Level 5 – The Visitor Center Cheats Guide

Characters playable in this area are: Lex Murphy, Timmy Murphy, Ellie Sattler, and Alan Grant.

The fifth and final part of the Jurassic Park story starts us at the other side of the gate that we climbed through. Continue on the path and continue until you reach the hut. Retrieve the DNA strand and shoot the target above the hut to reveal a crank. Place the crank on the generator and open up the garage. Switch to Timmy to use his night vision goggles to see inside of the garage. Inside of the garage, towards the back, we can see a key. Press the action button to interact with the key and carry it over to the gate.


As we can see, the gate is locked and we have the key now. Unlock the gate and continue on through to progress and trigger a cut scene regarding the Visitor Center. The cut scene shows the characters in the kitchen eating, and the memorable kitchen scene ensues. Some raptors have found their way into the visitor center and is on the loose and hungry.


We now control Lex and Timmy in the kitchen sneaking around to avoid the hungry raptors. Use Ellie and throw a rock at the target that is located on the window. This causes a distraction and causes the Raptors to lose focus for a bit. Sneak to the left past the Raptor and head away from the Raptor. Switch to Timmy and crawl into the drawer and out of the other one on the other side.


As soon as you are on the other side head to the left and turn on the oven, this reveals a target that Lex can shoot. Crawl back through and back to the other side and shoot the target. Shooting the target causes another distraction and allows you to crawl back to the other side. Head away from the Raptor and into the next area. Push the cart on the far left side of the room and the Raptor will again sway its attention away from you and onto the pot.

Switch to Lex and crawl next to the kitchen rack and boost Timmy up onto the tray.


After boosting Timmy up on to the tray, crawl into the air duct and to the other side. That causes Timmy to knock down a tool and the Raptor’s attention is drawn to the noise. Jump down from the tray and push the cart of pots and pans again. This allows Lex to safely cross with Timmy to the next area. Heading far right, we can see another target that needs to be shot down.


Knock the target down to reveal some blocks that allow us to build a contraption to open the door. Switch to Timmy once the door is open and use his night vision googles to see inside of the dark room. Head to the back of the room and smash the crates to reveal blocks that can be built. Build up the blocks and create an ice cream machine, as we all know, Raptors are big fans of ice cream. The one Raptor smells the ice cream and heads right into the door. Shut the door behind him to trap him inside.

This leaves a second Raptor to be dealt with. Sneak to the left past the other Raptor.


Our lovely friend Alan shows up and opens the door for us. Before we can run past the Raptor we must use the blocks and build a device to knock the Raptor back through the hole. After doing that, run to the exit door. This causes a cut scene to trigger in the control room.

We take control of Lex now in the control room. We are tasked with making the doors lock to save us all from the Raptor who wants to get inside. Right of the door there are blocks that can be smashed and assembled.


Build the blocks up and push the plug into the socket. This restores power to the computers. Head over to the computer and tap on the keyboard to show an image on the screen. Play the mini game and push the mouse through without going outside of the borders.


Continue powering up all of the gates around the park and playing the mini game until the circuit is complete and all of the gates are closed.

After completing the mini game, we can see that power has been restored to our area, but some things have overheated and broke. We obviously must fix them! Head to the left of the room and use Lex to smash the glass with her powerful scream. This reveals another dinosaur that we can collect! Use Timmy and crawl through the shoot.


Once we are on the other side head right and use our night vision googles in the dark corridor. We found a fuse that can be placed in the battery and cause it to power up! This causes the other set of computers to be powered up. Switch to Lex and go to the computer. We are tasked with another mini game. Search through the computer for the files and play the mini games. For this mini game, the lights will light up and we have to hit the lights in the same order as they lit up the first time.


After completing that mini game, the door will finally be locked and the power is restored to this area. A cut scene is triggered once the phone is answered, this reveals that helicopters are on their way to save us!

Unfortunately, when this mini cut scene ends, we see that a Raptor is banging at the glass and is anxious to get inside. Switch to Alan and build with the blocks that are to the right of where the door is. Use the ladder that we build to climb up into the ceiling. We are now in the rafters and must try and climb down. We must switch to Alan and use his dinosaur tooth to cut down the rope that is on the last rafter.


The ropes cause for the rafter to lower and allows us to jump to safety. Switch to Ellie and water the plant. This causes vines to grow and trap the Raptor in place. We can now safely switch to Timmy and climb up the chute that was blocked by the Raptor. Climb to the next area behind the Raptor. Use Timmy to interact with the blocks and build a bridge connecting the two areas.
After the areas are connected, switch to Ellie and grow the next plant. We can also use Lex to jump over the fence that is left of the plant. This reveals a padlock and another area that we can slide under. Switch to Ellie and grow another plant. This gives us a collectible and allows us access to the other collectible behind the glass. Go back to the original area jump onto the dinosaur and make our way down to the ground floor.


Unfortunately, another Raptor enters the area and causes the whole party down to the ground floor in a hurry. Right before the Raptor attacks us, a T-Rex appears! If you have 40,000 studs, the true survivor ranking will appear at this time as we watch the Raptor battle the T-Rex. We take control in a series of quick time events and fight as the T-Rex. Press the button as it shows on the screen while it’s in the blue section of the meter, and not the red. Switch to Alan and cut the rope that is attached to the light in the room. Cut the rope and drop the light onto the Raptor’s head.
The dinosaurs continue to fight and we continue to press the buttons that appear on the screen.


After the battle ends, we again have to help the T-Rex. Shoot the target above the Raptor’s head and hit him in the head with the paint can.

The fight still continues! The epic battle of the T-Rex and the Raptor finally ends after the T-Rex throws the Raptor and causes a cut scene to trigger. A car shows up and takes us all to safety after barely making it outside of the Visitor Center. Meanwhile, the T-Rex and Raptor battle ended with the T-Rex being victorious. After the cut scene, the level ends and we have completed the first story in this game! Again, a total of 40,000 studs are needed for the true survivor ranking for this mission.

After finishing this story, we unlock free mode and this allows us to take on the next story in the series! We see all of the characters that we have unlocked and all of the dinosaurs and vehicles we have after completing this first set of levels. We can now play as the T-Rex in free mode.

After hitting finish story, a last cut scene triggers that shows us leaving the park in our helicopter. The first set of credits run after the helicopter leaves and a special mini game occurs. We take control of the T-Rex and chase the Raptor around the park as the credits roll. This is not the end of the game, just the people who worked on this specific set of levels for this game. That’s it for this level in the series! Next up we tackle Jurassic Park, The Lost World!

Jurassic Park Builder Review

Jurassic Park Builder is a building game where the players discover and grow extinct species from the prehistoric eras. There are three parks in the game: Jurassic, Aquatic and Glacier park each of which revives animals from a different prehistoric eras. There are also a number of buildings available which are necessary for their respective tasks. Decorations are also available which increase the profit margins generated from dinosaurs and buildings.

Dinosaurs are created in the same manner as they were created in the Jurassic Park movie. First, the player needs to find mosquitoes who contain fresh blood of animals from prehistoric eras and then extract DNA from that blood. Dinosaurs are weak when they are born and generate a few coins per hour. As the dinosaurs are fed, not only their coin generation increases, their health and damage also increases which are huge benefits in fighting battles and tournaments.


The game also has a Battle Arena where a player can fight against bots and a tournament mode where they can fight against other players in real time. All dinosaurs have their strengths and weaknesses and a player needs to know them in order to overcome their opponent.

Jurassic Park Builder also has characters from the movie which assign the player with different missions in each park.

There is also a minigame inside the game called Code Red where the dinosaurs get restless and try to escape. Your job as an administrator is to keep the things under control and prevent and dinosaur escapes. Let us take a closer look at the game.

Jurassic Park Building games have been in the market for as long as the movies have been there; well, almost as long. Jurassic Park Builder seems to be the oversimplified version of Konami’s gameboy game “Jurassic Park III: Park Builder”. If you look closely, you will come to realize that even the title is oversimplified version of the original game’s title. That being said, Ludia has done a great job at bringing this game to smartphones and browsers. The textures of those dinosaurs are beautiful, their movements are smooth and natural and there is still a lot more content to fiddle with than most of those “average” browser games. Also, the way this game has merged Battle Arena and Tournament with a park building game is great. Who wouldn’t want to have a private park full of extinct animals whom they could take to pits for a fight?


At first, the game seems to be a freemium or pay to win. You failed your research and want to resume it? Dollars. You want more amber samples? Dollars. You want that beautiful limited edition dinosaur that is only available during the weekend? Dollars. But soon I realized that those dollars can be earned from the tournaments. I have seen players who have won thousands of dollars. Making the game’s premium currency earnable by playing the game? That is something. I played Farmville for over a year and never did my farm bucks crossed the limit of 20. Needless to say I was never able to buy that harvester that would have made my job a lot easier and had to eventually leave the game.

The only thing I didn’t like about the game is that it becomes repetitive after a while. The player needs to login, go to each farm and collect coins from all of the buildings and dinosaurs. Soon, the game that used to take no more than 10 minutes starts taking an hour. Those dinosaurs that used to take thousands of coins to upgrade start demanding hundreds of thousands and you need to start farming(fighting the same battles over and over to earn coins) to earn enough to make up for your needs. This thing just keeps getting stacked over unless you aren’t left with enough hours to spend on the game daily.

Other than this, it is a pretty good game. Lots of dinosaurs, buildings and strategy. It is one of those games I would recommend to a friend who asks for a good smartphone game. Happy building guys!

Jurassic Park Builder Missions

In each park, you will be assigned with various missions from different characters. There are total 5 characters in Jurassic Park Builder.

  • John Hammond
  • Alan Grant
  • Henry Wu
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Kelly Malcolm

Each of these characters will assign you a mission according to their personality. For example, John Hammond being an investor and businessman, will assign you missions like buying new plots for expansion of the park, constructing various buildings and roads in the park and buy new items.

Ian Malcolm, being a doctor will assign you missions which involve helping him in completing some research, conducting some tests with dinosaurs or catching a reported who has hid himself in the park somewhere and is leaking videos and photos of the park. In the same way, all characters will give you missions according to their personalities.


All the new missions will be highlighted with big icons at the left side of the screen. Also, you will receive a popup at the start of the game when new mission is available. The deal about missions is there are tons of them and they are easy to complete. They also familiarize you with areas of the parks which you otherwise may have missed.

Code Red

What is the Jurassic Park without terror, storms and terrifying screams of dinosaurs escaping from their cages? Code Red is a minigame in the Jurassic Park Builder. Once the player has a minimum of 5 carnivores in its park, the minigame is enabled.

When the minigame starts, every dinosaur starts getting restless. The amount of frustration is shown by a timer over every dinosaur. It is the player’s job to click on each dinosaur before the timer runs out. Clicking on the dinosaurs enables dino wranglers which keep the dinosaur calm. If the dinosaur wrangler is not enabled in time, the dinosaur goes crazy and the minigame ends with that dinosaur missing. Then, like hatching, it will take some days to return to the park and you will not be able to collect coins from it during those days.

Enabling Code Red is totally a player’s choice. To enable the storm, the player must click on the minigame icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. It must be noted that Code Red takes some time to be recharged. The player will have to wait before starting the game again.

Jurassic Park Builder Decorations

Decorations are special items which make your park more attractive and increase the number of coins generated by dinosaurs and buildings per unit time. Every decoration has what we call the ‘area of effect’ which is indicated by colored region when the decoration is selected. For a dinosaur or a building to be affected by a decoration, it must be in the area of effect of the decoration. The overlap of one plot is enough and increasing the overlap does NOT increase the effect any further.

It is possible for a dinosaur/building to be affected by multiple decorations. If done so, the effects will be added rather than compounded. There is a difference. It means that both decorations will increase the performance of dinosaur/building depending on dinosaur’s base stats rather than the stats calculated after being affected from the first decoration.


That being said, you should place the decorations wisely. You should find a way to place the items around the decorations in such a way to place most items in its area of effect. But during the process, keep in mind that the main purpose of the game is to build a beautiful park comprised of the extinct animals, not a coin-generating industry where dinosaurs and buildings are jumbled around the decorations. There is no point in being efficient if your farm does not attract the eye.

Every park has its own set of decorations. No decoration is repeated in any of the parks. Some of the names are used in multiple parks but the corresponding decorations are completely different from one another. I would like to phrase the obvious here: The more expensive decorations are better and decorations bought for in-game dollars are better than those which can be bought with coins. But a person with cheaper decorations who knows how to place them effectively will be far ahead than the one who spends thousands of in-game dollars and does not know how to get most out of the decorations.

Jurassic Park Builder Buildings

Buildings are the second main source of income in the Jurassic Park Builder after dinosaurs. Buildings can be bought in the buildings tab in the market. Buildings take time to be built, but once built, they don’t need any leveling up or renovation. On the positive side, you can put any number of the same building in your park unlike dinosaurs which can only be placed one per species. Or in some cases, one pair per species.

There are several kinds of buildings from windmills to shopping malls, hotels to circuises, castles to roller coasters and observation towers to broadcast stations. Some buildings can be bought with coins while the others need IGDs. As usual, the IGD buildings are ready made and do not need any building time (with exceptions). But they are not necessarily better than the buildings bought with dollars. Buildings can also be sold in the market but the selling price is too low and we advise you to plan ahead so you don’t need to replace any buildings.

Buildings take different amount of time to be built and generate different number of coins. The construction time(in minutes) of a building can be calculated in advance by dividing its cost in coins by 62.5. For example the price of Four Winds Hotel is 918,000 coins. Dividing it by 62.5 we get 14688 minutes or 244h48m. Too much time huh? Don’t worry it is the last building of Jurassic Park and by the time you buy it, you will be a Jurassic Park Builder maniac who either has a lot of time or money to spend on the game. Also, you can “speed up the construction” by spending IGDs.


That being said, every park has its own set of buildings which eliminates repetition of the same patterns and pushes the player towards designing every park differently.

The two most prominent buildings are Research Center and Harbor.

Research Center

Research Center is the place where DNA is extracted from the amber collected during land clearance or expeditions. Whenever new amber is available, a small lightning symbol will appear on the Research Center. When this symbol appears, just click on Research Center and then click on the button on the bottom right to start research. Once all of the strands of DNA are extracted, you will have egg of the respective species. The extraction process has been explained in detail above.


To level up the dinosaurs, you need to feed them. You can get their food from their respective harbors. To collect food from a harbor you will need to activate it first. The activation time of a harbor and food generated by it depends on the level of the harbor. The number of coins needed for the activation remains the same irrespective of the level or harbor. If there is one thing you should upgrade in Jurassic Park Builder, it should be the harbors.

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