Jurassic Park Builder Battle Arena Tips

A big update to the Jurassic Park Builder was introduction of the Battle Arena where your dinosaurs can fight other dinosaurs earning you loads of money. This update has increased the target audience of the game by magnitudes.

Battle Arena has 50 stages, each tougher than the previous one. A dinosaur’s health and attack power depend upon its level. Level of a dinosaur can be increased by feeding it from the respective harbor.

Battle arena is basically Tekken Tag Tournament of Jurassic Park, only with better graphics. Its a 3v3 battle. A slight deviation is that it is term based. There are three types of attacks you can do: Bite, Charge and Swipe. Each dinosaur has weakness against one of these attacks. It is up to you to guess which one it is. Or, you can google “Jurassic Park Builder dinosaur weaknesses”. There is a well maintained list at Jurassic Park Builder wiki.

As the levels increase, dinosaurs get smarter and tougher. Evolution baby! After level 10, the dinosaurs start switching when they are injured, after level 20, they start using special attacks and after level 25, they can block your attacks. You can tell from the lightning aurora when a dinosaur is about to execute a special attack. You too can block opponent attacks and execute special attacks but they cost claws which decrease your bonus. We advise you not to use any of them unless your position in battle is critical.

With a later release, Battle Arena for Aquatic Park was also made available. We are keenly waiting for Glacier Park Battle Arena.

When fighting in tournaments, you’ll want to develop a good fighting style quickly and this will give you a nice sense of flow to go with in your battles. I’d say not to use any special attacks or any blocks in your battles unless the situation is really dire, and even then, you should probably just go with using one or the other, since they use up claws, it sometimes defeats the purpose, as you might not get that many claws as a reward and you’ve just pointlessly wasted some.

If you’ve committed to using the tournaments for farming, then the best levels to stick with are probably levels seventeen and eighteen. Since you’ve got three dinosaur slots, you need to pick your lineup very carefully . For level eighteen, my preferred lineup is; a level 40 spino, a level 40 baryonyx and another random dinosaur that is also level 40. Sure, the Baryonyx is a little squishy, but don’t worry too much about that. The Corythosaurus will typically use its special move just a few attacks in, your Baryonyx will likely take all of the damage from this attack and end up zeroing out its health, now your Spino is totally open to make its attack, at this point, you should be able to take the Corythosaurus without a problem, however, if you find yourself needing to, your special attack is always an option – but only if you really need it.


Once the Corythosaurus is out of the picture, all you’ll have to deal with are the much weaker remaining two dinosaurs – the Compy and the Camarasaurus. Your Spino should be able to do a fairly decent amount of damage to these two, however, if it does end up zeroing out, you’ll still have one more dinosaur left over which should be able to take care of the remaining health of the dinosaurs, but this depends on what you chose, so pick your team carefully.

Levels 17 and 18 are pretty similar, so you can probably try the same battle style in both levels, but if it doesn’t work for both levels, it’s always good to try and figure out a battle style that works for YOU.

Since no battle will ever give the same results, I would advise switching up your battle routine every so often, because no single style is going to always work, you’ll have battle where you win the battle without flaw and then you’ll also have battles where you’ll end up getting smushed into the ground, leaving the battle with a mere few hit points between your entire party. The important thing is to figure out multiple methods of winning the battle that work for you, having different styles that you can switch between quite easily will be great, as it both lessens your chances of losing and it also keeps the battle fresh.

Come back soon for more tips!

Tournament Tips for Jurassic Park Builder – Choosing Dinosaurs

Did you come looking for Jurassic Park Builder tournament tips? Well you came to the right place!

We all know there is no thrill like playing with another player in real time no matter how high end or well maintained game you are playing. An even greater update to Jurassic Park Builder was when live tournaments were introduced where players can unleash the aggressiveness of their hungry beasts against other players. Entering a tournament needs IGDs and reward of winning a tournament is also in IGDs.You can choose three of your finest dinosaurs for the tournament. The rules of tournament are the same as those of Battle Arena.

A good strategy of fighting a tournament involves knowing weaknesses of your opponent. As we know, every dinosaur is weak against certain type of attack and strong against others. You can get the list of weaknesses of every dinosaur from Jurassic Park Builder wiki. But if you are playing the game on mobile, it will be pretty hard to switch from the game to your browser. Fortunately, there is another method of finding a dinosaur’s weakness. For every dinosaur, the low, moderate and high damage attacks lie in the order from right to left. Make your first attack by guess. If it was a low damage attack, you know that immediate right to it is the moderate damage attack and after that, the high power attack. It must be noted that low, moderate and high power attack will be different for every dinosaur. What is high damage attack for one dinosaur may be a low damage attack for another dinosaur.

There is a limited number of blocks and special attacks allowed per tournament. It is highly advised that you don’t use a special attack unless the opponent has used all of his blocks or there is a good chance your special attack will be blocked. Also, use special only if you have to, not because you have extra special attacks lying around. As for using blocks, try to use them against specials only. This way, you will be able to block a lot more damage.

Switching dinosaurs is also allowed in tournaments but it comes at the cost of a turn. Unless you know what you are doing, switching dinosaurs just loses you are turn. Switching works best when you have to switch between high health and high damage dinosaurs. If used wisely, switching can turn the tables, otherwise you just lose a bunch of turns.

Team building is another art you need to know to win tournaments. Each dinosaur will need to get some rest after a fight so you cannot rely on three dinosaurs for your entire tournament career. You will need to make multiple teams and learn how to fit any dinosaur in its appropriate position. Every person has his own strategy while making a team. You will have to work out what works best for you. For me, the team should have a dinosaur with huge amount of health to keep me in the game for a long time, a dinosaur with moderate health and damage and a dinosaur with high damage. I don’t use the moderate damage dinosaur unless I have upgraded it fairly.

So the very first thing you need to do when you’re figuring out if you’re ready to fight or not is to have a look at your dinosaurs. Figure out which ones are the strongest, these are the ones that will do best in battles. Figuring this out will make your battle experience a whole lot easier.

Although really, you should just judge your dinosaurs based on their strength alone, even the weak little triceratops can have his shot in the tournaments. Sure, looking for the dinosaur with the highest health points and highest damage will make the battle really easy, but if you know you’re getting low on resources and you need to get some pretty quickly without worrying about the cool down timer, busting out a level 40 triceratops will get you through the lower level fights without any problems.


If you know you can do a little better than that, try a dinosaur a little stronger and try the tournaments levels between fifteen and twenty, these levels will end up giving you some pretty nice rewards like crops and meat, things that can really come in handy for your parks.

The majority of people use the tournaments to mine materials for their parks, which is in actual fact a great idea, I would however, advise against trying to farm for materials on boss fight levels as these fights can get pretty nasty, I would advise you to just take down the boss and move on to the next set of levels and farm on these instead.

Which leads me to the next tip; NEVER use your very best dinosaur against a boss dinosaur unless you have literally no other choice, instead, use a team of decent level dinosaurs, that way, if you do end up failing, it’s not a problem and you’ve not lost your best dinosaur.

Make sure to check the site again soon, where we go into more tips to make your tournaments go a lot easier!

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder is a park building simulation game available for free download on iPad, iPhone, Android and the Amazon Kindle, it is also available to play on PC through Facebook. The game was developed and published by Canadian games development company Ludia in 2012. Players are given a stretch of land which they must develop into a profitable dinosaur park, expanding their park as they develop further.
With a four star rating in the iOS app store, what is it that makes this game so compelling to users?

Fast Paced Gameplay

The gameplay of Jurassic park Builder is fairly fast paced as the player is immediately thrown into developing their parks whilst the game also walks them through the basics of running their parks and building up their dinosaur inventory. The player is also immediately given quests which have them jump right into the action of the game.

Various Thing To Do

The player is given a wide array of things to do to fill their game playing experience, whilst main aim of the game is to find as many dinosaurs as you can, that is not all there is to the game. The play can have three different parks where their different types of dinosaurs reside; the Jurassic park, the Aquatic park and the Glacier park. There is also a mini game mode in the form of the battle arena where players are able to use their strongest dinosaurs to do battle against other players dinosaurs. Other mini game types are Tournament Mode and Code Red.

Subtly Story-Driven

John Hammond has made you the manager of Jurassic Park. You have to build a well functioning Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. Characters from the Jurassic Park films will be helping you do this, by checking on your progress and helping you advance further in the game by offering pointers and advice on what to do to be successful. After the player has completed their Jurassic Park and the Aquatic Park, John Hammond wants to open the Glacier Park; featuring the extinct animals of the Cenozoic Era. Introducing the younger generation to the story of Jurassic Park is a great way of keeping the classic movies alive.

Educational and Fun

With over 90 different types of dinosaurs to collect, the player is encouraged to learn more about the Jurassic Period and the creatures they are nurturing. The dinosaurs are placed in different enclosures depending on whether they are carnivores or herbivores; this helps the player with easy identification when gathering food for their dinosaurs.

Different Than Other Park Building Games

Whilst building and business simulation games have been around for quite some time, initially gaining popularity from games like Rollercoaster Tycoon which was released in the late 90’s, it is only recently through mobile technology and social media that they have really grown in popularity. There are almost 200 business simulation games in the business simulation game category on Wikipedia alone, with that many options out there, does Jurassic Park Builder really stand a chance at being any different? Many critics have said yes it does. Whilst most games in this genre are all about making money, Jurassic Park Builder stands out with its many features, not just the money making aspect, one of the biggest things in the game is that player has to find genetic matter which they have to then develop into full grown dinosaurs themselves. Another pretty big difference is the believable graphics in the game, it really looks like what they are trying to portray unlike a lot of games out there.

Jurassic Park Builder has a metacritic score of 70 and has generally favorable reviews from critics. A critic from Gamezebo said “Jurassic Park Builder’s core gameplay certainly doesn’t break new ground, but it builds a solid experience with its old materials. Even if you master dinosaur wrangling, however, don’t get too confident: life finds a way (to eat you alive).”

My Reaction to the Game


After going through the game tutorial and being shown the ropes of dinosaur taming, I quickly grew enthralled with the idea of recreating a species that has been long since wiped out and before long I owned ten different dinosaurs and lot of decorations meticulously placed around my neatly arranged park. The game itself is easy enough to get the hang of and you quickly amass amber pieces to research new dinosaur species with.

Decoding the genetic material stored inside the amber pieces were another story though. Initially, all my research attempts in the research center were nsucessful, but as I gained more dinosaurs, the attempts began failing and I would have to spend a lot of my coins decoding ten parts of the gene, it would give the option to retry the part that failed for one dinobuck, this is definitely a process that it made easier by spending real money for dinobucks.

Once I got past that and I had my shiny new dinosaur in my park, I could level him up to level 10 but then I would need to head back to the research center once again to evolve him. All in all, it’s a crazy process that does get old very quickly, but does not take all the fun out of the game. While waiting to gain more coins, meat and crops, there was a bunch of other fun things to do to keep me from getting bored, between battling my friends and perfecting my island I had plenty to do to keep my entertained.

You gain experience pretty fast through all sorts of things, you can also build up a nice little nest egg of both coins and dinosaur food pretty quick, meaning that you rarely have to wait long if you really don’t have anything to do. I can play this game for hours on end without losing interest; I literally have to force myself to put my iPad down, or being down for maintenance does the trick too!  I definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys simulation games. It’s a classic concept with a really great new twist.

Jurassic Park Builder Limited Edition Dinosaurs

Although most of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder can be found at any time throughout the game, there have been some that are limited edition and were only available for a certain amount of time.  Here’s a list of all the limited edition dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder.


The Tuojiangosaurus was one of the first limited edition dinosaurs to come to Jurassic Park Builder.  It was released in September 2012 and was only available for a few days.  The Tuojiangosaurus is an herbivore.



The Yutyrannus is the largest known feathered dinosaur that has been discovered.  It was released in the Jurassic Park Builder game in October 2012 and was only available for a couple days like the other limited edition dinosaurs.  The Yutyrannus is a carnivore and was only available for purchase using cash.



The Carnotaurus is a carnivore, in case you couldn’t guess from the name.  The Carnotaurus was added to Jurassic Park Builder in October 2012 and is supposedly still available now.  Not much is known at this time on how to get a Carnotaurus though.



The Amargasaurus is another limited edition dinosaur that was released in December 2012.  Amargasaurus are herbivores and have a double row of spines along their back.



Jurassic Park Builder Resources

As you probably know, there are a variety of different resources needed to build and run your park in Jurassic Park Builder.  These resources vary from the types of money needed to buy items to the different kinds of food you need to feed your dinosaurs.  Here are some brief descriptions of the resources in Jurassic Park Builder and how they are used.


The two main types of currency in Jurassic Park Builder are Coins and Bucks.



Coins can be earned by doing missions, having park visitors, and doing pretty much any other activity in Jurassic Park Builder.  Then you can spend them to get new attractions and other items for your park.



Bucks are the second form of currency in Jurassic Park Builder.  Unlike coins, bucks must be purchased using real money.  You can then use your bucks to purchase rare or special items like exclusive dinosaurs, items or even coins and food.

Jurassic Park Builder Food

There are a total of six different kinds of food in Jurassic Park Builder.  Each of the three parks has two different types of food.  Food can either be raised and harvested or it can be purchased from the Harbors at each park by spending coins.

Jurassic Park Food

The classic Jurassic Park has two types of food: meat and crops.


The meat is used to feed your carnivore dinosaurs.


The crops are used to feed your herbivore dinosaurs.

Aquatic Park Food

There are two types of food available for the aquatic dinosaurs and creatures: fish and crustaceans.


Most of the aquatic creatures eat fish.


Some of them require crustaceans to eat and survive.

Glacier Park Food

For the Glacier Park creatures, there are two different types of meat and crops.  These are different from the meat and crops you’ll find at the Jurassic Park.


This is what the meat looks like for the Glacier Park dinosaurs and other creatures.


The crops for the Glacier Park herbivores look like the ones pictured above.

These are the main types of resources you will find in the Jurassic Park Builder game!  Coins and bucks probably have the most flexibility for what you can do with them but the food resources are equally, if not more important.  Without food, your dinosaurs will die!

If you’re having trouble earning coins or are tired of waiting for crops or meat to be ready, check out our Jurassic Park Builder hack tool!  You can get thousands of coins in no time and then use them to purchase food or anything else you want!

We also will be posting some new cheats for Jurassic Park Builder as we find them so be sure to check back!

Jurassic Park Builder Parks

There are three main parks in Jurassic Park Builder: Jurassic Park, Aquatic Park and Glacier Park. John Hammond seems exceptionally enthusiastic and successful towards his mission in the game. After you are done building a park which contains extinct land animals from the jurassic era, he gives you an opportunity to make another park of the same type which contains extinct aquatic animals.

Jurassic Park Builder players are probably already familiar with the different types of park available in the game.  Each type of park has a different climate or theme which facilitates life for different types of dinosaurs.  Certain types of parks cannot be unlocked until you reach a certain level.  There are three different kinds of parks that you can choose from in Jurassic Park Builder: Jurassic Park, Aquatic Park, and Glacier Park.

Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar


Jurassic Park is the fundamental park of the game. It is as far as the movies go. John Hammond makes you the in charge of all matters of the park. You acquire a land where dinosaurs lived a long time ago and revive their bodies by collecting their DNA from that ground and putting into various frogs’ DNA. When all these things work out well due to your “extreme hard work” and “exceptional administration skills” and the park seems to be stable enough to make progress on its own, you should move forward towards the revival of animals from other eras of history.

The Jurassic Park is the traditional park based on Isla Nublar.  This park is based on the mesozoic era and is the first type of park you’ll unlock in the Jurassic Park Builder game.  I’ll be adding a list of all the available dinosaurs for this park so check back soon!

The Aquatic Park is located on the ocean and is where you’ll find all of the extinct prehistoric sea creatures.  There are a lot of different sea creatures that you can add to your Aquatic Park.  In order to get new sea creatures, you have to find fossils.  These fossils can be found by doing expeditions, I’ll cover these more later on.

Glacier Park


Glacier Park is the third and last park of the game. It is located in Patagonia and its purpose is to revive the extinct species from Cenozoic era along with some crocodiles from Mesozoic era. In other words, we will be growing some massive elephants and badass polar lions in our labs.

Glacier Park has some of the coolest looking animals. It looks the same as Jurassic Park other than the fact that it is constantly covered with snow. The procedure of acquisition of amber in this park is the same as aquatic Park. To collect amber, you send expeditions. Those expeditions return with some samples. Number of samples is based on the number of IGDs you spend on the expedition. The expedition will not always be successful in collecting the DNA. Sometimes they will return with a stack of food or coins. Once the amber is acquired, a little lightning icon will be visible above the research building. Go in the research building and extract DNA with standard procedure. Any animals whose DNA is extracted will be available in the market for purchase.

Glacier Park has its own buildings and decorations. There are two types of animals in Glacier Park: Carnivores and Herbivores. Both their foods can be collected from their respective harbors.

Glacier Park was added to Jurassic Park Builder in one of the recent updates.  This park is based in Patagonia and features extinct animals from the ice age or Cenozoic era.  The Glacier Park addition to Jurassic Park Builder brought new dinosaurs but also some other new animals too!

You can find these new animals similar to how you can find them at the Aquatic park, by looking for fossils.  The only difference is you’ll be using a helicopter to find these animals.  Due to the arctic climate, there’s also new types of food and meats at the Glacier Park that you’ll need to harvest to keep your animals fed.

Aquatic Park

So you are done with the revival of extinct land animals, amazing. Let us move forward and bring back some of the beasts of water back to this world and put them in another park called Aquatic Park. Aquatic Park is the second park in Jurassic Park Builder. It works in the same way Jurassic Park does. Except that the amber acquisition stage is replaced with expeditions. The Aquatic Park looks like a well maintained gigantic fish tank where different species of water-dinosaurs are kept in the little invisible boxes. You can build tracks on which submarines can travel. This way, the visitors will be able to take a round of your park. After all, what good is a park without visitors. Actually, the visitors don’t mean anything in the Jurassic Park Builder. There are no profit margins of having visitors but still, it is aesthetically beautiful to have tracks and roads in your park where cars full of imaginary visitors take rounds around majestic creatures made by you.

Aquatic Park gives more income than the Jurassic Park. There are two types of animals in Aquatic Park: Piscivores eat fish and Crustaceavores eat crustacea(it’s a type of shrimp). Both the fish and crustacea can be collected from the respective harbors. Harbors are available in the market and need to be activated to start making food.

As told earlier, to acquire amber of different animals in Aquatic Park, you will need to send expeditions by clicking on the bottom left corner in the game.

  • The free expeditions collect only one sample
  • Expedition sent by spending 2 bucks will return with 2 samples
  • If 5 dollars are spent, expedition will take ALL samples

We are talking about in-game dollars here. More samples mean more chances of DNA samples. Not every expedition will return with a DNA to be researched and processed. Sometimes it will return with food, coins or other similar resources. Persistence and hardwork is the key to success. Specially if you are not willing to spend any money on the game.

These are the three different types of parks currently available in Jurassic Park Builder.  More details on each park and the types of dinosaurs found in each are soon to come!

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