Level 20 – Main Street Showdown & Ending Cheats Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, Owen Grady, Blue, and Claire Dearing.

The very final part of the story and the end of this walk through starts with the whole group together and safe. Claire has found her nephews and Owen has saved them all from the immediate dangers. In order to progress and start the final story in the game, we must follow the faded blue stud path.


The path will lead us to a building. We must switch to Claire and use her ability to interact with the electronics to interact with the panel. Interacting with the panel will drop a ladder that only Owen Grady can climb up. Once he climbs to the top, there will be a dinosaur statue to the left that he must knock to the ground.


The dinosaur statue will fall into a bunch of blocks. Switch to Gray and use his ability to interact with the blocks to build a ladder for the whole group to climb up to the next area. We must switch to Claire again and use her to interact with the electronic panel to open the door. Once the group goes through the door, a cut scene will start with the group running to the laboratory.

It turns out that the laboratory was evacuated and they are taking all of the dinosaurs with them with the hopes of starting another Jurassic Park. It turns out that the dinosaurs have been genetically modified this whole time. A raptor enters the laboratory and takes care of the head doctor. The group runs away, but there are Raptors all over the museum. The cut scene ends and we take control of the group in the Innovation Center as they are surrounded by Raptors.

If we go to the left from where we started, we can switch to Claire and interact with the control panel on the wall.


Doing this will activate the vending machine and a bunch of parts will spit out. The parts build into a collectible! Head to the right and you can interact with the learning machines. Jimmy Fallon is the voice of these machines and will tell you all sorts of interesting facts about the dinosaurs!


This does nothing but lets you hear Jimmy Fallon’s voice in the game and give you some neat information about assorted types of dinosaurs.

Head opposite of the interaction points and to the back wall of this room. There will a panel that we must switch to Claire and use her ability to activate it.


Interacting with the electronics will allow Owen to scale the wall and reach the pipe so he can pull it down and move all of the dirt. We must switch to Gray and use him to build up the dinosaur bones into a ladder that the group can climb up and progress to the next area.

Once in the next area, head to the left and switch to Claire and use her ability to interact with the electronics again. This will open a door that shows a rope attached to something. We must switch to Owen and use his knife to cut the rope.


Once the rope is cut, a light will fall and the DNA strand will break into a bunch of blocks. Build those blocks into a hammer. Crank the hammer by pushing it and then let it go to break some glass and reveal a hidden pathway.

Head through the newly opened door and switch to Gray in order to climb through the small crawlspace.


Once he crawls to the next area, he must fix the jammed door. There is a big dinosaur skull in the room that must be broken. After the skull is broken, a bunch of blocks will fall that can be built into a platform for the machine to be moved, and the rest of the team can progress.


Now we must switch to Owen Grady and use his disguise to sneak past the Raptor. The rest of the group will sneak with us even though they do not have a disguise. But we are tasked with distracting the dinosaur and making him flee the area so we can move around more freely.

Once you sneak past the Raptor, head into the dark room with Zach and use his torch to light the path. Be careful as a Raptor will jump on you. You must smash the button shown on the screen and knock the Raptor away. The Raptor will flee and we can continue in the dark room. In the back of the room there is an engine that we can interact with.


Interact with the engine and power it up to generate power to the area we were just in. The power will cause a hologram to appear and distract the Raptor. We can now progress down the stairs that the Raptor was blocking.

Another Raptor busts through the front door and we must switch to Owen Grady to use his disguise and run past the Raptor. Once you successfully sneak past the Raptor, destroy the pizza in the enclosure to cause a distraction, even Raptors love pizza!


The blocks will build into a catapult that can launch the pizza at the Raptor. The Raptor then turns his back and allows the rest of the group to cross to this area. We can then switch to Zach and use his wrench ability to fix the broken machine on the left side of this area.


Once the machine is fixed, the center machine will be in working condition and power up. A hologram will appear of a big turkey that will distract all of the Raptors. This will allow us to run through the front door that the Raptor smashed and allow us to escape that area.

A cut scene will trigger and the Raptors have actually surrounded the group. Owen manages to talk some sense into the Raptors and they are now on our side. The Raptors will then charge at the Indominus Rex that is coming for our group. The group decides that they need more teeth, as the Raptors are not enough to fight off the Indominus Rex. Claire runs off with an idea that will hopefully stop the monstrosity and save the group and the Raptors.

The cut scene ends and we take control of the group and we fight against the Indominus Rex. The final boss of this game and the whole entire series. The Indominus Rex has 9 health points. We first must find a way to sneak past the Indominus Rex. In this area, we have the ability to control the Raptor known as Blue. We must head to the right side and smash all of the things in that area. There will be a bunch of blocks that will appear from the destruction that can be built onto the switch.


After building the switch, we must switch to Blue and have him pull on the lever that was built. Once the switch is pulled, we must switch to Zach and use his torch ability to go into the darkened area.


Inside of the dark area is a button that he can push that will turn on the lights for that room. Gray can now enter the room and climb through the crawlspace and up onto the balcony of the building. Once on the balcony, head to the left and jump onto the glowing orange platform and progress to the furthest one.

Once on the furthest block, use Gray’s camera ability to take a picture of the Indominus Rex.

Taking his picture will cause him to growl at the blocks we were standing on and built into blocks that can be built into a machine. We must switch to Blue and interact with the miniature dinosaur that was built. We must smell the miniature dinosaur and use his scent to find another similar item. Following the scent will lead to a pile of dirt that the dinosaur can search and find some parts that can be built into a trampoline.


Switch to Gray and get on the trampoline to jump onto the glowing blocks and ready to take another picture of the Indominus Rex. This will cause the Rex to growl and smash the rest of glowing blocks. This will drop the rest of the parts to complete the cannon that we need to damage the Indominus Rex. Once you jump into the cannon, a cut scene will trigger showing that we are trapped and cannot leave the cannon.

Once that brief cut scene is over, we must wait until the Indominus Rex opens his mouth and fire the cannon inside his mouth.


Successfully doing this will cause him to be stunned. Once he is stunned, switch to the Raptors and attack him. Attacking him with the Raptors wil cause him to be stunned again. When the crosshair turns red from the Raptors attacking him, you must use the Raptor’s ability to pounce and jump at the Indominus Rex.


Doing this successfully will cause him to lose 3 health points. We must repeat the process three times in order to deal the full amount of damage to the Indominus Rex. This fight can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, it took me a few tries to get the hang of the pattern.

After successfully hitting the Indominus Rex 3 times, a cut scene will trigger that shows what Claire has been doing. Her plan is revealed! She releases the Tyrannosaurs Rex to fight off the Indominus Rex. There is an epic battle during the cut scene in which the two giants duke it out. The cut scene ends and we take control of the group again.

On the far right side of the area when we resume, there is a pile of dinosaur droppings that we can inspect with Owen Grady.


The droppings will reveal a collectible. We must now help the T-Rex fight off against the Indominus Rex. Switch to blue and approach the waste bin and get the scent.


Once you get the scent, follow the path to the pile of dirt and dig up some blocks that can be built into an object that the Raptor can pounce onto.

Once the Raptor pounces onto the bar, a bunch of blocks will fall. Assemble the blocks into a ladder that will let us progress to the next level of that building. Unfortunately we cannot take the Raptor up there. Climb the ladder and we are tasked with finding a crank to fix the machine. There is a pile of dinosaur droppings on the roof top. Examine the droppings and the crank will be inside. Get Claire onto the elevator and crank it up with another character. Once she is at the top of elevator, use the zip line to go across to the rooftop on the other side of the street.

Once on the other side of the street, there is a device that we must interact with Claire.


The device will restore power to the store and bring down a tarp that Owen can climb on and progress to the roof. He can then scale the side of the building and climb to the next platform above. Once on the platform, use his knife ability to cut the rope.


Cutting the rope will drop the sign and electrocute the Indominus Rex. Once he is stunned, we can switch to the T-Rex and preform the quick time events and fight off the Indominus Rex.

The T-Rex needs a bit more help though in order to defeat the Indominus Rex. Switch to a Raptor and head to the right side and use the Raptor to pull a lever out. We can then pounce onto the pole and climb the roof with another Raptor. Once on the roof, we can get to the edge of the platform and pounce onto the Indominus Rex.


This will cause the Indominus Rex to be distracted and give the T-Rex a chance to strike him. Keep preforming the on screen events and fight him off.

After successfully doing the on screen events a few times, a cut scene will trigger. The T-Rex will back the Indominus Rex to the edge of the water enclosure and the giant whale dinosaur will eat the Indominus Rex. The Raptors and the T-Rex scatter into the environment. Once the dinosaurs head their separate ways, story complete will appear on screen! But do not worry, there is a bunch more coming. In order to get a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 60,000 studs are needed to have been collected. Beating the last level will also give us the ability to play as Jimmy Fallon and the director of the movie and even Steven Spielberg! A bunch of hidden characters that have been put into the game are unlocked when completing the game.

The final cut scene will start that shows all of the laboratory equipment being taken into the helicopter, giving us a hint that there could be a sequel to the story as there are still dinosaurs living! The T-Rex chasing the Raptor will appear again, but shortly after this mini game, there is another cut scene showing our friend Owen at a dig site with hints to him being in the other Lego game, Lego Dimensions. After that short cut scene the game puts us back into the park back in its normal working condition and the game is over!

That is the end of the Lego Jurassic World story and walk through. There are bunch of collectibles that can be found and getting 100% completion in the game means getting True Survivor ranking for each and every level in the game. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did, and I’m looking forward to see if there will be another Jurassic Park movie or game in the future!

Level 19 – Under Attack Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, Zara, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Barry.

The story continues with Zach and Gray in their truck that they fixed and must get through a locked gate that is blocking their way in order to progress to the next area. There is a grate that Gray can crawl through and progress to a higher area.


Once on the higher area, smash the blocks on top and get the key from the rubble. Put the key in the padlock on the fence and get back into the truck to progress. Continue along the pathway and into the next area.

There is another gate that is broken that must be fixed in order to progress. There is a spot where Zach can boost Gray up to a higher area and get to the generator that is broken.


Boost up Gray and break the things on the wall next to the gate generator to reveal a ladder that will allow Zach up there in order to use his wrench ability to fix the gate. Climb up the ladder and interact with the generator that powers the gate to successfully open the gate and allow the brothers to progress to the next area. Get back into the truck and drive through the newly opened gate.

Once through the gate, a cut scene will trigger and our friendly DNA will give us some more interesting tips on some dinosaurs. The cut scene shows a bunch of people in the control room that are trying to figure out a way to control the Indominus Rex and solve the problem. A group has an idea of releasing some Raptors onto the island to hunt and chase down the Indominus and destroy it. The owner of the group completely objects to this idea however.

The cut scene continues with the owner of the park flying a helicopter and trying to shoot the Indominus Rex with a gun. The helicopter unfortunately shoots the bird enclosure and the bird dinosaurs fly at the helicopter and destroy it. The bird dinosaurs are now on the loose and disrupting the friendly park goers. The park is in total chaos, but luckily, Gray and Zach have managed to make it back to the main park and reunited with their Aunt Claire’s assistant, Zara.

The cut scene ends and we take control of Zach, Gray and Zara in the main part of the park as they try and make their way to safety. Switch to Zara and use her screaming ability to break the glass and hopefully find a way to save the hot dog vender and scare away the bird dinosaur.


After you break the glass, enter the room and head to the back of the room and fix the generator with Zach. Fixing the generator will power up the juke box and scare away the bird dinosaur that was blocking the path. Unfortunately, the path is blocked by some electrical wiring that is not safe to cross.

We then switch point of views to Claire Dearing and Owen Grady who have made their way to the main park as well. They are a lot closer to Zach and Gray than they think. Head to the right and use Claire’s ability to interact with the security panel.


Interacting with the security panel will block a bird dinosaur inside of a store and drop a bunch of Legos that we can now use and build with. They build up into a wall that can be scaled by Owen Grady.


Scale the wall and head to the far left side to bring down a rope that will allow Claire to join us.

Bring Claire up via the rope that we knocked down and head her to the right. She is needed to interact with the electronics and make the hologram machine useable. The machine will transform into a T-Rex head and scare away some more dinosaurs.

The point of view changes back to Zach and Gray and a bunch of blocks have been knocked over and are at the feet of the brothers. Build up the blocks that have fallen into a trampoline. Switch to Zara as she is the nimble character with the ability to jump high and swing on poles. Use Zara and jump on the trampoline and grab onto the poles that are sticking out of the building.


Swing all the way across and to the other side of the electrical wiring that is blocking the path.

On the other side there will be a bunch of objects that can be destroyed and built into a bridge, allowing the rest of the group to come across and join us as we make our way to Owen and Claire. Once on the other side, there will be a purple door that we can slide under with Zara. Slide under the door and in this building will be a piece of dinosaur DNA that we can collect!


In order to scare away the dinosaur that is blocking the path, switch to Gray and use his camera to take some pictures of the dinosaur. The flash of the camera will scare him away and allowing us to progress.

We must now switch our point of view to Owen and Claire and progress towards the brothers. Continue to the right and pick up the key that was dropped by the bird dinosaur. The key goes into the door of the colorful building.


Unlock the padlock with the key and go into the arcade. In the left of this arcade, switch to Claire and jump over the barricade and interact with the generator.


Once the generator is powered up, the ride outside of the arcade will activate and clear the path of anything that was blocking us from progressing. Continue to the right with Claire and Owen, unfortunately there is a fire and we cannot progress at the moment.

Switch point of view over to Zach and Gray and continue heading to the left, towards Claire and Owen. There will be a few dinosaurs so be wary and be prepared to fight them off. We must find a way to extinguish the fire and allow the parties to unite! There is a pump on the front of the fountain that can be interacted with. Approach the pump with a character and interact with it.


We must then use the Legos that dropped from using the pump to build a machine that allows us to spin the fountain towards the fire. A cut scene is triggered and the group is now reunited. The cut scene shows that Zara has been taken out of commission and Claire fights off a dinosaur saving the group. Owen is smitten by Claire’s actions.

The group returns to the Raptor containment as there are plans of using the Raptors in order to take down the Indominus Rex. Owen takes control of the situation and says that if it is to be done, it will be done his way. He gives the Raptors the scent of the Indominus Rex and releases them out into the wild. The Raptors take off and capture the scent of the Indominus Rex. The Raptors eventually find the Indominus Rex and have a chat with her. After their chat, Owen and the group realize that the Indominus Rex is actually part Raptor. The Raptor instincts kick in and the Raptors join the Indominus Rex in fighting off the soldiers that are trying to capture her. The Raptors are now against us.

We take control of the group tasked with saving 4 soldiers that under siege by the Raptors. There is an over turned ATV, and next to that is a clue that you can interact with and search the area with.


Searching the ground will reveal a place where you can dig and find a bunch of Legos that can be built into a platform that will allow us to boost Owen up and he can jump across the poles to the next area.

Once in that next area, swing on the vine across to the next platform and cut the ATV that is stuck in the tree down and free our first soldier. You can also approach the ladder and interact with it and knock it down for the rest of the group.

Approach the parts of the ATV that were flown from the tree and build them up into a rocket to scare some of the Raptors away.


Jump on the launch pad a few times to launch it into the tree and free another soldier and scare off a Raptor. We can now progress to the right. Continue to the right and fight off the mini dinosaurs in this next area.

A Raptor will jump onto us and try and eat us, be prepared to do the quick time event and press the buttons as they appear on the screen. After the Raptor has been chased away, approach the soldier that is stuck under the tree to help him.

That leaves one more soldier that has to be rescued. There will be some parts on the right side next to the wall that can be built into a beam that we can climb up and proceed to the next area.

Once at the next area, there will be a pile of droppings that Owen can examine, jump into the droppings and reveal some blocks that can be used. (14) Build up the blocks into a ladder that will allow us to climb to the next area.

Continue towards the right and use Barry’s hook to pull down a piece of the tree.


We can now proceed through the tree. We must take control of Owen and use his disguise to sneak past the Raptor that is on top of the tree trunk. Once on the other side, switch out of your disguise and smash the blocks in the area to build a machine to scare away the Raptor. Walk up to the machine and crank it up and interact with it to push the Raptor off of the tree and allow Barry to progress to this area.

Switch to Barry and proceed through the tree trunk. Once on the other side, there is a spot that Barry can throw his hook and pull down some crates.


Once the crates are down and apart, use the blocks to build into a trampoline that will allow us to progress. A cut scene is triggered in which we are face to face with the Indominus and the last soldier that needs saving.

Sneak over to the right side of the screen with Owen and assemble the pieces next to the truck into a generator. After assembling the generator, switch to Barry and use his stun rifle to shoot the target.


Shooting the target will start the car and scare away the Raptor that is in the way. Out of the back of the truck will be a bunch of blocks that can be assembled into something to launch at the Indominus. Launch the pepper at the Indominus and free the last soldier.

After freeing the last soldier a cut scene will trigger and the crew seem to make it away. Point of views switch to Claire, Zach, and Gray as they try and escape from some Raptors. We take control of Zach and Gray in the back of the truck as they shoot at the Raptors who are chasing us.


Aim the reticle at the Raptors and shoot at them until their health bars are gone.

The driver hits a bump and Gray almost flies out of the truck, be prepared to tap the button shown on the screen quickly to save him. The Raptors will return so be prepared to fight them off again. Our point of view will change to Owen Grady as he follows the truck that Claire is driving. When you take control of Owen, be prepared to use his electrical gun to shoot the Raptor off of the truck.


Once you knock the Raptor off of their vehicle, you will take control of Barry and his electrical gun. Shoot the Raptors as they approach the truck in the same fashion as before. After shooting about four more Raptors, a cut scene will trigger and the crew has seemingly made it away from the Raptors safely. The Raptors call for the Indominus Rex as the vehicle makes it away. Meanwhile, the science lab is being ran sacked by the angry owner who plans on doing his own experiments. The level then ends with the fate of our crew unknown.

In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 74,000 studs are needed to have been collected. With only one part left, the series is almost over. The dinosaur DNA we found earlier is actually the Dimorphodon. We can now play as this flying dinosaur in free play mode. We also have the ability to play as a bunch of new characters including Zara and some scientists. The final part of the walk through is next!

Level 18 – Out of Bounds Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell, Zach Mitchell, Owen Grady, and Claire Dearing.

We continue the story with Brothers Gray and Zach Mitchell who are trying to make their way back to their Aunt Claire. There is a faint path of blue studs that we must follow in order to progress and make our way to the next area.


In order to cross the river, head up to the next area by boosting a character up and jumping across the river by jumping on the poles. Once on the other side of the river, destroy the blocks on the other side to reveal some Lego blocks that can built into a bridge which will allow both characters to reach this new area.

Once both characters are across the river, we notice there is a gate that has no power to it. Restore the power to the gate by switching to older brother Zach and using his wrench on the generator that is located on the left side of the gate.


Once the gate is open, continue following the path of blue studs. Be careful as there are a bunch of mini dinosaurs in the next area that must be fought off. There is also a mini game that is initiated once you start fighting these dinosaurs. You must defeat all twelve of the mini dinosaurs in the time allotted. If done successfully, you will receive a collectible.

Continue along the path and there will be a set of stairs on the left side of the path leading to a building.


Destroy the bones that are blocking the doorway and assemble the blocks into a key that allows us to unlock the padlock and enter the new area. Once the key is inserted into the doorway, a cut scene will trigger that shows the two brothers trying to find their Aunt Claire, but they have stumbled upon a lost building.

The cut scene ends and we take control of the brothers again, except they are now in this new building. If we go down the stairs where we start and head to the left, we will notice there is a baby dinosaur that is sick and needs healing. Just like all of the other sick dinosaurs we have encountered so far, the dinosaur needs three items before it can be fully healed and playable.

In order to get the first item, head to the left and switch to Zach and use his wrench ability on the broken generator in the room.


Once the generator is online and working, a huge garage door will open. Continue using Zach and use his torch ability to enter the dark room. There will be a button in the back right corner of this room that we can interact with.


Press the button shown on the screen when the cursor is in the lighter blue area. Once completed, the entire room will have power and allow both brothers inside of the room. Break up the bones inside of the room and use them to build a power line which will power up the refrigerator and reveal the first item we need to heal the sick dinosaur.

We now only need two more items to heal the sick dinosaur. Directly behind the dinosaur, there is a cooler that can be smashed. Smash the cooler and there will be the second item the sick dinosaur wants, a big slice of meat. Deliver the meat to the sick dinosaur. We now only need one more item to fully heal the sick dino.

The third item can be found by boosting Gray up to the shelf with Zach and going through the gate to the next area.


Once you go through the gate and go to the next shelf, the third item will be at the edge of the shelf. Deliver the third item to the sick dinosaur to fully heal him. We can now play as the Compsognathus. This dinosaur is a very fast and small dino that can crawl into certain areas. There is a green pipe in the room that the Compy can crawl into and use that the rest of the group cannot.


Interact with the green pipe to crawl into it with the small dinosaur. He will crawl through the pipe and to the other side. We must find a way to get the rest of the group in this new area. Run up to the machine with the box on it and hit it.


Hitting it will raise it and push the box over to the other side. We can now switch to Zach and use the contents of the box that we knocked over to build a way to get the rest of our group to the other side safely. The blocks will build into a trampoline that will allow us to jump to the other side.

The brothers notice a car that needs gas, an engine, and a wheel. Head to the back of the room and use Zach’s wrench ability to interact with the broken generator. Once the generator is fixed, the green pipe will now be fixed, allowing the mini dinosaur to interact with it. This green pipe will lead us outside. There is another green pipe outside that we must climb inside of and press the button inside. Once the button is pressed, the garage door will open and allow the rest of our group outside.

Once the group is outside, there is a bunch of bones next to a broken down vehicle. Smash the bones and build them into a device that will hopefully get us some useful parts from the broken down vehicle.


The device will smash the truck and pull out the engine parts that we needed. We now only need two other vehicle parts to fix the truck back to working condition.

The next car part we need can be found by first smashing a bunch of crates that are blocking a green tunnel for our small dinosaur friend to enter.


Once the crates are broken an out of the way, the dinosaur can enter the green pipe and knock down the shelf that has some tires on it. Interact with one of the tires and guide it back to the truck. We now only need one more part in order to completely fix the vehicle.

The third and final car part can be found by switching to Zach and using his torch ability to go into the dark room within the big garage.


In the very back of this room is a canister of gasoline that we must bring back to the vehicle to completely fix it. Once the truck works a cut scene will trigger in which the brothers are taking their newly working vehicle out on an adventure.

Meanwhile, Claire and Owen Grady have found the rashed gyro sphere that the sibling were in. They are still on the hunt for the boys to make sure they return home safely. Owen and Claire also find the garage where the boys found the car and fixed it. The Indominus Rex is shown walking past the garage.

The cut scene ends and we take control of Claire and Owen who have found themselves running away from the Indominus Rex. In the back of the area in which we start, switch to Grady and use his Raptor claw to cut the vines that are blocking the way. This will reveal some blocks that we can build up into a collectible.

Continue heading along the pathway and sneakily avoiding the Indominus Rex. At the end of this path will be some vines that we must cut through in order to progress to the next area.


Once the vines are cut through we can progress to the next area. There will be some crates in the path that can be smashed and built into some bars that Claire can jump onto. Unfortunately the Indominus Rex will make an appearance and break the contraption that we assembled. Fortunately, the blocks that were broken can be reassembled into another device that we can use to cut the very thick vines that were blocking the path.

Once those thick vines are cut, we can progress to the next area and use Claire’s technology to interact with the security panel on the top of this room.


The security panel will reveal some piece of technology that is stuck in some vines. Switch to Grady and break the vines and assemble the blocks that break into a bridge that allows us to cross to the next area. Once in the next area, there will be a pile of droppings towards the back left side of this area that only Grady can examine. Examine the droppings to reveal some Lego blocks that can be used to build into a wall that Claire can use to ascend to a higher area.


Jump off of the wall and onto the swinging bar and switch directions once on the bar. The jump off the wall and onto the platform.

Once on the platform there will be a lever that can be interacted with. Before interacting with the lever, place Owen Grady on the scaffolding below because this lever will raise it. Once both characters are in position, interact with the lever and raise the platform. The platform will be raised to a wall that Owen can scale. Scale the wall to the next area and push the box of parts down. Interact with the parts to build a ladder that will allow both characters to progress to the next area.


Climb the ladder and progress to the next area. Claire can interact with the purple bar and jump into the caged area. There will be a lever in the back of that area that Claire can interact with to smash the door to the next area so Owen can progress. The Indominus Rex will make her appearance and we must switch to Grady and use his cloaking device to get past her.


Once past the spooky dinosaur, smash all of the blocks on the other side to build into a rocket that we can fire to the dinosaur to scare her away. Prep the rocket by jumping on the platform next to it to build it up and scare the dinosaur away from the hole in the wall. Once the dinosaur flees, there will be a bunch of purple blocks that can be built into a device that Claire can interact with. Use Claire to slide under the door. Once on the other side, smash the blocks on the other side to build into a lever that allows Owen to come into the room.

Once Owen is in the room, switch to him and use his Raptor claw to cut the vines in the back of this area.


Cutting the vines will bring down the pillar and allow us to cross the gap to the next area. Jump across the gaps and onto the poles. Once at the bottom of this area a cut scene will trigger.

Owen and Claire made it out of the building and are being chased by the Indominus Rex. They manage to successfully hide from it and make a phone call to the control room telling them of the location of the Indominus Rex. After their brief phone conversation, the level will end with Claire and Grady following the Indominus Rex, and still unaware of the location of Gray and Zach Mitchell.

In order to receive the ranking of True Survivor a total of 60,000 studs are needed to have been collected. By completing this level, we also unlock the ability to use Claire, Zach, and Gray outside of the campaign and in free play mode. With only two levels left in this amazing adventure, the series is coming close to ending and the Jurassic Park story with it.

Level 17 – Gyro Sphere Valley Cheats Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Gray Mitchell and Zach Mitchell.

The next level starts us in the center of the Jurassic Park with Gray and Zach Mitchell. The two kids are supposed to be following their Aunt’s assistant, but seem to get lost and explore on their own. Follow the path of the blue faded studs to progress.


Eventually, the path will lead to a gate that must be opened to progress. The gate has a small entrance that only Gray can climb into as he is the small character.


Once on the other side of the gate, press the big red button to open the gate allowing our brother to join us. Once the brother is on the other side of the gate with us, position both characters so they are on the handles that are coming from the ceiling in order to open the next gate.


Once inside the next area, a handyman will ask us for help to build something. Smash the blocks around the yellow gate and build the blocks up into a dinosaur spawning pad. The pad will spawn a dinosaur that we can now play as and entertain the crowd. The crowd will be cheering us on and we must destroy the pillars of orange rock in order to entertain the crowd.


There will be three different pillars that we must smash on opposite ends of the cage.

Once all of the pillars are destroyed, a few other dinosaurs of the same kind will enter the environment and we must fight them to demonstrate how the animals fight for their territory. Once we fight off the other dinosaurs we take control of the brothers again and must head to the checkpoint that is shown on the screen. The checkpoint is a blue arrow that we must run to. The checkpoint leads us to the Gyro sphere attraction.


Follow the path to the end of the attraction walk up to the broken Gyro sphere and fix it with Zach. Once the ride is fixed, we can now hop into one and ride around the enclosure and look at all kinds of dinosaurs. We must follow the check point and ride onto the blue landing pad which will send us flying towards the gate and pressing a button that will open the gate and allow us to explore outside of this small enclosed area.

Unfortunately, there is something blocking the button, head to the right side of the gate and go up on the platform and spin around on the button to move the piece of metal that is blocking the way. Once the mechanism is released from the gate, head onto the blue platform and spring towards the gate and press the open, opening the gate.


You must smash into it two times in order to open the gate. Once you go through the gate a cut scene will trigger and our friendly Mr. DNA will tell us some cool facts about some dinosaurs.

The cut scene shows that the brothers have gone off road and get up close with a variety of different dinosaurs. Eventually the brothers run across the scary Indominus Rex. The cut scene ends with the angry dinosaur staring at us and we are tasked with driving away from it.


Be careful as you drive away from the dinosaur, there will be different things blocking the path so be sure to avoid them. Also be cautious of the dinosaur behind you, he will try and lunge at you so be cautious and prepared to dodge his attacks. The dinosaur will chase you all over the park and crash through various sections of monorail tracks. This chase scene is pretty cool and scary as the dinosaur will chase you, but take you all over the park. Eventually, the chase will end and the Gyro spheres will break and crash. We are safe for the time being as a friendly dinosaur has challenged the Indominus Rex and is fighting it.

We take control of Zach as he is still stuck in his gyro sphere. The brothers are planning on helping the other dinosaur fight against the Indominus Rex. Right now Zach is stuck in the sphere and Gray is on the ground. Break the crates in the surrounding area and switch to Gray to build the blocks into a launching pad for the gyro sphere. Then switch back to Zach after the pad is build and place your gyro sphere on the launching pad.


The launch pad will launch the bee hive at the Indominus Rex and allow the dinosaur fighting him to get up. We then change perspectives to the Ankylosaurus, the dinosaur fighting the Indominus Rex, and help him fight the Indominus. Be prepared to do the quick time event that pop up on the screen to help the Ankylosaurus fight the Indominus Rex.


After a few quick time events, the two dinosaurs will run into the forest and up to a new area.

After the two run up to the next area, we can switch back to our characters and use Gray to build a ramp up to that new area so that the two can watch the fight take place. Continue to the right and up the ramp to the next area.


It appears that the Ankylosaurus is still losing the battle so we must help him again. Switch to Gray and fight off the mini dinosaurs in the area. Switch to Gray and go to the right side of the area and go through the grate on the base of the tree to the platform above. Once on that platform, use the vines that are swinging to swing to the platform that is sticking out of the tree.

Once on that platform, use Gray’s camera to snap some pictures of the dinosaurs battling it out.


The flash will cause the Indominus Rex to be distracted and allow the other dinosaur to get up and try and fight again. We can switch perspectives back to the Ankylosaurus and help him fight the Indominus. Do the quick time events that appear on the screen to help the battle continue. After a few events, we will switch back to the brothers and build a ramp from the Legos in the area. This ramp will allow us to progress downwards and watch as the fight continues.

Once you go down the ramp and into the next area, fight off the mini dinosaurs with Gray and head over to the right side of this area and there will be a pile of bones by the DNA strand.


Build up the bones into a trampoline and jump to the pegs in the tree. Once on top, you can use the hanging vine to zip line across to the other side of the river. Go through the grate in the tree that will lead you down to the next area. Smash the crates and use the Legos inside to build a machine that will launch snowballs at the Indominus.

Perspectives switch again and we control the dinosaur as he fights the Indominus. Do the quick time events as they appear on the screen and the dinosaurs will run up the river and continue fighting. After the fighting is over, switch to Gray and go to the area below where we were and use the blocks to build into a ladder and a see saw. The see saw will push a rock over which is for the gyro sphere. There is a path way over to where Gray is on the right side of this area.


The pathway is hard to find unless you are looking for it so be on the look. Before you can get to the pathway, you must smash the blue crates in that area and build them up into a ramp for the gyro sphere to be launched up and into the ramp.

The gyro sphere can be launched up into the next area and proceed forward. There will be a bunch of bones in the next area that can be built into a claw that can pick up the car on this map.


Put the gyro sphere into the pad and control the claw by spinning the gyro sphere in different directions. Pick up the car and drop it on the Indominus Rex to stun him and allow the Ankylosaurus another chance at a fight.


Dropping the truck on him will cause a cut scene to trigger. The Rex will throw the car at the gyro sphere and put his jaws around the sphere causing it to crack. Fortunately, the brothers make it out of the gyro sphere safely and run into the forest. The cut scene then switches to the people in the control room who are watching the Indominus Rex as he moves throughout the park. The people in the control room talk about how they will handle the situation, they decide on closing everything north of the park. It is also revealed to Claire that the kids are lost and must be rescued.

The level then ends with the suspense of what will happen and how Grady will rescue the kids. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor a total of 50,000 studs are needed. A few more characters and their different outfits are unlocked by completing this level.

Level 16 – Welcome to Jurassic World Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Owen Grady, Barry, Raptor 1, Raptor 2, Supervisor Nick, Handler Ellis, Gray Mitchell, and Zach Mitchell.

This is the last story in this game and I caution you that if you have not seen the new Jurassic World movie to wait until you have before playing this part of the game. The game will contain some spoilers as it is based heavily on the movie that was recently released. Do not say I did not warn you. In order to start the Jurassic World campaign, you must first hop into the helicopter that takes you to Jurassic Park.


The helicopter will take us to Isla Nublar which will take us to the dock that will allow us to journey into the story of Jurassic World. Head to the right once off the helicopter and go in the direction that the Jurassic World sign is pointing to start the final story of this game.


The first level can be started by going into the warehouse and into the monorail. Once getting in the monorail, a cut scene will trigger which sets the tone for Jurassic World. This first cut scene shows Claire and Lowery monitoring the park and watching the monitors for any incidents. The story focuses on Zach and Gary Mitchell, two siblings to Claire who work at the park. Claire leaves Zach and Gary in the hands of her assistant to take care of them and show them around the park.

The owner of the park shows up in a fashionable style and asks Claire to see his new dinosaur that was created. Claire leads him to the cage and shows him their newest invention, the Indominous Rex. The owner, Masarani talks about Owen Grady, the Navy person who is stationed at this park and is in charge of training and watching over various types of dinosaurs in the park.

The cut scene ends and we take control of Owen Grady who is attempting to fix the broken crane so the pig can be fed to a dinosaur. Smash the crates located immediately to the left of where we start and build up the blocks into a set of blocks that we can climb up and cut the cage free. Approach the walls face and jump and press the action button to begin climbing. One of Grady’s abilities is that he can climb walls such as these.


An interesting fact about Owen Grady is that in the movie he was played by Chris Pratt, and in the video game, Chris Pratt actually did the voice overs and voiced his character in the game as well!

After climbing the wall, approach the cage and use his knife to cut the cage free. Unfortunately, the cage comes smashing down and breaks on top of a truck. The truck breaks into pieces that we can actually build into a device that can launch a pig. A clue comes out the device that we just built, switch to Barry and use his magnifying glass to search the area for additional clues. After going on his hands and knees, Barry will come to a spot on the dirt that he will dig up and find some Lego blocks.


The blocks will build up into a birthday cake that will bait the pig out of his hiding spot, allowing us to capture him. Approach the pig with a character and press the action button to hop on his back. Ride the pig back to the device that we made and the cannon will turn automatically.

After the cannon turns into the proper position, switch to Barry and use his grappling hook ability to grab and pull the cannon downwards.


After the cannon is set into position, the pig will launch itself into the Raptors cage and feed them. A mini cut scene will trigger and a ladder will be pushed down, allowing us to climb up onto the cage.


Climb up the ladder and head to the top of the cage. Head to the right onto the main platform and use Barry’s grappling hook ability on the hook.


After that, go to the left side and use Grady’s knife to cut the lights on both the left and right side. A bunch of Lego parts will drop and can be assembled into a monitor. Switch to Barry and use his electrical weapon to shoot the monitor and power up the Raptors gates, freeing them and allowing them to eat.

After freeing the Raptors from their cage, we can actually play as the Raptors now. There are certain places in the cage that can be interacted with the dinosaurs only. There will have the dinosaur marking on the ground. Hit both of the spots to charge up the gate. Switch to Barry and fire his electrical shock at the targets.


After hitting both targets successfully, the gates will open and the Raptors will venture into the gated wilderness and play a game of hide and seek with the pig. This mini game is called Raptor Tracking. We take control of the Raptors again and must hunt down the pig. We can smash up all of the crates and collect a bunch of studs in this area.

The Raptors actually have the ability to build up objects in this story! Smash all of the tires to reveal a bunch of Lego blocks that the Raptors can actually use to build up a trampoline, allowing us to jump over the cage and follow the pig.


Jump onto the trampoline with a Raptor and progress over the cage and into the next area. As we get into the next area, a cut scene shows that the pig has progressed to a higher area.

Smash the crates under the cliff side to build a rail that the Raptors can actually use and swing up onto the next area. A regular jump will not be good enough to reach this rail, in order to reach it, you must hold in the button shown by the DNA strand and aim your cursor at the rail and release the button to pounce. Pounce to the next area and progress up the ramp and continue following the pig.


Continue on the path and into the next area. There will be a bunch of crates to the far right side of this area, destroy all of the cates and build them up into another rail that we must pounce on. Pounce onto the rail and destroy the electrical wiring that is powering the camera and revealing another rail. Pounce onto the higher rail and into the next area.


Once you have reached the higher area, continue to the right and smash the crates on the left side of the cage. The crates will reveal a bunch of blocks that can be built into a switch, place one dinosaur inside of the cage and another by the switch, once one Raptor is inside of the cage, press the switch which opens a door that allows us to progress.

Once in the new area, the Raptor will catch the scent of the pig and follow a trail of his scent.


Follow the scent of the pig to the pile of dirt, the pig will get scared and continue running away from the Raptors. The elevator is broken and must be fixed. Switch to a Raptor and use the switch on the left side of the elevator while the other is on the elevator. Once the elevator is lifted, approach the vines on the right side of the elevator up top and use the Raptor’s claws to cut through them, revealing a ladder that can bring our other Raptor friend up to this new area with us.


Continue to the right and the pig will jump and run through an open gate that closes behind the pig. The Raptors must figure out a way to get inside of this new area and catch the pig. Smash the crates next to the gate and build it into a switch that can be used to open the gate. Use two Raptors to hit both of the switches at the same time to open the gate for the other Raptors.

Once inside of their enclosure, head to the back of the cage and destroy the blocks that look like fire works and build them up into a bomb of sorts. Interact with the device that was created which causes an explosion to reveal a collectible! The Raptors will catch scent of the pig and find him in a pile of dinosaur droppings. A cut scene will trigger and a handler has fallen into the cage and is surrounded by Raptors.


Being the brave hero that he is, Owen Grady will jump into the cage and yell at the Raptors to stop and try and save the handler, Leon. Grady is tasked with distracting the dinosaurs somehow and freeing the handler. Grady also has the ability to use a sneaking suit or a disguise and go past the Raptors without anybody noticing. Grady also has the ability to jump into dinosaur droppings and examine them.

Head towards the left side of the cage and examine the pile of Raptor droppings.


Upon going into the droppings, a bunch of Lego pieces will be found and build into a machine that is above where the Raptors are circling. Switch to Barry and use his electrical shock gun to shoot the target above the Raptors.


Shooting the target will power up the machine and cause a distractin for the Raptors. This allows the handler and the pig to head towards the gate and to freedom. Approach the gate with the group and switch to Barry and use the crank on the gate to open it.

A cut scene will trigger once the gate has been opened showing Grady barely survived and made it out of the cage. The cut scene will continue and show that Grady is asked by Claire to take a look at the environment for the Indominus Rex and evaluate the safety of it for the park and the park goers. The cut scene goes on to show that the dinosaur was manufactured in a lab and is made of different parts of different dinosaurs.

The cut scene also shows that the dinosaur is no longer in the safety of its cage, or so the monitors show, and that there are claw marks on the side of the cage, indicating that the dinosaur lept over the walls. We take control of the group as they head into the cage of the newly made dinosaur to investigate where the animal went too.

Switch to Supervisor Nick and use his fancy equipment to scan the area for clues as to where the dinosaur went to. Using his equipment will reveal a mechanism that comes out of the wall and must be interacted with. Interacting with this machine will prompt a screen in which you must press the buttons that appear on the screen in the correct order.


Correctly scanning the wrench on the machine, a ladder will be lowered allowing us to progress over the gap.

Once on top of the cage, head to the right and down back into his cage. Switch to Owen Grady and examine the dinosaur droppings. The droppings will reveal some Legos that can be built onto the wall and used to climb over the obstacle that is blocking our path. Climb the path on the wall and over the obstacle blocking the path.


We can then use his knife to cut the vine that are grown onto the tree, and allowing our party to join us.

There is a broken machine in this new area that must be fixed. Switch to Supervisor Nick and use his wrench ability on the machine to fix it.


Then jump onto the button and jump on it a few times to pump water into the pit. A few lily pads will flat to the top of the water and allow us to jump across to the next side. Once on the next area, approach the wall and approach the scratches on the wall and a cut scene will trigger.

The cut scene shows that the dinosaur is actually in the cage with them! They are no longer safe inside of the cage, as the dinosaur somehow managed to avoid the thermal censors and avoid detection. After the information has been revealed to us, we take control of the group who are trying to sneakily make their way out of the cage and back to safety. The items in the cage around the group are destroying themselves randomly. Switch to Handler Ellis and use his electrical pole to charge up the gate and allow us to leave the cage safely. Unfortunately, the Indominus Rex appears and takes the Handler as a prisoner. Switch to Grady and use his sneaking ability to get past the dinosaur.


After sneaking past the dinosaur examine the droppings in the next area to reveal some bones that can be built into a bunny that will distract the angry dinosaur. The movement draws the attention of the monster shortly. This allows Supervisor Nick to move to this next area and use his electrical equipment on the mini gate allowing the group to cross. You will also receive a piece of dinosaur DNA by crossing this mini gate.

Run past all of the bones and use the Supervisor’s electrical equipment to interact with the generator on the wall.


Interacting with the generator will power up some things that we can climb on. Climb up to the top of the platform and use Owen’s knife to cut the wire loose and drop a crate. Use the Legos that came out of the crate to build some meat that will hopefully distract the dinosaur. The dinosaur takes the bait and is distracted and the gate is clear for the time being.

Switch to Supervisor Nick and use his equipment on the gate and open the gate and slip run past the gate. A cut scene will trigger once you go through. Unfortunately for everyone, the dinosaur manages to get a claw in the gate and manages to escape. This huge dinosaur is on the run and hungry for whatever it can find. Grady manages to cover his scent with some oil and the dinosaur keeps moving. Grady suggests to Claire that the island be evacuated, by Claire says that that cannot happen at this moment and they can track it with the chip implanted in the dinosaur.

The level ends with a cliff hanger as to what will happen and if the dinosaur will be able to be brought safely back into its captivity. Can the team handle this beast of a dinosaur that was genetically modified to be attractive by the audience? The level then ends after this cut scene leaving us with no hope for the park or its guests. In order to reach a ranking of True Survivor, a total of 70,000 studs are needed to have been collected. By collecting that strand of dinosaur DNA, we can now play as the Pachycephalosaurus. We can now also play as Owen Grady outside of the campaign.

Jurassic World Game Common Dinosaur Guide

This guide will show you all of the commonly found dinosaurs in the Jurassic World Game.  Find out the best dinosaurs to use for battles and earning income.



The Triceratops is the first dinosaur you unlock in the game. By the end of the tutorial, you will have one of these already in your possession. It is considered a common dinosaur, which means you can obtain one via any common card pack or on the market for 100 DNA. It’s a herbivore, so it will perform best in battle against Pterosaurs. At the maximum level of 40, the Triceratops has a generally high hp of 274 and a generally low attack of 70, making it nothing particularly exceptional; the Triceratops should not be your main battle dinosaur.

Also, at level 40, the Triceratops produces 1280 gold every five minutes. This is only a lot if you are online every five minutes to collect it as this dinosaur will stop earning gold after five minutes if you don’t collect it. Overall, the Triceratops is not particularly great at winning battles or earning income, but it is a good dinosaur to use when you’re first starting out.



The Majungasaurus will most likely be the second dinosaur you encounter as well as your first carnivore. Carnivores are beasts in the Battle Arena, so as soon as you acquire a Majungasaurus, you’ll be able to start dominating in the arena. You can obtain one from any common card pack or for 110 DNA on the market. To unlock the Majungasaurus on the market, you’ll need only to complete battle stage one. Being a carnivore, the Majungasaurus will perform best against herbivores and very poorly against amphibians.

At level 40, the Majungasaurus has a slightly below average health of 224 and a slightly above average attack of 86. This dinosaur is no exception to the carnivorous trend of being glass cannons in the battle arena, though the Majungasaurus is a slightly less extreme version of one. This dinosaur is a great dino to start leveling as he is a viable fighter for battle arena beginners, but has a rather underwhelming coin generation rate at 9216 every 3 hours at level 40.



The Alanqa is likely the first pterosaur you will encounter. It is unlocked in the market by completing the second battle stage, which is fairly easy to do. As such, the Alanqa is one of the first dinosaurs you’ll pick up while playing Jurassic World. You’ll be able to get one from any common card pack or through the market, where it costs only 120 DNA. The Alanqa is a great starter dino to begin leveling, as it will be your first pterosaur, allowing you to put up a stronger fight against amphibians, and it has a very high coin generation rate for a common dinosaur.

The Alanqa generates 7680 coins per hour at level 40. This dinosaur is also a pretty good pick for arena battles if you’re just starting out. At level 40, with an above average attack of 83 and an above average health of 217, this unassuming pterosaur stands a pretty good chance in the beginning stages of the battle arena, especially against amphibians.



The Limnoscelis is the first amphibian you’ll encounter in the game. It can be obtained through any common card pack or bought on the market for 130 DNA. To unlock it on the market, you must complete the third battle stage. It is strongest against carnivores, which are abundant in the early stages of the game, making this dinosaur a strong pick in the battle arena early on. The Limnoscelis follows the amphibian trend of having a large amount of health but a low attack.

At level 40, the Limnoscelis has a whopping 266 health and a much less impressive 68 attack. This dino is a tank in the arena and is best reserved for taking hits and saving up battle points. We discuss this concept more in-depth in our Battle Arena Guide. The Limnoscelis is also a decent choice for generating coins. He has the same level 40 stats as the Majungasaurus at 9216 coins every three hours, making him a viable money maker early on in the game before you have access to more efficient money makers.



The Argentinosaurus is the second herbivore you’ll come across in the game. To unlock this hulking beast, you’ll need to have completed the fourth battle stage. After you’ve unlocked it, you can purchase it for 160 DNA in the market. You can also find one in any common card pack. This thing is a beast in the arena. It has the same tanky quality as the Limnoscelis at 281 health but a with a much more reasonable attack of 72. The Argentinosaurus is a great dinosaur to level up as you begin to grow your park because it can be used either as a main battle dinosaur or as a “sacrifice” in battle, used to soak up damage and accumulate battle points for your other dinosaurs.

This dinosaur can also be used to supplement coin income. It generates an incredible 7488 coins every 30 minutes once it reaches level 40. However, this still isn’t really enough income to sustain your entire park as you’ll need to collect every 30 minutes to take full advantage of the Argentinosaurus’s impressive coin generation. If you’ll be online for awhile, it may be worth it to cluster your decorations around your dinosaurs with shorter coin cycles until you log off to take advantage of their quick income.



The Tropeognathus is unlocked in the market by completing battle stage six, but can also be found before then in any common card pack. It is a pterosaur, so it is best used in the arena against carnivores. This is a great dinosaur to level, and you should purchase as many of them as you can once you unlock them. The Tropeognathus has very respectable battle stats at 81 attack and 260 health. Making it a force to be reckoned with in battles and able to help you progress more quickly through the battle stages. Not only does it perform well in the arena, but it is also a reliable source of sustainable income for your park, should you choose to invest in leveling a good number of them.

At level 40, this dinosaur produces 15668 gold every six hours. This makes it a great money earner, especially in instances where you are away from the game for long periods of time, such as at night or during busy days. This is really the first all around strong dinosaur you’ll find in the game, and unless you’ve spent a considerable amount of resources leveling up another dinosaur type, you should definitely be investing food and coins into this dino when you’re first starting out.



The Utahraptor is the same type of dinosaur as the iconic raptors that appear in the Jurassic World film. This dinosaur is really strong in the battle arena, even better than the Tropeognathus, with only one less health point at level 40 and almost twenty more attack with 99. The Utahraptor also has a very respectable coin generation rate of 12673 every two hours. If you can be on every two hours to fully optimize this dinosaur’s coin production, you can easily sustain your park with just a few of these little creatures and the right amount of investment.

To unlock the Utahraptor on the market, you’ll need to complete battle stage seven. Still not too difficult a task, but the battle stages begin to get a bit scarier at this point, and a decently leveled Utahraptor will certainly make grinding through them much a simpler task. The Utahraptor costs a pretty hefty 200 DNA on the market, but you should have some DNA saved up at this point, and investing in a Utahraptor is definitely worth it early on.



To unlock the Labyrinthodontia, you’ll have to complete Battle Stage 9. The battle stages get progressively more difficult, and battle stage nine is where it really starts to pick up. By this point, however, you should have accumulated some pretty strong dinosaurs like the Utahraptor or the Tropeognathus. On the market, you’ll be able to purchase the Labyrinthodontia for only 130 DNA, which is significantly cheaper than the Utahraptor and the Tropeognathus. Despite being significantly cheaper than other dinosaurs of its tier, the Labyrinthodontia is not worth investing in.

In the battle arena its only use would be soaking up hits and collecting battle points for other dinosaurs seeing as it has a high health of 266 and an unimpressive attack of 68, but there are other dinosaurs that you should have available to you at this points that do this better. This dino is a decent supplement to your main income as well with 10599 coins every three hours at level 40, but there are still better common dinosaurs out there to invest in.



You’ll unlock the Hatzegopteryx once you complete battle stage thirteen. At this point, the battle stages really do begin to get difficult to defeat, but as long as you’ve spent some time leveling up your more powerful unlocks like the Utahraptor, you’ll breeze by them without too much trouble. Once you’ve unlocked this winged beast, you can purchase one on the market for 200 DNA.

In the battle arena, this dinosaur is best used as more of an “assassin” in the arena because of its high attack. It excels at effectively utilizing the points saved up my beefier dinosaurs. 200 DNA is a hefty cost, but the Hatzegopteryx, with 11290 coins per hour at level 40 and a health and attack of 253 and 97, is definitely a solid choice and a worthwhile investment at this point in the game.



The Guanlong is another type of carnivorous raptor in Jurassic World: The Game. This dinosaur can be unlocked by completing battle stage fourteen and can be purchased on the market after unlocking it for 170 DNA. You can also find it in any common card pack. The Guanlong is really nothing special in the battle arena, with a health and attack of 255 and 80 at level 40.

However, its decent coin generation rate of 15422 coins every six hours makes up for this as you can wait six hours before collecting and still take full advantage of this dinosaurs money making potential. Overall, there are certainly better dinosaurs to choose from at this stage, but if you like the way the Guanlong looks, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up one or two of these beasts.



Once you’ve completed battle stage fifteen, you’ll be able to purchase the Diplocaulus on the market for 190 DNA. As with all other common dinosaurs, you can also obtain this one from any common card pack. At level 40, the Diplocaulus has a massive health of 284 and a mediocre attack of 73. This makes him, like most amphibians, a good dino to soak up hits and collect battle points for your other dinosaurs.

However, the Diplocaulus’s battle stats aren’t what make him worth the 190 DNA; it’s the 28,628 coins it generates every twelve hours that make this dino a real gem. This is likely the first dinosaur you’ll come across that generates coins on a twelve hour cycle, and it is definitely worth it to invest in a few of these even if only to bolster your park’s income a bit.



The Tuojiangosaurus can be unlocked by completing battle stage seventeen and will cost you a mere 130 DNA on the market. This dinosaur makes for another decent pick to soak up hits and save battle points for your other battlers with a mediocre attack and health of 73 and 235. This dinosaur is best used not in the arena but rather in the park, making you money.

With a whopping 17424 coins generated every six hours, the Tuojiangosaurus has both a sustainable generation rate and a convenient cycle length. This will definitely be the best money maker you’ll pick up at this stage of the game, and it is definitely worth the 130 DNA each to pick a few of these stegosaurus-like creatures up.



This dinosaur can be picked up from the market for 170 DNA once you’ve completed battle stage twenty-four. The Pelecanimimus is considered more of a late game dinosaur compared to most of the other common dinosaurs. Once you’ve progressed far enough into the game to unlock it, however, it’s worth it to spend the 170 DNA to unlock it. With respectable battle stats of 266 health and 83 attack at level 40, the Pelecanimimus is a reasonable choice in the battle arena.

It also has a great coin generation rate of 12811 every three hours, as long as you’re able to fully utilize its generation rate by collecting every three hours. Overall, this dinosaur is a strong choice to either fill a spot in your arena line up or to supplement park revenue, but you shouldn’t treat it as your main asset for either of these purposes.



The Bonitasaura is also more of a late game dinosaur, requiring you to complete battle stage twenty-six in order to purchase on the market. It is priced on the market at only 150 DNA. It is a long-necked herbivore, much like the Argentinosaurus. This dinosaur is really nothing special in the arena, with sub-par stats of 263 health and 67 attack. Despite being entirely underwhelming if put in the arena, especially considering how late in the game you’ll be able to unlock it, this dinosaur really is a powerhouse when it comes to making money for your park.

At level 40, the Bonitasaura makes a 28570 every 15 hours. The 15 hour coin generation cycle makes for a very convenient 1904 coins per hour. This is definitely a good investment later in the game if you’re looking to boost your park’s income.

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