Jurassic Park Builder Missions

In each park, you will be assigned with various missions from different characters. There are total 5 characters in Jurassic Park Builder.

  • John Hammond
  • Alan Grant
  • Henry Wu
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Kelly Malcolm

Each of these characters will assign you a mission according to their personality. For example, John Hammond being an investor and businessman, will assign you missions like buying new plots for expansion of the park, constructing various buildings and roads in the park and buy new items.

Ian Malcolm, being a doctor will assign you missions which involve helping him in completing some research, conducting some tests with dinosaurs or catching a reported who has hid himself in the park somewhere and is leaking videos and photos of the park. In the same way, all characters will give you missions according to their personalities.


All the new missions will be highlighted with big icons at the left side of the screen. Also, you will receive a popup at the start of the game when new mission is available. The deal about missions is there are tons of them and they are easy to complete. They also familiarize you with areas of the parks which you otherwise may have missed.

Code Red

What is the Jurassic Park without terror, storms and terrifying screams of dinosaurs escaping from their cages? Code Red is a minigame in the Jurassic Park Builder. Once the player has a minimum of 5 carnivores in its park, the minigame is enabled.

When the minigame starts, every dinosaur starts getting restless. The amount of frustration is shown by a timer over every dinosaur. It is the player’s job to click on each dinosaur before the timer runs out. Clicking on the dinosaurs enables dino wranglers which keep the dinosaur calm. If the dinosaur wrangler is not enabled in time, the dinosaur goes crazy and the minigame ends with that dinosaur missing. Then, like hatching, it will take some days to return to the park and you will not be able to collect coins from it during those days.

Enabling Code Red is totally a player’s choice. To enable the storm, the player must click on the minigame icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. It must be noted that Code Red takes some time to be recharged. The player will have to wait before starting the game again.

Jurassic Park Builder Decorations

Decorations are special items which make your park more attractive and increase the number of coins generated by dinosaurs and buildings per unit time. Every decoration has what we call the ‘area of effect’ which is indicated by colored region when the decoration is selected. For a dinosaur or a building to be affected by a decoration, it must be in the area of effect of the decoration. The overlap of one plot is enough and increasing the overlap does NOT increase the effect any further.

It is possible for a dinosaur/building to be affected by multiple decorations. If done so, the effects will be added rather than compounded. There is a difference. It means that both decorations will increase the performance of dinosaur/building depending on dinosaur’s base stats rather than the stats calculated after being affected from the first decoration.


That being said, you should place the decorations wisely. You should find a way to place the items around the decorations in such a way to place most items in its area of effect. But during the process, keep in mind that the main purpose of the game is to build a beautiful park comprised of the extinct animals, not a coin-generating industry where dinosaurs and buildings are jumbled around the decorations. There is no point in being efficient if your farm does not attract the eye.

Every park has its own set of decorations. No decoration is repeated in any of the parks. Some of the names are used in multiple parks but the corresponding decorations are completely different from one another. I would like to phrase the obvious here: The more expensive decorations are better and decorations bought for in-game dollars are better than those which can be bought with coins. But a person with cheaper decorations who knows how to place them effectively will be far ahead than the one who spends thousands of in-game dollars and does not know how to get most out of the decorations.

Jurassic Park Builder Buildings

Buildings are the second main source of income in the Jurassic Park Builder after dinosaurs. Buildings can be bought in the buildings tab in the market. Buildings take time to be built, but once built, they don’t need any leveling up or renovation. On the positive side, you can put any number of the same building in your park unlike dinosaurs which can only be placed one per species. Or in some cases, one pair per species.

There are several kinds of buildings from windmills to shopping malls, hotels to circuises, castles to roller coasters and observation towers to broadcast stations. Some buildings can be bought with coins while the others need IGDs. As usual, the IGD buildings are ready made and do not need any building time (with exceptions). But they are not necessarily better than the buildings bought with dollars. Buildings can also be sold in the market but the selling price is too low and we advise you to plan ahead so you don’t need to replace any buildings.

Buildings take different amount of time to be built and generate different number of coins. The construction time(in minutes) of a building can be calculated in advance by dividing its cost in coins by 62.5. For example the price of Four Winds Hotel is 918,000 coins. Dividing it by 62.5 we get 14688 minutes or 244h48m. Too much time huh? Don’t worry it is the last building of Jurassic Park and by the time you buy it, you will be a Jurassic Park Builder maniac who either has a lot of time or money to spend on the game. Also, you can “speed up the construction” by spending IGDs.


That being said, every park has its own set of buildings which eliminates repetition of the same patterns and pushes the player towards designing every park differently.

The two most prominent buildings are Research Center and Harbor.

Research Center

Research Center is the place where DNA is extracted from the amber collected during land clearance or expeditions. Whenever new amber is available, a small lightning symbol will appear on the Research Center. When this symbol appears, just click on Research Center and then click on the button on the bottom right to start research. Once all of the strands of DNA are extracted, you will have egg of the respective species. The extraction process has been explained in detail above.


To level up the dinosaurs, you need to feed them. You can get their food from their respective harbors. To collect food from a harbor you will need to activate it first. The activation time of a harbor and food generated by it depends on the level of the harbor. The number of coins needed for the activation remains the same irrespective of the level or harbor. If there is one thing you should upgrade in Jurassic Park Builder, it should be the harbors.

Jurassic World Game Tips & Cheats

Jurassic World: The Game is a new game that improves on the park building concept of Jurassic Park™ Builder, but adds exciting new gameplay with the new Arena Mode. In Arena Mode, you’re given the opportunity to strut your flashy dino hybrids around and battle it out against other players in real-time. However, in order to get your dinosaurs into tip top arena fighting shape, you’ll have to revisit your park-building basics and build and manage your own Jurassic World Theme Park. In this guide, we’ll cover some general tips that may help you manage your park a little bit more efficiently and reach that colorful beast of a dinosaur you’ve got your eyes on (I’m personally set on obtaining my very own Tyrannotitan).


Open your Free Card Pack as Often as Possible

In Jurassic World: The Game, you’re the given the opportunity to open a free card pack every six hours. These packs contain things like coins, food, DNA, dinosaurs, and special event quests. The packs are usually very generous about the amount of coins and food they give and can result in a huge boost in resources, especially during the early game. They’re definitely worth collecting every six hours as these packs, along with quests, will account for most of the resources you earn within the game when you’re first starting out, and to grow your park, you’re going to need a lot of coins and food.


Focus on Completing Quests

Your other main source of income when you’re first starting out will be quest rewards. The game provides plenty of quest content that will last you well into the higher levels of the game, so don’t worry about running out. These quests are often simple to complete, with tasks such as “level up a dinosaur” or “place a decoration” and can provide hefty rewards of coins, food, and XP. If you’re looking to level up fast and reach the next battle stages, complete as many quests as you can.


Carnivores Typically Generate the Most Coins

Now that you’ve got a foothold in the park building business, it’s time to start setting up a more consistent source of coin income. You’ll want to do this by housing plenty of dinos, and leveling up the ones that bring you the most coins. While it may be tempting to spend your food (which is most likely still in scarce supply at this point) on the triceratops that you started the game out with, it is often much more efficient to spend it on carnivores, as these tend to bring in more revenue than any of the other type of dinosaur. In this case, you should follow the advice of the park owners in the movie if you want your park to grow: “Bigger, scarier, cooler, and more teeth!”

Always Pay Attention to the Rate at which Dinosaurs Generate Coins

Don’t be deceived! That dinosaur that generates 200 coins every five minutes won’t actually make you more money than that dinosaur that makes 1000 every hour. When the info panel for a dino says that it makes 200 coins every five minutes, what it is isn’t telling you is that after it has produced those 200 coins in those five minutes, it won’t produce any more until you’ve collected those 200. So unless you’re online every five minutes to collect coins, it’s almost always better to invest in the dinosaurs that take longer to generate income. This trait isn’t really specific to any type of dinosaur, so just make sure you check and see how long the cycle is for each dinosaur you own.


Be Smart About Placing Decorations

Decorations in Jurassic World: The Game aren’t just there to look good. They actually provide boosts to the structures and dinosaurs in range of them! The boosts don’t amount to much at first, but after you’ve obtained a good number of them and place them strategically, they really start to add up! In the image above, I’ve placed my amber stone in such a way that it is able to boost five structures at once (six if i squeezed one in the top left and shifted everything to the right a little. You’ll notice that some of the dinosaurs in the picture have been boosted a whopping five or six percent! I’ve placed most of my decorations in range of my Majungasauruhs because it, being my highest leveled carnivore, is my main money maker. By being smart about where you place your decorations, you can significantly increase the overall income of your park.

Don’t Expand If You Don’t Need To

As I’ve stated previously, coins and food will be really hard to come by in the early stages of the game. The dinosaurs, decorations, and buildings you acquire throughout the game all come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s important to effectively squeeze all of them together and not take up more space than you need to. You shouldn’t be spending coins on expanding your park until you absolutely have to. The price for each expansion goes up every time you purchase one and can take a huge toll on your overall resource count if you aren’t careful. It’s up to you to efficiently use the space in your park, and effectively place all of your dinosaurs, buildings, and decorations. If you’re careless about it, you’ll be left with a lot of open space that’ll add up, and you’ll be spending all of your hard earned coins on park expansions.

Save your Dino Cash!

It’s tempting to spend the cash you start out with or earn from quests on things like speeding up construction, production, or dinosaur evolution, but you’ll regret it later on in the game when you’re introduced to live battles. Live battles are like arena battles but are played against real players in real-time. Not only is it exciting and fun to show off and battle your dinosaurs against another player, but you’ll be given the chance to spin a prize wheel and win huge prizes if you win the battle. These live battles each cost five Dino Cash, which you’ll only really have a problem having enough of if you spend too much of your cash on other things. If you’re not so much into arena battling, then it’d be alright to throw away some Dino Cash here and there, but the live arena mode is a very exciting part of the game, and you should at least give it a shot!


Be Smart About Speeding Spending Dino Cash in the Hatchery

If you truly have to spend some of your Dino Cash to speed up dinosaur hatching, make sure you consider your options carefully. Whenever you decide to speed up an egg, you’re given two choices: you can either instantly hatch the egg in one of your occupied incubators to make space for the next egg or purchase a new incubator to hatch your new egg in. Keep in mind that purchasing a new incubator is really more like renting one in the sense that you only get to use that incubator for one egg before having to purchase it again. Instantly hatching one egg costs a certain amount based on how much time is left on the egg, while opening up another incubator costs a fixed amount for each incubator: 10 cash for the first one, 25 for the next, and so on. So it turns out that if you’re willing to wait for both eggs, buying another incubator can often be more efficient than speeding up the first egg. Always check to see whether instantly hatching an egg is more or less expensive than buying a new incubator, and you’ll be able to save some serious Dino Cash over time.

Now you’re equipped with everything you need to know to build up your Jurassic World Theme Park! You’re on your way to discovering all the cool dinosaurs you saw in the movie and even creating some of your own! Once you’ve spent some time with the game and leveled up some dinosaurs, and you’ve decided you want to give the battle arena a shot, be sure to check out our Arena Battle Guide too! Have fun building your own Jurassic World Theme Park and discovering all of the many dinosaurs there are to discover!

Level 4 – Restoring Power Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Ellie Sattler, and Robert Muldoon.

The level picks up where we left off stranded by our vehicle at the bottom of the tree that we fell from. If we head opposite of the drain we see a pool of water that cannot be crossed. Fortunately, there is a grate that we can switch to Timmy and crawl through.


After we crowl through the grate, we can approach the machine that lifts the bridge, allowing our other characters to cross. We can see a spot that needs to be dug through which builds a set of Legos that we can climb up and over the enclosure with.


Ascend up and across and into a new location. Follow the road to the next area and cross a set of branches to progress.


We can see a few lily pads in the water that we can jump onto to cross the river and approach the next area. We come to a big gap full of water that we cannot cross. Shoot the vine down with Ellie in order to swing across to the other side.


Follow the path to the ditch and dig up some bones and assemble them into a ladder so we can progress. Continue through the hole in the cage and smash through the vines blocking the way to trigger a cut scene featuring our Lego characters exploring the park and see a large pack of dinosaurs running at us.

The cut scene ends and we take control of our characters and must flee from the pack of dinosaurs running at us.


Similarly to the T-Rex sequence, we must dodge incoming dinosaurs and avoid them from knocking us over. After running from these dinos, we find haven under a tree safe from the pack. A cut scene triggers and it flashes to Robert and the other characters discussing their plan of regaining control of the park. We take control of Ellie and Alan as they explore a bunker looking for the others who were supposed to be taking shelter. Progress down the dunker stairs and in a cubby on the right we can find a pile of dinosaur droppings. Use Ellie to dig through the droppings to reveal a collectible piece of dinosaur DNA.


Head to the right to continue progressing through the bunker. We can head through a gate to find a new area. We root through the trash and find a key to the locked door.

After putting the key into the giant lock, we can continue to progress into the next area. As we enter the area, we see that there is a cavern that we must cross somehow in order to get to the next area. Fortunately for us, there is a convenient pipe located at the top right part of this area. We can shoot down a loose pipe that allows us to cross the gap and continue along.


Build the ramp up onto the ramp and continue to the next area where we encounter some steam gauges. Time the steam gauges and cross when there is no steam so you do not get hit. Grab onto the lever as one of the characters and progress through the walkway as the other. At the last steam gauge, we can interact with a lever and turn off the steam, allowing both characters to cross safely.


Continue following down the stairs and following the path. Head left at the end of the path and dig through the droppings to assemble a device that we cannot use at this time as we do not have the appropriate character. Head toward the path with the next steam gauge and turn it off by shooting the valve on top of it. Pass through where the steam was and follow the path. Use Ellie to jump over the fence and into the next area.


Jump and pull down the handle to reveal the generator and fix it by assembling the appropriate pieces. Then interact with the generator and press the button shown when the gauge is centered. Once completed, a cut scene will trigger which shows a raptor has been among us this whole time.

The cut scene leads us out side of the bunker in the world again. Head east and shoot down the target on the tree. Alan will dig up a sprout that Ellie can water which reveals a series of flowers that can be climbed to reach the new area.


After climbing the flowers and reaching the new area, water the next sprout next to the edge to sprout flowers that allow Alan to climb up as well. Break the target on the tree to reveal vines that allow us to swing to the next area and progress through the area. We encounter and raptor and we must hit a series of buttons rapidly to escape from him. He flees and we continue on our way. Follow the path and climb the rocks and dig through the droppings as Ellie. After digging through the droppings Ellie can build a bridge that allows us to cross to a new area.


Cross the bridge and continue following the area. Another raptor will appear and we must fight him off again by pressing the buttons that appear rapidly. Continue on the path and assemble a machine that allows us to clear the path of the rocks blocking the way. Follow the rocks down the hill and Alan will search the area for dig sites. A third raptor will appear and like the first two, we must fight this one off.

This sets the stage for our first boss fight in the game. The mechanics for this boss fight are simple. Pay attention to which bush the raptor jumps into and throw the brick into the bush that the raptor is located in to stun him and do a tick of damage.


After three hits a cut scene will feature in which Alan battles against the raptor in an epic cut scene. The cut scene ends and the level is finished. In order to achieve True Survivor ranking no this level, a total of 42,000 studs must be collected.

Level 3 – Park Shutdown Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Ian Malcom, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler.

The level opens up with us as Alan right outside the captivity of another dinosaur. If we walk up to the telescope we can see an overview of the huge map in its entirety. All of the places capable of being explored are shown on this map.


If we go down the road a bit we can spawn a vehicle for us to continue our journey in. Follow the road to the end to reveal that a rock slide has occurred and we must go around.


If we go through the gate that is directly opposite the rock slide, we can go to another area that reveals an employee has got himself stuck in a tree. We can cut him down easily with our Velociraptor tooth and after we do so he gives us a collectible and points us to a dinosaur spawning point, similar to the vehicle spawning point. Summon the Triceratops and break the tree that has fallen and is in the way.


After breaking the tree roots we see that the Dilophosauruses have cornered another handler and we must help him. Run into and smash the other dinosaurs to help the handler, but be careful of the aid that they spit at you. The handler that we save drops a ladder for us that allows us to bypass the rock slide that took place.


Continue up the ladder and into the next area and head back towards the rock slide. We can see a pile of studs that we can dig us as Alan which reveals a jackhammer. Give the jackhammer to the worker to have him destroy the rocks blocking the way.


Get back into your vehicle and follow the road that is no longer blocked by the rocks. Approach the other vehicle at the gate and continue through the gate to trigger a cut scene.


The cut scene shows that the gates have all been shut down and trouble is brewing as the phones are out as well. The cut scene shows an iconic moment in the Jurassic franchise as the T-Rex approaches. The ground shakes and the cup falls and breaks.

The cut scene ends in the T-Rex enclosure and we take control of Alan again. We are tasked with distracting the T-Rex to save our friends in the overturned vehicle. Head left of the T-Rex and use Alan to smash through the brush to reveal a crank.


Apply this crank to the generator to drain the water from the area. After draining the water, a bunch of pieces will be revealed. Put the pieces together to create this contraption that springs up a bone and plays a tone and grabs the T-Rex’s attention. Approach the vehicle and interact with the parts to create another invention. This invention allows us to jump. Approach the character in the car and help them escape.


Use Lex’s ability to scream and distract him with the other vehicle. This triggers a cut scene that draws the T-Rex away from the area. Use the wench from the second vehicle and attach it to the overturned vehicle to upright it and pull it out of the mud. This allows the second character to escape. As with the first, approach the vehicle and help him out. After helping the second character, a cut scene triggers in which the T-Rex creates some havoc.

As the cut scene ends, we see we are in a new area and must scale the tree in order to save Tim Murphy. There is a save point to the left of the tree and an area in which we can dig and discover another lever.


Attach the lever to the generator near the drain pipe to allow the water to escape which reveals a pile of bones. The bones turn into a see saw to bounce ourselves up onto the tree to start our climb. Get the characters into position and get launched onto the first platform of the tree. Make sure you launch Ellie up into the tree as she has the ability to jump much higher than Alan. Jump to the second platform right from where you were launched to discover pieces that can be put together to form a ladder.


The ladder allows us a checkpoint in case we fall and allows Alan to come up. Climb the ladder with Alan and cut the vines in the way. Grab the vines and swing to the next platform. We can then approach the tree and climb the pegs by pressing the action button which leads us to a new platform. Shoot the foliage in the way to create another bridge linking us to new platform. Cross the new bridge and switch to Alan to smash more vines to reveal more bones. The bones assemble into a trampoline.


This launches us to a vine that we can grab which allows us to scale the tree higher. Jump onto the mushroom and switch to Ellie to jump off the purple walls and knock down the tire swing that allows Alan to get up. Cut down the final vine holding the truck and switch to Ellie to scream and blow out the windows of the car. This allows us to pull Timmy out of the vehicle safely. A cut scene occurs in which the vehicle falls and the characters climb down the tree much more rapidly than they climbed up.

The cut scene ends us with us in another vehicle being chased by the T-Rex. Be prepared to steer and accelerate the car. Dodge the T-Rex as he attempts to devour your car.


The chase ends and a cut scene starts. The cut scene shows the characters response to the tragedy and their plan on how to continue. A few famous scenes are depicted in this cut scene so be sure to pay attention. After the cut scene has finished the level is completed and the trophies screen appears. In order to receive the ranking of True Survivor a total of 80,000 studs are needed.

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