Level 1 – Prologue Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Robert Muldoon, Jophery Brown, Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler.

The game starts us off in the original capture scene in the very first film of the Jurassic Park saga. The level opens with the cut scene surrounding the transfer of the raptors into their new habitat. Take control as Robert Muldoon right away and explore the immediate area searching for the DNA strands that help you and the in game currency referred to as “studs”. If you are not familiar with the Lego franchise, you can destroy and collect bricks in the Lego Universe and use those bricks to build items that are necessary to progressing in the game. The first encounter we get with this feature is right away in which we must build up the generator and kick start it with our taser.


Swap to the Handler and walk up the generator to spark it up. We can then climb the ladder and progress by powering up the next set of generators the same way as we did before. Power up the generators by pressing circle on a ps3 controller, X on keyboard, or B on an Xbox controller. There are three generators we must power up before we can progress and put the raptors into their new home.


Then we must build the platform to the raptor cage by finding the blocks and completing the pathway.


After powering up all of the generators, we must get behind the cage of the raptors and push the cage up to the gate. After realizing the gate is broken, we are forced to remedy the situation. The DNA strands are there to help us with new mechanics to the series. We are now supposed to fix the gate controls. Walk up to the gate and interact with it. The gate will bring up a pop up and flash three buttons that must be pressed in order to fix it.


After fixing, the cage will need another power up in order to release the raptors. After releasing the raptors, another cut scene is shown. Something goes terribly wrong as the handler gets his sausage stuck in the cage.


The cut scene finishes with the handler suffering no injuries and we are brought into the lives of our next characters, Ellie Sattler Alan Grant, and an assistant. We are now on our next part of the prologue in which we are following these characters on an excavation site. Search the area for the bones and recreate old dinosaurs.

Once we find a set of bones in the dirt interact with them to reconstruct the bones of the dinosaurs. The first two sets of bones can be found directly right of our starting position. The first is next to the raised platform. We can then switch to Ellie and use her high jump ability to jump onto the dinosaur and build the ladder for Alan to use.


The second set of bones is further right after the assistant scatters the bones after trying to piece them together. There is a hidden secret visible in a cutout from the wall. Get to the secret by jumping on the second dinosaur that we build and into the hole in the wall.


Directly left of our starting position in the wide area we can assemble the cart and drive it around the area. The third set of bones is towards the far side of the wide area left of our spawning position. After assembling this third dinosaur we acquire the Velociraptor claw. The claw can be used to cut rope and vines. We use this new found claw to cut the rope that is holding the weight in front of our starting location.


After dropping the crates or weights, jump onto them to explore the next area. If we head right of the new area, we interact with two more assistants who tell us that we need to collect a wheel and handlebars for their vehicle. Destroy the wheel barrel to the right to collect the wheel. Find the handle bars by using the claw to destroy the foliage. Bring the handlebars and wheel to the assistant and we fixed their vehicle. After fixing the vehicle we are prompted with another cut scene of characters arriving and a car crashing allowing us to enter a new area. Use Ellie to pull down the contents of the truck and allow the contents to fall to the ground. Switch back to Alan to construct a trampoline which allows us to bounce to a new area.


If we head back and to the right we can destroy more foliage and get another secret that is our second mini kit or secret. Go right more and head into the camper to trigger our next cut scene with John Hammond, the owner of Jurassic Park. The cut scene takes us to Jurassic Park and as we approach the park by helicopter the first level ends. By completing the first level, you will receive your respective achievement by doing so (Trophies on Play Station, Achievements on Xbox, and Achievements on Steam). By completing this first level, you unlock Free Mode which allows us to use any character we have unlocked thus far anywhere in the game which allows us to use their unique abilities to try and complete all of the challenges in the Jurassic World.

In order to receive a One Hundred percent rating 45,000 studs are needed. The first level ends and shows us the characters we have unlocked out of all of the possible characters, with well over one hundred playable character and way more than thirty vehicles, the game has a lot of gameplay and variability.

Jurassic World Movie Review

Jurassic Park has definitely come a long way in the twenty two years since the first movie in the film series was released and let me tell you, the latest installment is definitely an adventure that was worth the fourteen years it spent in development hell.

With a budget of $150 million, you know (more than double the budget of the original movie) there is going to be some pretty epic stuff in this movie. It has been fourteen years since Jurassic Park III undeniably flopped, during that time, the creators of this series fought for Jurassic World, knowing that their vision of a fourth movie was a truly great one. Once more, with the release of a brand new movie, the Jurassic Park universe is back on top.


Despite Spielberg taking a backseat as an executive producer role on this movie rather than his previous directorial roles in the first two movies, this new movie manages to be a complete success.

I saw the movie last night and definitely enjoyed it a whole lot more than I expected, after the miserable flop that was Jurassic Park III, I was definitely skeptical if another non-Spielberg directed movie, worried that it might lose the original feel that Spielberg brought to the Jurassic universe. I am glad to say that this really didn’t happen. Sure, it didn’t have the same feel to it that the first two movies did, but true to the Jurassic World creators word it really was “bigger and scarier, with more teeth”.

What I especially love about Jurassic World was the fact that you weren’t automatically thrown into the world of dinosaurs, it was slowly eased in with the introduction of Gray and Zach, the two young nephews, of Claire – a loyal employee of Jurassic World, who are being sent off on a fun vacation with their aunt whilst their parents secretly begin divorce proceedings. The real word idea behind children being sent away whilst parents deal with personal things is a very hard hitting one, automatically giving the movie depth right from the start.

After ten years of successful operation, the park is introducing a brand new hybrid dinosaur, created with various genetic pieces from different species of dinosaur, right off from the bat, you know something is going to happen with this dinosaur, especially when you learn that the mixture of genes that were used to create the Indominus Rex is classified, this automatically set you up with the feeling of disaster that is going to surround this creature.

We’re quickly introduced to Owen (Chris Pratt) a dinosaur wrangler, who has famously managed to tame four vicious Velociraptors named Blue, Beta, Charlie and Delta, whilst claiming the title of alpha for himself. I was surprised that we weren’t actually introduced to Owen until 15-20 minutes into the movie, but I actually quite liked this, the fact that each of the main characters had varying degrees of attention placed upon them rather than just having us focus on one specific character, whilst underutilizing the majority of the other characters, shows that the creators had managed to come up with a great balance between the different stories that surround each of the main characters, Owen and Claire dealing with their undeniable attraction, Claire micromanaging the entire theme park, Gray and Zach attempting to survive the dinosaur onslaught whilst also dealing with their parents pending separation. A lot of details have been brought into each characters story, which ultimately works in creating a full, overall story, where we understand the actions of each character.


To be honest I found a lot of the story to be somewhat predictable, especially the jump scare portions of Jurassic World, for example when Claire and Owen had finally caught up to the locations of Gray and Zach, only to find that they are also being simultaneously tracked by the Indominus Rex, after thinking they have managed to ward off the beast, the car they are hiding behind gets flipped by the bloodthirsty creature. This was incredibly predictable and I could see it coming from a mile off, but really a lot of the sudden dinosaur attacks are like this.

One thing I especially liked about the movie was the fact that it really stuck to its roots; it used a lot of the same music from previous movies and there were also several little throwbacks to the original park such as the park shirt worn by Lowery (Jake Johnson) and the appearance of the old park visitor’s center in a few scenes, even the old cars belonging to the old park as seen in previous movies.

The acting in Jurassic World was genuinely very good and all actors put on great performances as their characters, with each portraying believable and genuine people. The special effects injected into this modern day movie put the previous movies to absolute shame, although this was definitely expected when you consider how far moviemaking has come in the past twenty two years since the original movie was released, so really, there was bound to be some incredible sights. The movie was definitely one that was full of suspense, violence and emotional moments.

You wouldn’t expect there to be tear jerking moments in a movie such as this, and yet, the script writers still managed this, this definitely shows incredible writing on their part, I won’t give specifics, but there were four very brave Velociraptors who finally found themselves on the right side of the fight and one merciful Tyrannosaurus Rex who gave respect where respect was due.

Any parents wanting to introduce their children to the incredible Jurassic universe may want to advise caution however, as there as some particularly gory and violent scenes that may upset and/or scare a younger audience.

Overall, I can honestly say that Jurassic World has revived the great work of Spielberg, it has dragged it out of the pit it fell into with Jurassic Park III, it has become and overnight sensation with people going absolutely crazy to go and see the movie, and really I don’t blame them. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the great actors, the well-developed characters, impeccably written script and beautifully done special effects.

Jurassic World is without a doubt a movie that will go down in history as much as a cult classic as the original movies.

Jurassic World Game Cheats, Tips & Review

If you were a previous fan of the Jurassic Park Builder game, or if you have a passion for living in a world of past fantasy, then Jurassic World is the perfect game for you. The game is available on a range of Android phones and tablets, as well as Apple’s iOS operating system. Jurassic World is bought to you by the creators of the previous game in the series – Jurassic Park Builder – and is quite simply a work of art. Ludia Inc. has teamed up with the creators of the Jurassic World film and are ready to present you with a fantastic game which can be enjoyed by children, adults and the elderly alike.


Once you download the app to your phone or tablet, there is a loading screen, which is followed by a legal notice – the user must accept to continue with the game. Shortly after this, the user is presented with a short and fascinating cut-scene to prepare them for the journey ahead of them. The game begins straight away with a battle – the user plays as a dinosaur that must compete against another dinosaur. Although this may seem a bit too sudden, there is a guide who is able to tour the user through the battle and teach them how to fight effectively.

The aim of the game is to run and own a dinosaur park, and slowly evolve and train your dinosaurs into stronger and more powerful through the use of special power-ups as well as food. Through winning battles, you are also able to unlock new dinosaurs, which vary in rareness. It’s fairly quick to unlock your first dinosaur, however, as the game progresses, the difficulty of battles also increases – this makes unlocking new dinosaurs more challenging for the user. As well as unlocking dinosaurs, it’s also possible to upgrade buildings, battle with other users from around the world, and even scan physical Hasbro toys to battle against them in game.


The app follows a lot of the same characteristics as the movie does, with hatching eggs in a hatchery and evolving your dinosaurs with the help of a specialist doctor.

Jurassic World Cheats & Tips

Because of the nature of the games, with constant battles, there are a few cheats and tips, which the user is able to use tactically in the game.

Within a battle, if the opponent begins to get too strong, it could be suitable to switch out your current dinosaur for a different one. It will cost a battle point, which may make users reluctant to actually do it, but it acts as a good cheat if your current dinosaur is causing you problems, and you desperately need to win the battle.


Although not necessarily a cheat, more so an incentive to play, users are able to log in ever five hours to unlock a free mystery card pack. These contain dinosaurs as well as food and money.

Also less of a cheat, and more so a tip/trick, users should complete all of their building tasks as soon as they possibly can. It’s advisable for users to spend their currency to complete these building tasks, as it will increase their money generation in the long run.
There are no possible ways of manipulating the game to cheat, in ways such as increasing currency through editing files.

Jurassic World Game Review

I have to admit, the graphics on the app are truly amazing – it’s quite simply a work of art. However, the user interface on the other hand is another story. There’s helpful information from some of the in game characters, but oh boy – the buttons are far to jumbled on a small screen, they’re far to big and easy to press on when you’re trying to do something else. I find myself pressing the wrong button in battles because it’s just too cramped together. I can hardly see the beautiful graphics because of the ginormous buttons. However, it is forgivable – I think the gameplay makes up for it.


The gameplay is a truly immersive experience. I felt as if I was actually part of the game, not just a person tapping on a screen. Jurassic World does a great job of keeping the user up to date with what is going on, and what they should do next to continue in the game. It seems like it’s almost impossible to put down after you find yourself a few hours into the game, even though there isn’t really much to do – and the game does get a little repetitive after time.

It’s such a shame what the developers have done, in a way to force users to spend real life currency into buying virtual, in game currency. There are timers on many interfaces, and there is always an option to speed it up using the in game currency. That’s not the problem though – the developers have put big arrows facing towards the speed up button, so it just seems natural to quickly press it and spend your currency within seconds. Then, to continue speeding things up, you’re going to need more in game currency which will cost you out of your bank account. It’s understandable for a developer to add in app purchases, but to almost force users into spending what they paid for within seconds seems a little unfair, in my opinion.


I feel as if the game can be enjoyed by a number of different age ranges – as long as they have the basic knowledge of how smartphones work. If an elderly person already uses a smartphone on the daily, I don’t see why they wouldn’t get along with this app (besides the user interface).

It’s nice to see a fresh screen with no third-party advertisements, which would absolutely ruin a lovely game. Most free apps go down the route of advertisements, and it’s fantastic to see that the developers of Jurassic World haven’t taken this route.



Artwork: I give Jurassic World a solid 10/10 for their artwork. Everything is beautiful, and looks fairly realistic. It suits everyone, and I’m glad to see it wasn’t overly childish. The artwork is one of the main aspects of the game that makes me want to continually play the game.

Music & SFX: I’d only give Jurassic world a 4/10 for their music and sound effects. There is basically no music throughout the game – just sound effects. Although these sound effects do sound great, they are repeated over and over and it makes me just want to unplug my headphones and play some of my own music instead.

Story & Originality: I give Jurassic World an 8/10 for their story and originality. The reason for this; it’s never actually been done quite like this before. Despite the (possibly) hundreds of dinosaur related games, there isn’t anything like Jurassic World – which gives you a story right before your eyes. The reason I don’t give the full ten, is because it seems like you have to have seen one of the movies before (Jurassic World or Jurassic Park), because I feel I’d have no knowledge at all if I hadn’t have watched these. It just needs a tiny bit more explaining.

Addictiveness: I give Jurassic World a 7/10 for the addictiveness. The art-style, the storyline, and the gameplay – it all makes me want to play more and more. I just can’t give it the full ten because those sound effects are so repetitive that it makes me not want to play. It’s something that needs to be changed to make this game truly addictive – because if I have sound it is aggravating, and if I mute it then the game feels like there’s something missing from it. Apart from that, almost every aspect of the game wants me to play for hours on end.

Overall, I give Jurassic World a 7/10.

Jurassic Park Builder Battle Arena Tips

A big update to the Jurassic Park Builder was introduction of the Battle Arena where your dinosaurs can fight other dinosaurs earning you loads of money. This update has increased the target audience of the game by magnitudes.

Battle Arena has 50 stages, each tougher than the previous one. A dinosaur’s health and attack power depend upon its level. Level of a dinosaur can be increased by feeding it from the respective harbor.

Battle arena is basically Tekken Tag Tournament of Jurassic Park, only with better graphics. Its a 3v3 battle. A slight deviation is that it is term based. There are three types of attacks you can do: Bite, Charge and Swipe. Each dinosaur has weakness against one of these attacks. It is up to you to guess which one it is. Or, you can google “Jurassic Park Builder dinosaur weaknesses”. There is a well maintained list at Jurassic Park Builder wiki.

As the levels increase, dinosaurs get smarter and tougher. Evolution baby! After level 10, the dinosaurs start switching when they are injured, after level 20, they start using special attacks and after level 25, they can block your attacks. You can tell from the lightning aurora when a dinosaur is about to execute a special attack. You too can block opponent attacks and execute special attacks but they cost claws which decrease your bonus. We advise you not to use any of them unless your position in battle is critical.

With a later release, Battle Arena for Aquatic Park was also made available. We are keenly waiting for Glacier Park Battle Arena.

When fighting in tournaments, you’ll want to develop a good fighting style quickly and this will give you a nice sense of flow to go with in your battles. I’d say not to use any special attacks or any blocks in your battles unless the situation is really dire, and even then, you should probably just go with using one or the other, since they use up claws, it sometimes defeats the purpose, as you might not get that many claws as a reward and you’ve just pointlessly wasted some.

If you’ve committed to using the tournaments for farming, then the best levels to stick with are probably levels seventeen and eighteen. Since you’ve got three dinosaur slots, you need to pick your lineup very carefully . For level eighteen, my preferred lineup is; a level 40 spino, a level 40 baryonyx and another random dinosaur that is also level 40. Sure, the Baryonyx is a little squishy, but don’t worry too much about that. The Corythosaurus will typically use its special move just a few attacks in, your Baryonyx will likely take all of the damage from this attack and end up zeroing out its health, now your Spino is totally open to make its attack, at this point, you should be able to take the Corythosaurus without a problem, however, if you find yourself needing to, your special attack is always an option – but only if you really need it.


Once the Corythosaurus is out of the picture, all you’ll have to deal with are the much weaker remaining two dinosaurs – the Compy and the Camarasaurus. Your Spino should be able to do a fairly decent amount of damage to these two, however, if it does end up zeroing out, you’ll still have one more dinosaur left over which should be able to take care of the remaining health of the dinosaurs, but this depends on what you chose, so pick your team carefully.

Levels 17 and 18 are pretty similar, so you can probably try the same battle style in both levels, but if it doesn’t work for both levels, it’s always good to try and figure out a battle style that works for YOU.

Since no battle will ever give the same results, I would advise switching up your battle routine every so often, because no single style is going to always work, you’ll have battle where you win the battle without flaw and then you’ll also have battles where you’ll end up getting smushed into the ground, leaving the battle with a mere few hit points between your entire party. The important thing is to figure out multiple methods of winning the battle that work for you, having different styles that you can switch between quite easily will be great, as it both lessens your chances of losing and it also keeps the battle fresh.

Come back soon for more tips!

Tournament Tips for Jurassic Park Builder – Choosing Dinosaurs

Did you come looking for Jurassic Park Builder tournament tips? Well you came to the right place!

We all know there is no thrill like playing with another player in real time no matter how high end or well maintained game you are playing. An even greater update to Jurassic Park Builder was when live tournaments were introduced where players can unleash the aggressiveness of their hungry beasts against other players. Entering a tournament needs IGDs and reward of winning a tournament is also in IGDs.You can choose three of your finest dinosaurs for the tournament. The rules of tournament are the same as those of Battle Arena.

A good strategy of fighting a tournament involves knowing weaknesses of your opponent. As we know, every dinosaur is weak against certain type of attack and strong against others. You can get the list of weaknesses of every dinosaur from Jurassic Park Builder wiki. But if you are playing the game on mobile, it will be pretty hard to switch from the game to your browser. Fortunately, there is another method of finding a dinosaur’s weakness. For every dinosaur, the low, moderate and high damage attacks lie in the order from right to left. Make your first attack by guess. If it was a low damage attack, you know that immediate right to it is the moderate damage attack and after that, the high power attack. It must be noted that low, moderate and high power attack will be different for every dinosaur. What is high damage attack for one dinosaur may be a low damage attack for another dinosaur.

There is a limited number of blocks and special attacks allowed per tournament. It is highly advised that you don’t use a special attack unless the opponent has used all of his blocks or there is a good chance your special attack will be blocked. Also, use special only if you have to, not because you have extra special attacks lying around. As for using blocks, try to use them against specials only. This way, you will be able to block a lot more damage.

Switching dinosaurs is also allowed in tournaments but it comes at the cost of a turn. Unless you know what you are doing, switching dinosaurs just loses you are turn. Switching works best when you have to switch between high health and high damage dinosaurs. If used wisely, switching can turn the tables, otherwise you just lose a bunch of turns.

Team building is another art you need to know to win tournaments. Each dinosaur will need to get some rest after a fight so you cannot rely on three dinosaurs for your entire tournament career. You will need to make multiple teams and learn how to fit any dinosaur in its appropriate position. Every person has his own strategy while making a team. You will have to work out what works best for you. For me, the team should have a dinosaur with huge amount of health to keep me in the game for a long time, a dinosaur with moderate health and damage and a dinosaur with high damage. I don’t use the moderate damage dinosaur unless I have upgraded it fairly.

So the very first thing you need to do when you’re figuring out if you’re ready to fight or not is to have a look at your dinosaurs. Figure out which ones are the strongest, these are the ones that will do best in battles. Figuring this out will make your battle experience a whole lot easier.

Although really, you should just judge your dinosaurs based on their strength alone, even the weak little triceratops can have his shot in the tournaments. Sure, looking for the dinosaur with the highest health points and highest damage will make the battle really easy, but if you know you’re getting low on resources and you need to get some pretty quickly without worrying about the cool down timer, busting out a level 40 triceratops will get you through the lower level fights without any problems.


If you know you can do a little better than that, try a dinosaur a little stronger and try the tournaments levels between fifteen and twenty, these levels will end up giving you some pretty nice rewards like crops and meat, things that can really come in handy for your parks.

The majority of people use the tournaments to mine materials for their parks, which is in actual fact a great idea, I would however, advise against trying to farm for materials on boss fight levels as these fights can get pretty nasty, I would advise you to just take down the boss and move on to the next set of levels and farm on these instead.

Which leads me to the next tip; NEVER use your very best dinosaur against a boss dinosaur unless you have literally no other choice, instead, use a team of decent level dinosaurs, that way, if you do end up failing, it’s not a problem and you’ve not lost your best dinosaur.

Make sure to check the site again soon, where we go into more tips to make your tournaments go a lot easier!

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