the T-Rex and use Alan to smash through the brush to reveal a crank.


Apply this crank to the generator to drain the water from the area. After draining the water, a bunch of pieces will be revealed. Put the pieces together to create this contraption that springs up a bone and plays a tone and grabs the T-Rex’s attention. Approach the vehicle and interact with the parts to create another invention. This invention allows us to jump. Approach the character in the car and help them escape.


Use Lex’s ability to scream and distract him with the other vehicle. This triggers a cut scene that draws the T-Rex away from the area. Use the wench from the second vehicle and attach it to the overturned vehicle to upright it and pull it out of the mud. This allows the second character to escape. As with the first, approach the vehicle and help him out. After helping the second character, a cut scene triggers in which the T-Rex creates some havoc.

As the cut scene ends, we see we are in a new area and must scale the tree in order to save Tim Murphy. There is a save point to the left of the tree and an area in which we can dig and discover another lever.


Attach the lever to the generator near the drain pipe to allow the water to escape which reveals a pile of bones. The bones turn into a see saw to bounce ourselves up onto the tree to start our climb. Get the characters into position and get launched onto the first platform of the tree. Make sure you launch Ellie up into the tree as she has the ability to jump much higher than Alan. Jump to the second platform right from where you were launched to discover pieces that can be put together to form a ladder.


The ladder allows us a checkpoint in case we fall and allows Alan to come up. Climb the ladder with Alan and cut the vines in the way. Grab the vines and swing to the next platform. We can then approach the tree and climb the pegs by pressing the action button which leads us to a new platform. Shoot the foliage in the way to create another bridge linking us to new platform. Cross the new bridge and switch to Alan to smash more vines to reveal more bones. The bones assemble into a trampoline.


This launches us to a vine that we can grab which allows us to scale the tree higher. Jump onto the mushroom and switch to Ellie to jump off the purple walls and knock down the tire swing that allows Alan to get up. Cut down the final vine holding the truck and switch to Ellie to scream and blow out the windows of the car. This allows us to pull Timmy out of the vehicle safely. A cut scene occurs in which the vehicle falls and the characters climb down the tree much more rapidly than they climbed up.

The cut scene ends us with us in another vehicle being chased by the T-Rex. Be prepared to steer and accelerate the car. Dodge the T-Rex as he attempts to devour your car.


The chase ends and a cut scene starts. The cut scene shows the characters response to the tragedy and their plan on how to continue. A few famous scenes are depicted in this cut scene so be sure to pay attention. After the cut scene has finished the level is completed and the trophies screen appears. In order to receive the ranking of True Survivor a total of 80,000 studs are needed.

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