5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder is a park building simulation game available for free download on iPad, iPhone, Android and the Amazon Kindle, it is also available to play on PC through Facebook. The game was developed and published by Canadian games development company Ludia in 2012. Players are given a stretch of land which they must develop into a profitable dinosaur park, expanding their park as they develop further.
With a four star rating in the iOS app store, what is it that makes this game so compelling to users?

Fast Paced Gameplay

The gameplay of Jurassic park Builder is fairly fast paced as the player is immediately thrown into developing their parks whilst the game also walks them through the basics of running their parks and building up their dinosaur inventory. The player is also immediately given quests which have them jump right into the action of the game.

Various Thing To Do

The player is given a wide array of things to do to fill their game playing experience, whilst main aim of the game is to find as many dinosaurs as you can, that is not all there is to the game. The play can have three different parks where their different types of dinosaurs reside; the Jurassic park, the Aquatic park and the Glacier park. There is also a mini game mode in the form of the battle arena where players are able to use their strongest dinosaurs to do battle against other players dinosaurs. Other mini game types are Tournament Mode and Code Red.

Subtly Story-Driven

John Hammond has made you the manager of Jurassic Park. You have to build a well functioning Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. Characters from the Jurassic Park films will be helping you do this, by checking on your progress and helping you advance further in the game by offering pointers and advice on what to do to be successful. After the player has completed their Jurassic Park and the Aquatic Park, John Hammond wants to open the Glacier Park; featuring the extinct animals of the Cenozoic Era. Introducing the younger generation to the story of Jurassic Park is a great way of keeping the classic movies alive.

Educational and Fun

With over 90 different types of dinosaurs to collect, the player is encouraged to learn more about the Jurassic Period and the creatures they are nurturing. The dinosaurs are placed in different enclosures depending on whether they are carnivores or herbivores; this helps the player with easy identification when gathering food for their dinosaurs.

Different Than Other Park Building Games

Whilst building and business simulation games have been around for quite some time, initially gaining popularity from games like Rollercoaster Tycoon which was released in the late 90’s, it is only recently through mobile technology and social media that they have really grown in popularity. There are almost 200 business simulation games in the business simulation game category on Wikipedia alone, with that many options out there, does Jurassic Park Builder really stand a chance at being any different? Many critics have said yes it does. Whilst most games in this genre are all about making money, Jurassic Park Builder stands out with its many features, not just the money making aspect, one of the biggest things in the game is that player has to find genetic matter which they have to then develop into full grown dinosaurs themselves. Another pretty big difference is the believable graphics in the game, it really looks like what they are trying to portray unlike a lot of games out there.

Jurassic Park Builder has a metacritic score of 70 and has generally favorable reviews from critics. A critic from Gamezebo said “Jurassic Park Builder’s core gameplay certainly doesn’t break new ground, but it builds a solid experience with its old materials. Even if you master dinosaur wrangling, however, don’t get too confident: life finds a way (to eat you alive).”

My Reaction to the Game


After going through the game tutorial and being shown the ropes of dinosaur taming, I quickly grew enthralled with the idea of recreating a species that has been long since wiped out and before long I owned ten different dinosaurs and lot of decorations meticulously placed around my neatly arranged park. The game itself is easy enough to get the hang of and you quickly amass amber pieces to research new dinosaur species with.

Decoding the genetic material stored inside the amber pieces were another story though. Initially, all my research attempts in the research center were nsucessful, but as I gained more dinosaurs, the attempts began failing and I would have to spend a lot of my coins decoding ten parts of the gene, it would give the option to retry the part that failed for one dinobuck, this is definitely a process that it made easier by spending real money for dinobucks.

Once I got past that and I had my shiny new dinosaur in my park, I could level him up to level 10 but then I would need to head back to the research center once again to evolve him. All in all, it’s a crazy process that does get old very quickly, but does not take all the fun out of the game. While waiting to gain more coins, meat and crops, there was a bunch of other fun things to do to keep me from getting bored, between battling my friends and perfecting my island I had plenty to do to keep my entertained.

You gain experience pretty fast through all sorts of things, you can also build up a nice little nest egg of both coins and dinosaur food pretty quick, meaning that you rarely have to wait long if you really don’t have anything to do. I can play this game for hours on end without losing interest; I literally have to force myself to put my iPad down, or being down for maintenance does the trick too!  I definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys simulation games. It’s a classic concept with a really great new twist.

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