Jurassic Park Builder Dinosaurs

Let us talk about the single most important thing that is going to be in your personal Jurassic Park: The dinosaurs. No matter how well maintained or expensive your park is, it won’t be worth anything to the viewers (and to yourself) if it doesn’t contain some of those raging, bloodthirsty beasts. Apart from being the reason the whole Jurassic Park is built, they are also main source of income along with the buildings. Dinosaurs produce gold coins after regular intervals of time. The higher the level of a dinosaur, the more coins it will generate.

The only problem is that the dinosaurs have been extinct for a long time and there is no way you are going to find any in the market these days. The only way to have them for your park is to “create” them. Yes! you read that right. But don’t worry, creating dinosaurs is a standard procedure and is fairly easy to follow. Specially in the game.


First of all while clearing lands for the expansion of your park, you will find some mosquitoes preserved in the stones with dinosaurs’ blood in them. It is called ‘Amber’. Once you have extracted the amber, you will take it to your research center to extract the DNA. To grow a dinosaur, you will need 10 strands of its DNA and each strand consists of three parts. You will extract one strand at a time by clicking on the “start research” button in the research center. Once a strand is extracted, it will be stacked on the shelf at the top. Upon the extraction of 10 strands, your research will be completed and the dinosaur will be available in the market for you to buy.

It should be kept in the mind though, that research does not succeed at all times. Sometimes, you will fail to extract one part of a particular strand. If failed, you can retry the research for only that part of strand for 1 IGD(In Game Dollar) or for the whole strand for some coins. The failure of one strand does not affect the previously extracted strands. It means that if you already have 9 strands extracted and the research for 10th strand fails, you will only have to retry the 10th strand.

The percentage of success depends on player’s and dinosaur’s level. After the completion of “research”, the egg of that particular type of dinosaur will be available in the market. The regular dinosaurs will be available for coins while the special ones can only be bought using IGDs. Once that egg hatches, you will have a teeny tiny harmless dinosaur in your park.

You will have to feed the dinosaurs in order for them to level up. Higher level dinosaurs earn more coins, look more beautiful and attack more furiously. To feed the dinosaurs, click on the feed button in the top bar. Depending on whether the dinosaur is carnivore or herbivore, it will feed on meat or plants and level up. Once it reaches level 5, it will hit puberty. In dinosaurs, hitting puberty is somewhat same as in humans. They too have anger management issues at this stage which, as the owner of the park, you will have to deal with. This anger management is done in a minigame called Code Red which will be discussed later in this article.


Every once in a while , the dinosaurs will need evolution to sustain in the environment of earth which was not so stable back in the dinosaur days. When a dinosaur reaches level 10, the feed button is replaced with the “Evolve” button. Click it to start the evolution. In order for the dinosaur to successfully evolve, you will have to complete the research of the new evolution. Meanwhile, the dinosaur will be taken to a special facility and you will not be able to collect coins from it. The research process is similar to the research you did earlier for the DNA extraction from the Amber– go to the research center and click research button to collect 10 strands of DNA, each consisting of three parts.

Once the research on evolution is complete, you will get a newborn dinosaur of the new evolved species. Feed it up to level 15 and it will hit puberty, at level 20 it will again need evolution. The cycle continues. On levels that are multiple of 10, dinosaurs will need evolution to further level up and on the levels that are multiples of 5, they will become adults (turns out, hitting puberty and becoming adults are the same things for dinosaurs).

Jurassic Park Builder Cheats & Tips

Here are some of the tips and tricks I have learned from players better than me. I hope you find these useful.

Activate the harbors often so that you have enough food. It will help you upgrade the dinosaurs easily and complete most of the missions in a jiffy. Also, if there is one thing you should upgrade, it is the harbor. Upgrading the harbor increases its activation time and food made per unit time. Having a better harbor betters all aspects of your game.

Dinosaurs and buildings have a max limit of coins they can hold. After that, they stop making any further coins. Try to login in the game often and collect coins from dinosaurs and buildings. It should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Use the decorations wisely. You just need one plot of overlap between the area of effect of a decoration and the building/dinosaur to get the coin boost. Also, arrange the buildings in such a way that they come under the area of effect of multiple decorations. It adds their boosts.

There is no point in having a killer farm if it does not please the eye. While trying to place the dinosaurs and buildings as to get most out of the decorations, try to keep the park’s beauty intact. Also, lay roads in your park. They do not increase your profit or anything but they are aesthetically beautiful. Do not forget to connect the road to main entrance of your park or there won’t be any visitors.


Code Red is a good way to earn money. Specially when your dinosaurs are taking rest after a battle and you need to farm some coins. Take advantage of it. Also, if you activate Code Red often, consider placing all the carnivores near each other. This way, it will be easier to click on them before the timers runs out.

If you need some coins urgently, it’s often cheaper to enable Code Red or give instant rest to your dinos using IGDs then buying the coins directly.

Most of the special edition dinosaurs are made available on weekends. Keep a checking the game during weekends if you are want to have some of those exotic beasts. Try and install the game on your smartphone even if you always play on facebook. Having a game in your phone will give you notifications whenever a limited edition dinosaur is available.

If you need to use all your special attacks while playing in the Battle Arena, your dinosaurs probably need upgrade. If you are farming coins in the battle arena, choose a level that you can easily win–but not too easily. If you have enough upgraded dinosaurs, level 17 and 18 are probably the best levels for farming coins.

Sending people game requests on facebook isn’t a good idea but if you have friends who also play Jurassic Park Builder and are happy to help, it will be a lot easier to extract DNA and find amber. At times, it may seem a good idea to send invites to ALL of your friends to get some free gifts or add some strangers who play Jurassic Park Builder to your friends list. I have tried both of these things and I can ensure you, both of these are bad ideas.

Level 4 – Restoring Power Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Ellie Sattler, and Robert Muldoon.

The level picks up where we left off stranded by our vehicle at the bottom of the tree that we fell from. If we head opposite of the drain we see a pool of water that cannot be crossed. Fortunately, there is a grate that we can switch to Timmy and crawl through.


After we crowl through the grate, we can approach the machine that lifts the bridge, allowing our other characters to cross. We can see a spot that needs to be dug through which builds a set of Legos that we can climb up and over the enclosure with.


Ascend up and across and into a new location. Follow the road to the next area and cross a set of branches to progress.


We can see a few lily pads in the water that we can jump onto to cross the river and approach the next area. We come to a big gap full of water that we cannot cross. Shoot the vine down with Ellie in order to swing across to the other side.


Follow the path to the ditch and dig up some bones and assemble them into a ladder so we can progress. Continue through the hole in the cage and smash through the vines blocking the way to trigger a cut scene featuring our Lego characters exploring the park and see a large pack of dinosaurs running at us.

The cut scene ends and we take control of our characters and must flee from the pack of dinosaurs running at us.


Similarly to the T-Rex sequence, we must dodge incoming dinosaurs and avoid them from knocking us over. After running from these dinos, we find haven under a tree safe from the pack. A cut scene triggers and it flashes to Robert and the other characters discussing their plan of regaining control of the park. We take control of Ellie and Alan as they explore a bunker looking for the others who were supposed to be taking shelter. Progress down the dunker stairs and in a cubby on the right we can find a pile of dinosaur droppings. Use Ellie to dig through the droppings to reveal a collectible piece of dinosaur DNA.


Head to the right to continue progressing through the bunker. We can head through a gate to find a new area. We root through the trash and find a key to the locked door.

After putting the key into the giant lock, we can continue to progress into the next area. As we enter the area, we see that there is a cavern that we must cross somehow in order to get to the next area. Fortunately for us, there is a convenient pipe located at the top right part of this area. We can shoot down a loose pipe that allows us to cross the gap and continue along.


Build the ramp up onto the ramp and continue to the next area where we encounter some steam gauges. Time the steam gauges and cross when there is no steam so you do not get hit. Grab onto the lever as one of the characters and progress through the walkway as the other. At the last steam gauge, we can interact with a lever and turn off the steam, allowing both characters to cross safely.


Continue following down the stairs and following the path. Head left at the end of the path and dig through the droppings to assemble a device that we cannot use at this time as we do not have the appropriate character. Head toward the path with the next steam gauge and turn it off by shooting the valve on top of it. Pass through where the steam was and follow the path. Use Ellie to jump over the fence and into the next area.


Jump and pull down the handle to reveal the generator and fix it by assembling the appropriate pieces. Then interact with the generator and press the button shown when the gauge is centered. Once completed, a cut scene will trigger which shows a raptor has been among us this whole time.

The cut scene leads us out side of the bunker in the world again. Head east and shoot down the target on the tree. Alan will dig up a sprout that Ellie can water which reveals a series of flowers that can be climbed to reach the new area.


After climbing the flowers and reaching the new area, water the next sprout next to the edge to sprout flowers that allow Alan to climb up as well. Break the target on the tree to reveal vines that allow us to swing to the next area and progress through the area. We encounter and raptor and we must hit a series of buttons rapidly to escape from him. He flees and we continue on our way. Follow the path and climb the rocks and dig through the droppings as Ellie. After digging through the droppings Ellie can build a bridge that allows us to cross to a new area.


Cross the bridge and continue following the area. Another raptor will appear and we must fight him off again by pressing the buttons that appear rapidly. Continue on the path and assemble a machine that allows us to clear the path of the rocks blocking the way. Follow the rocks down the hill and Alan will search the area for dig sites. A third raptor will appear and like the first two, we must fight this one off.

This sets the stage for our first boss fight in the game. The mechanics for this boss fight are simple. Pay attention to which bush the raptor jumps into and throw the brick into the bush that the raptor is located in to stun him and do a tick of damage.


After three hits a cut scene will feature in which Alan battles against the raptor in an epic cut scene. The cut scene ends and the level is finished. In order to achieve True Survivor ranking no this level, a total of 42,000 studs must be collected.

Level 3 – Park Shutdown Cheats & Guide

The playable characters in this area are: Alan Grant, Ian Malcom, Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler.

The level opens up with us as Alan right outside the captivity of another dinosaur. If we walk up to the telescope we can see an overview of the huge map in its entirety. All of the places capable of being explored are shown on this map.


If we go down the road a bit we can spawn a vehicle for us to continue our journey in. Follow the road to the end to reveal that a rock slide has occurred and we must go around.


If we go through the gate that is directly opposite the rock slide, we can go to another area that reveals an employee has got himself stuck in a tree. We can cut him down easily with our Velociraptor tooth and after we do so he gives us a collectible and points us to a dinosaur spawning point, similar to the vehicle spawning point. Summon the Triceratops and break the tree that has fallen and is in the way.


After breaking the tree roots we see that the Dilophosauruses have cornered another handler and we must help him. Run into and smash the other dinosaurs to help the handler, but be careful of the aid that they spit at you. The handler that we save drops a ladder for us that allows us to bypass the rock slide that took place.


Continue up the ladder and into the next area and head back towards the rock slide. We can see a pile of studs that we can dig us as Alan which reveals a jackhammer. Give the jackhammer to the worker to have him destroy the rocks blocking the way.


Get back into your vehicle and follow the road that is no longer blocked by the rocks. Approach the other vehicle at the gate and continue through the gate to trigger a cut scene.


The cut scene shows that the gates have all been shut down and trouble is brewing as the phones are out as well. The cut scene shows an iconic moment in the Jurassic franchise as the T-Rex approaches. The ground shakes and the cup falls and breaks.

The cut scene ends in the T-Rex enclosure and we take control of Alan again. We are tasked with distracting the T-Rex to save our friends in the overturned vehicle. Head left of the T-Rex and use Alan to smash through the brush to reveal a crank.


Apply this crank to the generator to drain the water from the area. After draining the water, a bunch of pieces will be revealed. Put the pieces together to create this contraption that springs up a bone and plays a tone and grabs the T-Rex’s attention. Approach the vehicle and interact with the parts to create another invention. This invention allows us to jump. Approach the character in the car and help them escape.


Use Lex’s ability to scream and distract him with the other vehicle. This triggers a cut scene that draws the T-Rex away from the area. Use the wench from the second vehicle and attach it to the overturned vehicle to upright it and pull it out of the mud. This allows the second character to escape. As with the first, approach the vehicle and help him out. After helping the second character, a cut scene triggers in which the T-Rex creates some havoc.

As the cut scene ends, we see we are in a new area and must scale the tree in order to save Tim Murphy. There is a save point to the left of the tree and an area in which we can dig and discover another lever.


Attach the lever to the generator near the drain pipe to allow the water to escape which reveals a pile of bones. The bones turn into a see saw to bounce ourselves up onto the tree to start our climb. Get the characters into position and get launched onto the first platform of the tree. Make sure you launch Ellie up into the tree as she has the ability to jump much higher than Alan. Jump to the second platform right from where you were launched to discover pieces that can be put together to form a ladder.


The ladder allows us a checkpoint in case we fall and allows Alan to come up. Climb the ladder with Alan and cut the vines in the way. Grab the vines and swing to the next platform. We can then approach the tree and climb the pegs by pressing the action button which leads us to a new platform. Shoot the foliage in the way to create another bridge linking us to new platform. Cross the new bridge and switch to Alan to smash more vines to reveal more bones. The bones assemble into a trampoline.


This launches us to a vine that we can grab which allows us to scale the tree higher. Jump onto the mushroom and switch to Ellie to jump off the purple walls and knock down the tire swing that allows Alan to get up. Cut down the final vine holding the truck and switch to Ellie to scream and blow out the windows of the car. This allows us to pull Timmy out of the vehicle safely. A cut scene occurs in which the vehicle falls and the characters climb down the tree much more rapidly than they climbed up.

The cut scene ends us with us in another vehicle being chased by the T-Rex. Be prepared to steer and accelerate the car. Dodge the T-Rex as he attempts to devour your car.


The chase ends and a cut scene starts. The cut scene shows the characters response to the tragedy and their plan on how to continue. A few famous scenes are depicted in this cut scene so be sure to pay attention. After the cut scene has finished the level is completed and the trophies screen appears. In order to receive the ranking of True Survivor a total of 80,000 studs are needed.

Level 2 – Welcome to Jurassic Park Guide & Cheats

The playable characters in this area are: Robert Muldoon, Dino Handler Vic, Ellie Sattler, Gerry Harding, and a Triceratops.

The level opens up on the Isla Nublar Island which is of course the site of Jurassic Park. We approach the island by helicopter and land on the respective landing pad. After landing we can go left towards Jurassic Park or right towards Jurassic World. Of course the logical decision is to go leftwards to finish the game’s story in its natural progression, but the choice of yours. For the sake of this walkthrough I have chosen to go to the left towards Jurassic Park to follow the story’s natural progression.


We have our crew of people and head to the left and hop into a vehicle to head to the park. We follow along a path of roads until we hit the gates. We sit and listen as we hear the workers complaining of something being wrong. We must switch to Alan to dig up the missing piece of the gate to fix it. We must enter the password as we did in the prior level by entering the commands that flash on the screen.


After fixing the gate, we can get back into our vehicles and continue on the roads towards the park. We hit a cut scene of the characters talking amongst themselves about the park’s success. We stop at the first attraction and view our first dinosaur that has been extinct for millions of years. We watch the dinosaur as it eats. The crew of investors and lawyers are inquiring more about the park and the types of dinosaurs that they have and the cut scene ends with us next to the dinosaur.


This level is open world, meaning that it can be freely explored at your own leisure so long as it is in the boundaries of the game. However, to progress, we must get back into the truck and take the path back towards the central part of the park. We encounter another gate that does not work and must remedy the situation.

We hop onto the platform on the left side of the road and destroy the boxes to build the part of the gate that is not working. We must then go to the right side of the gate and cut the wire with Alan to get the crate down. Once the crate is down, jump onto the red box and destroy the boxes to reveal the gears that must be put onto the gate to fix it. After putting the second pieces onto the gate we can progress. Get back into the truck and follow the path to the main facilities.


We stop at the main building and go up the stairs into the main building to trigger another cut scene. The cut scene goes through the main building which is filled with fossils and a movie theater. We view an information video featuring our friendly DNA piece that teaches us about fossils and how Jurassic Park creates dinosaurs. The cut scene takes us into the lab to view eggs and watch one open up to reveal a Velociraptor. We learn more about the Velociraptors and jump back into the game by having to feed the Raptors. We take control of Alan and head away from the enclosure to destroy a box revealing parts that are needed to feed the Raptors. After building the platform, a part is spit out that is needed.


We enter the password into the next security gate and head to the truck. Power up the truck with the taser and the cow will go down the ramp. Jump on the cow’s back and ride him to the feeding pad that we created. After putting him on the pad a cut scene triggers that opens the top of the Raptor habitat. We jump back into the game and use Alan to shoot down something on the crane. Then jump into the crane and operate it. Use the crane to pick up the pad containing the cow and drag him into the Raptor enclosure.


Another cut scene is triggered as the tour group watches as you feed the Raptor the cow. After an unfortunate event with the Raptor feeding, the cut scene continues with another tour of the park. The tour truck stops at a Triceratops who is sick.

We jump back into the game and inspect the animal’s droppings to see if we can help him be healthy. Ellie’s newest ability we find out is the watering can. Head right from the sick dinosaur to reveal a flower that needs to be watered. Use the watering can to water the plant to sprout a flower to reveal a new mini area.


Again, inspect the anima’s droppings to find the source of the dinosaur’s sickness. After going through this set of droppings a lollipop is found. Give the lollipop to the sick dinosaur. The dinosaur requires three items to feel better. If we head left of the sick dinosaur, we can see another spot that needs to be watered. Water the plant to sprout more flowers that leads to another area. Jump on the flowers and head shoot the vine that is hanging with your companion and use the vine to climb up to the next area.


In this next area we pick up the item on the ledge towards the right which allows us to search the area for something useful. Another plant turns up. Water that plant to sprout another tree. Hit the tree to drop an apple. Jump back down and give the apple to the Triceratops. One item left. If we go back away from the dinosaur we can see another set of droppings. The droppings reveal a carrot. Give the carrot to the Triceratops to make him feel better. Doing so allows us to play as the Triceratops. This is our first encounter as playing as a dinosaur, the first of many. Take control of the Triceratops to head to the back of the enclosure to smash the tree roots that are blocking the way.


Then smash the tree that is next to the river to create a bridge to the next area. Switch back to the doctor and assemble the bridge. Cross the bridge to the next area to find a bridge for our animal friend. Fortunately, there is a flower that needs to be watered, water the plant to reveal roots that the Triceratops can cross safely on.


The character points out that the generator is blocked by a tree, smash the tree with the Triceratops and switch back to your characters to fix the generator. Once the generator is fixed enter the password to get the gate to open. Walk in the gate to find that the next gate is not working. Fix the next gate by climbing the ladder to the next area. We are tasked to find a crank to fix this next gate. Head far right and climb the boxes and knock down the box on top.


When that box falls, the contents can be assembled into a lever that can be spun. Spin the lever to open the encampment and dig through the dinosaur droppings. The droppings reveal the crank that is needed. Put the crank onto the gate to open the gate to allow the Triceratops into its enclosure. Smash the yellow hole on the wall with the Triceratops to reveal an opening.


Go through the opening as either character to trigger the cut scene ending this level. The level ends with the cut scene of the characters discussing the safety of the park and watching their newest creation. The level is then over and in order to receive the one hundred percent ranking or “true survivor ranking” as the game calls it, a total of 70,000 studs are needed. We see the first dinosaur in the menu of possible dinosaurs playable. There are a total of 24 dinosaurs that are playable in this game.

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